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Marie Antoinette Episode 3 & 4: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Marie Antoinette Episode 3&4: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Last Updated on November 7, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Marie Antoinette, the historical television show, centers on the reign of France’s titular queen. The entire series was authored by Deborah Davis, who also developed it. The final French queen, whose reign ended with the French Revolt, served as the model for the storyline of the sandal. When she got chosen for the position, she was only 14 years old. After Marie wed an offspring called Louis Auguste, she ascended to the position of Dauphine of France.

Eight episodes will make up the initial season, which has been approved. The performer Emilia Schule has been chosen to play Marie Antoinette once more. Canal Plus has acquired this television series. It happened after the final episode of Versailles had finished streaming. The program is in English, even though everything took place in France.

In fact, the creators intended to release the series abroad, the same as they had done with Versailles. The program’s filming began earlier in 2021. At places like the Chateaux of Versailles & Vaux le Vicomte, the recorders began to roll. Lésigny, Champs, Voisin’s, the Palace of Fontainebleau, and other places are also mentioned.

Marie Antoinette Episode 3&4: Release Date & Streaming Guide

A Brief about Marie Antoinette

While still a young kid, Marie Antoinette, an Austrian nobility, was wedded to Louis-Auguste, the prospective King of France. Her sole purpose in being there was to give birth to offspring. But none of it transpired according to plan. Marie Antoinette’s spouse resisted touching her for seven years, as her proclivities caused chaos in the imperial family.

She upset Louis XV of France’s favorite, Madame du Barry, and destroyed the peculiar customs of the court. The story’s focus will be Marie Antoinette’s negotiations with the French palace and the tremendous strain she experienced to have a son who might carry on the Bourbon monarchy.

Eight years following their marriage, she gave birth to her 1st child with King Louis xvi, greatly increasing popular mistrust of the couple. Of course, the duchess took the brunt of the criticism for their sterility. But scholars now concur that Louis XVI delayed touching his wife until seven years had passed since their union.

Marie Antoinette’s father-in-law Louis XV, whose efforts to acquaint her with the clan had an unusual twist when he reportedly tried to sleep with her, was merely one of the numerous shocks she allegedly experienced throughout her formative years in France.

Marie Antoinette Episode 3&4: Release Date & Streaming Guide

The documentary series will also look at Louis XV’s relationship with Madame du Barry, a harlot. He was raised into hardship but worked her way up to serve as the King’s maîtresse-en-titer before being kicked out of the palace after Louis XVI became King. In the end, Du Barry was executed for treachery amid the Revolt.

Plot of The Series “Marie Antoinette”

According to Germaine Sweet, former manager of programming procurement for PBS Distribution, “this beautifully drawn historical drama about the remarkable new queen will enchant PBS viewers from the initial moment until the show ends.”

Producers of “Marie Antoinette” include Claude Chelli & Margaux Balsan of Capa Drama, Stéphanie Chartreux of Banijay Studios France, with Christophe Toulemonde of Les Gens. Versailles, Vaux-le-Vicomte, Lésigny, Champs, Voisins, as well as the Bry-sur-Marne theaters, were just a few of the famous ancient landmarks used for shooting.

Marie Antoinette Episode 3&4: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Marie Antoinette Episode 3 & 4 Release Date

The premiere date for Marie Antoinette Episode 3 & 4 is November 7, 2022. On the French network known as Canal Plus, it will disconnect. Additionally, it would also be widely dispersed. This responsibility is given to BBC First in Australia.

Some platforms that will feature the show on its network include Foxtel & Binge. Additionally, PBS purchased the show and plans to air the series on its network in the summer of 2023. Additionally, there is currently no guaranteed release date for nations like the UK and Australia.

Where to Watch Marie Antoinette Episodes 3 & 4

Once the episodes are broadcast on Canal Plus throughout France every week, viewers can simply watch Marie Antoinette Parts 3 & 4. The show will also be accessible through the channel’s official web page. For the same, fans will be required to have legitimate cable login information. In the summer of 2023, PBS will also broadcast the series on its network. However, no official date is provided.

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