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Never Have I Ever Season 3 Ending Explained: Every Character’s Ending

Never Have I Ever Ending Explained
Never Have I Ever Ending Explained

Never Have I Ever Season 3 was recently released on Netflix, and it shows that Devi’s life is getting much steamier and fussier. The final episode gives the story an unending feel, and we still have Season 4 to wait for. After watching Devi struggle with a love triangle in Season 1 and hustle her love life with two guys in Season 2, we finally get to witness her appreciating her relationship with Paxton in a real romantic way in Season 3.

But whether it’s her ideal relationship with Paxton or her ideal chance to pursue her education, she fails in both aspects of her life. Devi’s decision to leave the things that hurt her would undoubtedly impact her life. Nevertheless, that is the focus of this show. In the cool teen drama “Never Have I Ever,” all the adults out there are advised to let go of the past and live in the present.

Devi was the central focus of this season of Never Have I Ever because it was the year before her high school senior year. It also highlighted her emotional battle to come to terms with who she was as a person and the person she really wished to be, as well as the long-term impact of her father’s passing. The ending confirmed everything that had happened over the course of the 10 episodes.

Never Have I Ever Season 3 Ending

Devi informs Fabiola and Eleanor on graduation day that she will be relocating to Colorado because she likes the state. They initially argue but eventually agree on her choice. Eleanor invites Trent to join his class on stage because he isn’t there already. Trent admits to her that he did not graduate from his final year since he actually failed it. He begins to worry that Eleanor will be upset. But she is happy to spend another year with him. Then Paxton his farewell speech on stage. He talks about working hard and secretly acknowledges Devi. Despite her speech, Devi is not currently feeling anything about Paxton, despite her claims to the contrary that she has genuinely moved on.

Never Have I Ever Ending Explained

Never Have I Ever Ending

Ben overhears Devi talking about visiting Colorado. He tells Davi that h He still has feelings for Devi, so he does not want her to leave. This confession makes her rethink some things, but then Paxton joins them. Ben walks away so they can talk. She hears Paxton mention his shout-out. He expresses his gratitude to Devi for being there for him. Devi also thanks Paxton for being her dream and helping her cope with the loss of her father. She cracks jokes with Paxton as his family arrives to congratulate him. Devi observes them and understands how crucial the present is to her. She explains to her mother that she will not be traveling to Colorado.

She cries, expressing how unpredictable life was and how she wished she could spend a bit more time with her mother. She is pleased that her mother has allowed her to stay. Devi visits Ben’s house later that evening after discovering his “one free boink” card in her jacket. She gives him the card and walks into his room. As the door shuts and the season comes to an end, they kiss. 

Due to the fact that each main character’s endings were distinct from the others, I’m going to break down this Never Have I Ever ending explanation into each individual main character arc that offered significance.

Davi In Never Have I Ever Season 3

Davi is the primary character of the show, and we saw her experience her final year before senior year. She still considered herself a nerd and hadn’t experienced intimate closeness with anyone, but she had learned that it was entirely acceptable if she didn’t really feel ready to do so. Despite the fact that everyone else in the group was doing it.

Never Have I Ever Ending Explained

Never Have I Ever Ending Explained – Davi

We saw her spending time with Paxton, the popular kid. Where she began to doubt herself and the reason he chose to be with her, which ultimately led to the breakdown of their relationship. She wasn’t acting in this way because of what other people thought, but rather because she didn’t truly know herself and lacked the self-worth validation to believe that she deserved to be with someone as popular as Paxton. After their relationship ended, we saw her start another one, this time with Des. Des was the son of a friend of her mother, and once it was made clear that they could date, we also witnessed their breakup. However, I didn’t get the impression that they made a good pair.

We saw her receive an offer to spend her senior year at a school in Colorado, which would have required her to leave her family and friends behind but would have improved her chances of getting into a prestigious institution. After traveling there, liking it, and thinking about returning, the show’s key plot point—the conversation she had with her therapist—became clear. As she saw memories of her past, she was particularly reminded of her late father. She had always had a future planned out for herself that she was working toward, but it was clear that she wasn’t ready to move on because she now thought that future held less significance.

Davi Seeing The Important Thing

Due to the fact that she now recognizes that the present is the most priceless thing it is due to what happened to her dad, you never know what the future or tomorrow may hold, and she does not want to lose anyone close to her or want to spend less time with her family. When we last saw her, she had used the one “bonk redeemable voucher” that Ben had given her and was going to his house after hearing from him that he did not want her to move to Colorado because he would miss her.

Never Have I Ever Ending Explained

Never Have I Ever Ending Explained – Davi

Although the answer had been right in front of her the entire time, we saw her experience the butterflies in her stomach that she desired to feel from Paxton and Des when he was with them. It was Ben who, according to her, gave her the confidence to do so after an intimate evening with him, concluding the season’s first episode’s plot. I expect that Ben and Devi will be seen dating in the upcoming episode of the show. Devi lacked these qualities before the start of the Season, but now she seemed happier, more accepting of who she was, and more aware of where she wanted to be.

Ben In Never Have I Ever Season 3

Ben was a character that we loved watching this season. He had a story arc that was similar to Devi’s. He was a hard worker who was making every effort to prepare for the future he had always imagined. Like attending a prestigious university, making his father proud, and maintaining an impossible schedule because there aren’t enough hours in the day. We saw that it was a medical disruption, where his body told him that he was doing too much and putting himself at risk. That was the very thing that got him to slow down. He himself realized that there were things far more important than going to his dream college and studying in his life. It had caused him to be lonely and miserable and to be operating at a million miles an hour.

Never Have I Ever Ending Explained

Never Have I Ever Ending Explained – Ben

After getting out of the hospital, we saw he had a conversation with his father, which was something that he needed to hear in order to enable him to become the very person he’d go on to be. He heard that it was okay for him not to go to his dream college and not have to study every hour of the day because he’ll be successful in whatever he did. His dad said that he was proud of him, something he’d longed to hear.

From this moment on, we saw Ben discover art, which led him to become a much calmer person and helped with stress. He also found a group of friends with Paxton and Trent due to the fact that he helped Paxton. And in the closing moments, he also got to be with the person that he liked, Davi. You could sense that he cared a lot about Davi and the undertones were there all throughout the season, even when he was with Anisa at the start. He’s long to be with her properly, and despite going on a date with the girl in his art class, I think Davi is the person he truly wants to be with.

Fabiola In Never Have I Ever Season 3

Fabiola, as a secondary character, also went on a journey, one of that of relationships. We saw her start the season with Eve before she moved abroad, and the time difference got too much for her. We then saw her get into a relationship with one of her best friends, Anisa. After she broke up with Ben where it became clear that things weren’t going to work between them in the future.


Never Have I Ever Ending Explained – Fabiola

This was because of the fact that they weren’t compatible, but it was more the thrill and the excitement that drew them toward each other. Ultimately, in the end, we saw that she kicked things off with Des’s friend Addison, who she met at a game night around Davi’s house. She was now with her, and she was happy. It looked as though she would be embarking off into a relationship with her in the new season. This could also mean that Des could be appearing more again.

Eleanor In Never Have I Ever Season 3

Eleanor is an individual that seems as though she’d require a lot from a partner, and despite being with Trent for the wrong reasons at the start, by the end of it, they realize that they were two individuals that brought the best out of each other and made it through the whole year. At the start of the season, she stated that she didn’t think that anybody was going to make it because she was going to break up with Trent, but it turned out that her relationship was the only one that survived from the start of the season, going against what she said.

Trent and Eleanor

Never Have I Ever Ending Explained – Trent and Eleanor

In the season finale, her character arc is rounded off by her doing the deed with Trent, and it happens the exact way that she dreamed of. Although on the set of a play and not like the fictitious tale that she told. She seemed happy and content and was in a far better position than at the start of the season. With Trent also failing his senior year, they’ll now be able to spend more time together as they’ll be in a lot of the same classes.

Paxton In Never Have I Ever Season 3

Paxton was an individual who, just like both Davi and Ben, underwent a deeper look inside of who he is and why he’s the type of individual that he is. He realized that on the surface level everybody thought that he was just the cool hot guy that was two-dimensional and had nothing else to offer other than his looks. But we saw a real turning point in the character whilst in his relationship with Davi and also the influence Ben had on him when he spent time with him in the hospital and by also helping him with his essay.

Never Have I Ever Ending Explained

Never Have I Ever Ending Explained – Paxton

They were two main points that changed it all around he got into all of the colleges that he applied for, and he was going to be setting off to Arizona to study. You could see that he cared about Davi, and he even mentioned that she made a massive difference to him. As well as being the cool guy, he was also a character that, in the end, had direction, grounding, and knew the type of person that he wanted to be.

Anisa In Never Have I Ever Season 3

Anisa started the season with Ben, and she ended the season on her own. I feel this character really did drift into the background this season, and it was a shame to see. We saw her acting as the most mature character in the group, and she struck me as a character that understood herself and what she wanted, and she didn’t let things get drawn out or play games, as it would just waste time. We didn’t actually see what she was doing at the end of it, as we never got a kind of resolution, but I’m sure we’ll see her in the new season when it does get released.

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