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In Which Episode is Danzo Removed from Hokage? One of the Most Hated Characters

Danzo Shimura
Danzo Shimura

Last Updated on November 25, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Danzo the name almost all of the naruto fandom despises because of his actions and especially his way of doing those things. Even though he always wanted Konoha to flourish but his goodwill is what made it perish the most. The biggest massacre in the History of Konoha was the Uchiha massacre and Danzo was the reason behind it.

 He was the reason Itachi had to kill his family along with every other Uchiha leaving just his little brother Sasuke. He stole all the sharingans and used them to master some of the greatest jutsus. He always wanted to be the Hokage however life wanted otherwise for him.

When the time came the second Hokage made Hiruzen the third Hokage which was the budding stage of Danzo’s change of heart towards hate. Although he went on to start his own facility of superior ninjas calling it the ANBU foundations which produced some amazing ninjas like Sai.

He started to work from the shadows in a way that he thought was for the good but these were the actions that nearly affected all of the Konoha and led it towards a dark night, fully recovering from what is impossible for anyone, even the people who died.

 Danzo’s character showed fans that it isn’t always goodwill that is needed but even their actions should reciprocate the same thing for all otherwise it may be worst of all for them and everyone else too. Let us get a glimpse of his life in a deeper sense.

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Who is Danzo? The Mastermind Behind Some of the Biggest Evil Happenings Of Konoha

An old man from Konohagakure, Danz Shimura. Danz became known as The Darkness of the Shinobi due to his repeated unlawful actions and his frequently suspected (but infrequently verified) undermining of particular Konoha employees. Danz was the founder and head of Root.

Danz never did anything without thinking it was best for the village, notwithstanding his years of dubious actions. Immediately following Pain’s attack on the community, he was chosen as the Sixth Hokage Candidate. Danz eventually flees the Five Kage Summit and perishes in combat with Sasuke Uchiha at the Samurai Bridge before being properly sworn into this position.

Danzo Shimura The Leader of the Roots

The leader and founder of the roots

Danzo requested that the Uchiha clan not even be permitted to participate in the protection of the village amid Kurama’s assault on Konoha because he was afraid that somebody such as Madara Uchiha might reap the benefits of the circumstance and utilize the Nine-Tails upon Konoha.

In the end, he persuaded Hiruzen to order the Uchiha to stay away from the Nine-Tails and only guard the populace. Danzo was among the village elders who, after Kurama was halted, suspected that the Uchiha clan was responsible for the attack. He launched a surveillance operation against them and drove the Uchiha to the hamlet’s boundaries.

Danzo Shimura The Leader of the Roots

The foundation of the Foundation

Hiruzen meekly assumed his position as Third Hokage when the Fourth Hokage gave his life to contain the Nine-Tails within his son, much to Danzo’s disgust. Danzo then went up to a distraught young Kakashi Hatake and told him that Hiruzen had ordered all youngsters, including senior ninjas like Kakashi, not to aid in the fight against the Nine-Tails, thereby preventing Kakashi from perhaps rescuing his sensei and his wife.

Kakashi agreed to cooperate with Danz’s Root department and monitor Hiruzen for him after Danz persuaded an upset Kakashi that Hiruzen wasn’t the best choice for the welfare of the town.

In Which Episode is Danzo Removed from Hokage? One of the Most Hated Characters

Danzo was made the acting Hokage by the council and he even ordered the assassination of Sasuke Uchiha even though it was clearly stated by Itachi that if anything were to happen to his little brother he would destroy all of Konoha. 

Danzo Shimura The Leader of the Roots

Danzo with the village counsellors

However, after discovering the heinous acts of Danzo everyone and legendary sanins coming into the picture he was removed from the position of Hokage in episode 197 of the Naruto Shippuden anime. Danzo used to identify himself as the sixth Hokage up until Tsunade handled the position taking it from him. 

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