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The Midnight Club: Release Date, Plot & Cast Members

The Midnight Club Release Date
The Midnight Club Release Date

Mike Flanagan is working again with OTT streaming platform Netflix to bring us another suspense thriller production! That’s correct! We’re talking about the same man who brought us titles like Midnight Mass, The Haunting of Bly Mannor, and The Haunting of Hill House. This time, Mike Flanagan is bringing us The Midnight Club. So, let’s discuss this upcoming production! After you read our piece, you will know everything there’s to know about The Midnight Club’s release date, cast, production, and much more.

This new title has Leah Fong and Mike Flanagan working on an adaptation of a Christopher Pike novel that has all the aspects that you would expect from him: The supernatural, the chilling, the dark undertones, the suspense, and of course, the thrills. Can we ask more? It surely is good to see more of Mike’s work back on Netflix. After all, it’s been a while after Midnight Mass! Now, without any further ado, let’s start unpacking this topic!

What Is The Midnight Club About?

The Midnight Club tells the story of a group of young adults with terminal diseases that live in a hospice home called Rotterdam Home, under the care of a doctor. When the clock hits midnight, they gather around the library’s table over some hot drinks to tell some scary stories under the promise that whoever dies first must contact the rest from the afterlife. When one of the terminally ill dies, a bunch of weird things begin to take place in the hospice home and scary stuff ensues! The kind of scary content that Mike Flanagan knows how to deliver!

The Midnight Club Release Date

“To those before, to those after, to us now, and to those beyond! Seen or unseen, here but not here!”

Christopher Pike wrote a book from which this show takes its inspiration back in 1994. The 224-page novel is the basis of this adaptation. If you want to get the book, you can find it on Amazon and read it before you see the series. And note that the name of the Hospice isn’t “Rotterdam” in this Netflix adaptation, instead, it’s called “Brightcliffe” and there are eight terminally ill patients instead of the five depicted in the book. As with all adaptations, they take some licenses to better fit it to the screen.

Who’s Producing The Midnight Club?

Mike Flanagan —known for his work in Hush, Oculus, and Before I Wake— leads the executive producer of this series along with Leah Fong. And though we’re accustomed to seeing Flanagan in the director’s chair for the entirety of the series, he’s only directing two installments of this show. Instead, he’s handing over the chair to some other talents, like his brother James Flanagan, AHS: Double Feature Director Axelle Carolyn, Michael Fimognari, Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour, The Flash’s Viet Nguen, and Morgan Beggs.

The Midnight Club Trailer

Who Is In The Cast Of The Midnight Club?

The cast has Igby Rigney —From Fast & Furious 9—, Iman Benson —From #BlackAF—, Ruth Codd —from The Fall of the House of Usher—, William Chris Sumpter —from NYC Dreams—, Aya Furukawa —from Brand New Cherry Flavor—, Annarah Cymone —from Midnight Mass—, Sauriyan Sapkota —from the Fall of the House of Usher—, Heather Langenkamp —from A Nightmare on Elm Street—, Samantha Sloyan —from Hush—, Matt Biedel —from Midnight Mass— and Zach Gifford —from The Purge: Anarchy— are all on the cast.

The Midnight Club Release Date

The Midnight Club is based on a book by the same name authored and published back in the mid 1990s by Christopher Pike

The Midnight Club Release Date

The Midnight Club will release worldwide on October 7, 2022, right in the time and season for Halloween, and at a moment where everybody is having a soft spot for 1990s teenager pop culture. The series will have a ten-episode run and it appears that it will be available in its entirety from the day it drops on Netflix. With this, we conclude our coverage of this upcoming Christopher Pike novel adaptation on Netflix by Mike Flanagan here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention, Happy streaming and see you soon.

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