Is Amy From 1000 Pound Sisters Pregnant? Fans Concerned Over The News!

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Is amy from 1000 pound sisters pregnant?
Reality Star Amy Slaton

Amy Slaton is in limelight recently for her pregnancy. So, is Amy from 1000 pound sisters pregnant again? The YouTuber and her husband has finally opened their mouth regarding their pregnancy at the start of the year. It is no secret about Amy always wants children and a family. She also wanted to lose her weight for the same reason and for living a long healthy life. Amy and her husband also welcomed their first child in 2020 despite all the complications and problems. Now, it seems that the entertainer is ready again for welcoming her baby No 2.

Meanwhile, several people think that it would have been better for the reality star to wait for some time before adding a new member to her family. Well, many people even opined that she should not get pregnant again and concentrate on taking care of her first baby. The reality star has her share of emotional trauma and weight loss programme. A second baby in her life would definitely put a halt to most of the things in her life. Thus, fans are very much concerned about Amy getting pregnant again. 

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Is Amy From 1000 Pound Sisters Pregnant?

Yes, Amy from 1000 pound sisters is pregnant. She will welcome her second baby this year in the summers. Rumours and speculations were already passing around since last year after she started her journey of weight loss again and shared hints on having one more child. But, she did not say much about her getting pregnant during that time. Amy gave the good news and the official confirmation of her pregnancy at the beginning of this year on January 02, 2022.

Amy Slaton pregnant with Baby No 2
1000-lb Sisters Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton

1000 pound sisters’ Amy officially announced her pregnancy with her husband, Michael Halterman, through a video on her YouTube channel. Our Little Secret was the title of Amy’s video announcing her pregnancy. The YouTuber also mentioned in the video that she and her husband wanted to make the pregnancy workable. Thus, the couple had put off for a little while regarding their pregnancy announcement. 

Amy From 1000 Pound Sisters Baby is Due For Summers

Amy from 1000 pound sisters had not only announced about her baby but also mentioned the due date. She said in her video posted on January 02, 2022, that she was eleven weeks and four days along during that time. Her baby is due on July 18 2022. But, it will probably be July 05 for her with her getting the tubes tied and a C-section. The YouTuber also went on to say that she and her husband do not know the sex of the baby yet. The couple did pick out some names for their upcoming baby and had nicknamed it Beanie.

Furthermore, Amy also took to Instagram to share the news regarding her upcoming baby and the due date. She shared a picture of her first baby, Gage, on Instagram and captioned it as him going to be a big brother in the upcoming July. She is due July 18th, and they are over the moon. Meanwhile, the shirt Gage is wearing has the words written that he is going to be a big brother in 2022. 

Fans Concerned For Amy’s Pregnancy

People and fans alike are already aware of Amy’s complications during the birth of his first baby Gage in November 2020. No doubt, many of her fans are really happy about the recent happy. But, many others are not so happy about her situation considering her weight loss and other health complications. Now, fans are even more concerned that she will face all those complications again which happened during Gage’s time. Fans also think that now she would retire from her aspirations of weight loss for the baby. 

Is Amy Slaton Pregnant Again?
Amy Slaton with her husband while welcoming their first baby

Amy’s Doctor is Disappointed Taking Her Weight

Amy had recently gone to her doctor, Dr Charles Procter Jr for her check-up and weighing her weight. And, it seems that her doctor is not very much happy taking her weight and states his disappointment regarding Amy’s progress. The doctor also said it is no guarantee that surgery would keep the weight off or lose the weight. Procter mentioned Amy not putting effort into her health as he has seen. They have pretty much stalled out at this point.

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