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Below Deck Season 10 Episode 8: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Below Deck Season 10 Episode 8 preview
Below Deck Season 10 Episode 8 release date

Below Deck Season 10 Episode 8’s air date is here. A recap of Below Deck Season 10 Episode 7 is a to refresh our memory regarding the show’s events. This post is packed with all the necessary details regarding Below Deck Season 10 Episode 8’s release date and streaming guide.

The staff of the yacht received a new group of visitors last week. Unfortunately, they aren’t quite as entertaining as the guests the audience saw earlier this season. They were picky and gave Chef Rachel’s meal a bad review.

The fact that the visitors were cigars enthusiasts was noted in their lengthy list of preferences. Knowing a thing or two regarding Cuban cigars, we saw  Frazier decided to buy some and store them for the visitors. Everyone was shocked to see them burn the cigar sideways, though.

Alissa, who was igniting the cigars for everyone, continued during her revelation: “Observing these guests smoke their cigars backward with the b*lls buried in their mouths is hilarious. My favorite.”
Another visitor requested a disposable napkin from Frazier so they could spit up the chorizo which Cook Rachel had given them.

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Recap of episode 7 of Below Deck season 10

In addition to the guest’s troubles, Camille & Alissa’s rival ship continued to be bitter between Alissa & Alissa. The guests’ drama was also how Camille felt torn to bits and frightened after Capt Sandy gave her one more chance, but she tried to make things better.

Below Deck Season 10 Episode 8 preview


She worked much harder than usual, only while Capt Sandy and Frazier were there. A little altered whenever the two were absent. Things took a crazy turn towards the episode’s conclusion as Camille declined to finish a work assigned to her.

Camille was given the duty of ironing, Hayley informed her. However, the stewardess of the below deck objected. Alissa and Camille got into a fight over this. Alissa made an effort to intensify the dispute rather than try to put an end to it.

Alissa again blackmailed Camille by telling the commander about her. Little did they even know that the visitors were nearby and could hear it as they yelled and Camille used profanity. However, Captain Sandy overheard their argument and the other visitors.

The quarrel was overheard just as Captain Sandy and Frazier began to like Camille more. The captain of Below Deck was astounded by their actions.

What to expect from episode 8 of Below Deck season 10?

The new episode will see a new guest on the boat, and several best friends will gather for a Bollywood family dinner with Bakshi & his wife, Kaamna. They are Indian natives. Rachel, the chef, is excited to meet these guests.

She spent a few months studying in India, Kerela & Goa. She is also confident that she’ll be able to win their approval. Bakshi is a seasoned businessman who has started and run numerous companies. He has expertise in both property investment and computer software. Bakshi founded Vision Group in late 2016 to create cutting-edge goods using the Internet and artificial intelligence.

Below Deck Season 10 Episode 8: Release Date

Below Deck Season 10 Episode 8 Release Date is January 16, 2023, or Monday. Below Deck Season 10, Episode 8 will premiere on Bravo at around 8 pm in the US. Fans from around the world can also stream Below Deck Season 10 Episode 8 via streaming options listed below at 1 am GMT (January 17), 10 am KST (January 17), 7 am JST (January 17), 12 pm AEDT (January 17), 6.30 am IST (January 17), 3 am SAST (January 17) and 7 pm CST.

Below Deck Season 10 Episode 8: How & Where to watch

Below Deck Season 10 Episode 8 will stream via NBC, Peacock premium, DIRECTV, Sling TV, and Fubo TV. Fans from regions other than the US must cross-check their local hours with the ones listed above to watch Below Deck Season 10 Episode 8 when it airs in their respective regions.

Peacock premium will cost a user around $5 for the basic plan, while NBC will need any user to register first to watch the episodes easily. Currently, episodes of “Below Deck Season 10” can be streamed on the Bravo TV app in the United States or downloaded through Apple iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Video, Microsoft Store, or Google Play Movies.

The watchers can view all the episodes of “Below Deck – Season 10” in the UK via either Microsoft Store or iTunes from Apple. The most current episodes are available to viewers on Hayu and Global TV.

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