Is Perry Mattfeld From In The Dark Really Blind? Everything To Know

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In the Dark

Lately, some people are wondering if Perry Mattfeld from In The Dark is blind in reality. Are you one of those thinkers? Yes, we are talking about the actress who portrayed Murphy. Starting from the basics, In The Dark is a police procedural crime drama series that premiered in 2019. Created by Corinne Kingsbury, The CW drama concluded with Season 4 in September 2022. Talking about its plotline, In The Dark focuses on the blind Murphy. Can you imagine being blind and just having a couple of true friends? Murphy’s friends were Jess and Tyson.

The latter was a drug dealer. Following an incident, Murphy got herself involved in a  criminal case. At the same time, things got tougher after she found that her beau, Max, was none other than the one drug kingpin who hired Tyson. Perry Mattfeld is an incredible actress who has done numerous works so far. Some of Perry’s other notable credits go to Who Invited Them, Shameless, Escape From Polygamy, 4th And Forever, and many more. 

In The Dark, Perry does an incredible job of being the protagonist of the story. Before her, several actresses with visual impairments auditioned for the role. Now, the viewers have been wondering if Perry Mattfeld is blind in real life. Suppose you are looking for the same.

Is Perry Mattfeld From In The Dark Really Blind
Perry Mattfeld as Murphy from In The Dark

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Is Perry Mattfeld Blind In Reality? The Crime Drama Partially Received Criticism

No. Murphy, in real life, as known as Perry Mattfeld, is not blind. In other words, we may say that Perry doesn’t have visual impairments. The crime drama was partially got criticized by some people for not casting a real-life blind actress for the character Murphy.

They claimed that doing that would make the drama more realistic. This was mostly assumed, though. But, coming across these accusations, the producers of In The Dark shared that despite auditioning them, the authority felt like Perry was the one suitable for the character Murphy. 

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On the other hand, some of the viewers even appreciated Perry for being so realistic in the drama. She convincingly moves through space and takes the character’s blind nature. What’s your say on this? Didn’t you like Perry Mattfeld’s acting? Or did you feel there were any loopholes in her performance as a blind woman? 

Well, before filming for In The Dark Season 2, the actress shared that there were “two writers who are blind on our writing staff.” Perry was also proud to be a part of such a story that highlighted a blind woman. Another factor was In The Dark also included blind actors. 

Is Perry Mattfeld From In The Dark Really Blind
Perry Mattfeld

A couple of years before starting with Murphy’s character in In The Dark, she was done with her undergraduate diploma in dramatic arts. So, a blind character was pretty much challenging for Perry. However, she knew that she had to work hard but could make it happen. She was confident. 

The Dark was somewhat a bit inspired by the life of Lorri Bernson. After getting the role of Murphy, the actress admitted to spending more time at Lorri’s place. That eventually helped her to understand how it feels to deal with visual impairment. On this note, Perry said, “I realized what a responsibility I had and how much I had to learn.” 

For Murphy, the executive producer reportedly went to 29 organizations. For what? For taking auditions of some blind actresses. But whom did they finalize? It was Perry Mattfeld. Concerning this preference, they said, “Ultimately, we went with Perry for the lead role because she was the best actor for the role in a really exciting way.”

Best Wishes to Perry Mattfeld for the upcoming days of her life. How much did you like Perry’s performance as Murphy? You may give Perry a following on her Instagram account for more updates. 

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