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Amy Slaton’s Divorce: 1000-lb Sisters Star’s Personal Life Explained

Amy Slaton
Amy Slaton and her Husband Michael, Credits: Distractify

Amy Slaton became famous when she appeared in the 1000-Lb Sisters show, but since she appeared in the show in 2021, she now lives a very different life, but fans want to actually know about Amy’s relationship, is she divorced and what happened with her partner and how did she end up getting on a divorce with him. This article will therefore give you each and every glimpse regarding what happened to Amy and how did she get a divorce from her husband and all the other details, such as why she was in the 1000-Lb show and her relationship with her sister Tammy.

But for those who don’t have much information regarding who Amy is, she is a YouTuber, and therefore, she and her sister are YouTuber bloggers, but mostly she became known with her appearance on the show 1000-Lb Sisters, which gained her a little popularity over television. 

However, she is mostly involved with her sister in making YouTube content, and therefore she even had some very controversial moments in her YouTube vlogging career, but still, she makes great content for her fans to enjoy and explore. Let us take a look at this article to get some greater insights.

amy slaton divorce

Amy Slaton and Her Husband Michael, Credits: The Hollywood Gossip

What happened to Amy Slaton and how did she get on divorce from her husband?

Amy Slaton’s 1000-Lb Sister fame landed her in trouble, and now it looks like she is on her way to divorcing her husband; well, since this news is all over the internet, she, therefore, wants to know the reason behind what it eventually lead Amy to divorce her husband. 

The couple actually married in 2019 and thereafter, they had two kids together, but now it looks like their sweet and dear relationship has come to an end since the couple has gone ahead in their lives and now they are officially divorced, which shocked most of the viewers who used to watch the 1000- Lb sisters and therefore used to consume Amy’s YouTube content. 

The real reason that has been out there stating the reason for their divorce is that they weren’t able to give each other enough time, which triggered their divorce since, as per his husband Michael, she was not giving her enough time with the coming of the two kids, and therefore the closeness in their relationship was going far intensely which prompted their divorce.

However, on social media itself, fans had to say a lot of things; from the observations that they made to comments that they have shared with this news, it is evident greatly that they are not happy with why the pair got divorced. 

Was Amy Slaton in 1000-Lb Sisters?

Yes, Amy Slaton was in 1000-Lb Sisters, since she struggled a lot with her weight therefore, the show focuses on the lives of Amy Slaton and her sister Tammy Slaton and the journey that they underwent of being in shape. In the show itself, both the sisters make sure that they undergo intense training and diet, and therefore, as a result, Amy’s weight dropped down to 275 pounds. 

Not only this, Amy and her sister Tammy also undergo Weightloss Surgery so that she can get in shape and live a fairly normal and happy life again. 

And therefore, the show captured all of the moments of the transformation that they undergo, the work that they do to get the desired shape that they both actually want, which for the fans part was also exciting and, therefore, an inspiring journey to explore, experience and therefore watch out for.

What happened to Amy Slato

Amy Slaton, Credits: People

What happened to Amy’s sister Tammy?

Well, there must be some little sort of tension going on between Amy and Tammy as fans have so far relived that Tammy is the one that they feel is most real and relatable, in comparison to Amy whose much greater focus is on her kids rather than her health. 

Therefore in the recent 1000-Lb Sister’s forum, fans were about the one sister they like and thus the answer came as Tammy, with the reason that she seems more enjoying the process within the show rather than Amy who is more involved in her personal matters.

But also the fact that she has been recently going through a divorce with her husband, which definitely can be very traumatic for anyone to experience. 

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