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The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 12: Release Date, Preview & How To Watch

The Queen's Umbrella Episode 11 recap
The Queen's Umbrella Episode 12: Release Date

The Queen’s umbrella episode 12’s release date is here, and we are here to bring you all the necessary updates about the same. Here is a glance at what transpired in the recent episode before jumping on to the Queen’s umbrella episode 12 release date and the streaming guide of the Queen’s umbrella. The Queen inquired about Consort Hwang’s connections to Physician Kwon and questioned whether she could locate the physician by the concubine.

The mother of Prince Uiseong questions why Hwa-ryeong says she wants the doctor who cared for the late prince back in the palace. When the ground drawings are destroyed, Kwon worries that Ham-deok may have derailed their scheme, but he also sees a chance in the royal proclamation sent to the man disguised as a monk.

The mysterious Physician Kwon’s whereabouts and family history worry the Queen, who requests an investigation into his relationship with Won-hyeong. However, Her Majesty will soon have to deal with more urgent issues, such as Grand Prince Muan’s appearance in Hanseong with Cho-wol, which she duly sets out to investigate. Ham-deok agrees to Prince Uiseong’s offer to return to the palace, subject to fulfilling an unspecified requirement.

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The Queen’s Umbrella Recent Episode Recap

Grand Prince Gyeseong attempts to warn his opponent outside not to bring the dubious rebel to the kingdom, revealing the treasonous scheme supported by a monk army. Uiseong is adamant about carrying out his plan despite fears that he will be prevented, to the extent that he even requests that Ham-deok “arrive in front of Prince Gyeseong.”

The Queen's Umbrella Episode 11 recap

The preparation for the competition is in full swing.

The Queen sits down with Cho-wol after berating Grand Prince Muan for his actions that led to his expulsion from the Taekhyeon. Here, the two admit their love for one another as they talk about the former courtesan’s devotion to Her Majesty’s son. Cho-wol is upset that she is continuously being pushed away from Prince Muan, despite how untrustworthy he may seem, and asks that she be allowed to choose her path.

The Queen responds, disregarding the equality quotes directed at her, “Just dislike me instead.” However, the fact that Hwa-ryeong saved the pregnant rape victim from being falsely accused by a nobleman and provided for her housing in a flashback demonstrates how kind and considerate she is to less wealthy people.

Her Majesty questions whether she treated the man for whom Hyewolgak was established too harshly. Prince Bogeom is holding onto a delivery from Consort Tae and appears ready to enjoy his last day with Park Gyeong-u. The potential Crown Princes and Grand Prince Seongnam resolve to investigate the mysterious disappearance of money from the marketplaces because they suspect embezzlement may be involved.

The two explore Gyeong-quarters-U and discover a Manwol Island Chibuchaek, but they are still determining where the man’s fortune might be. Any inquiries are swiftly put on hold; however, as Gyeong-u soon returns, he finds out what his two visitors are up to and tells them to leave.

Later, Seongnam reveals Bogeom the Chibuchaek, driven to uncover the truth about the suspected scam, alongside his apparent rival, who demonstrated his commitment by ignoring the information given to him by Tae. Grand Prince Seongnam and Prince Bogeom return to confront Park Gyeong-u with evidence of his “defrauding.”

Still, they are not here to chastise the allegedly corrupt banishment but rather to praise him for constructing a “cooperative society” by using the cash he took to pay debts, open shops, and improve society. At the same time, the King mulls over how to deal with his opposition and wants to uphold the meaning of Taekhyeon.

The Queen's Umbrella Episode 11 recap

The Queen and the princes have a meal.

The two royals then advise Gyeong-u to visit the palace for the good of the people, not the King, and promise to help him put his philosophy into practice throughout the realm.

The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 12 Release Date 

The Queen’s umbrella episode 12 release date is November 19, 2022. The Queen’s umbrella episode 12 will air on the south Korean channel- tvN at 9:10 KST. International viewers can watch The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 12 at 1:10 pm BST, 5:40 pm IST, and 11:10 pm AEDT.

The Queen’s Umbrella Episode 12: How To Watch 

The Queen’s umbrella episode 12 will stream on Netflix worldwide. The fans must cross-check the dates and times with their nations to watch the Queen’s umbrella episode 12 when it airs in their respective nations. The basic plan for Netflix is $6.99 per month, while $9.99 per month is for a Standard plan, and the premium varies from  $15.49 per month to $19.99 per month.

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