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Dragon Raja Episode 15 Release Date: Until the next Autumn

Dragon Raja
Dragon Raja: The Mobile Game

Last Updated on November 17, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

The main character and presenter of Dragon Raja is Hutch Nedval (pronounced “Hoo-chie Nedval”). The 3 months of the 17-year-beautiful old’s autumn are covered in the book. This is the one fall in a lifespan when people who recognize it are capable of doing incredible things, from the moment the earth is covered in leaves through the first snowflake falls. To witness Amurtaht’s demise and the end of the dragon that killed his wife, Hutch’s dad accompanies the mission to battle him. Hutch decides to go on the expedition with Karl and Sanson to collect the money needed for the ransom to free the troops and his father after the army defeats and is captured by Amurtaht.

Because of the Ogre Power Gauntlets that the wizard Tyburn gave him, Hutch has supernatural powers that make up for his lack of traditional sword fighting instruction, becoming one of the narrative’s most spectacular warriors.

Hutch has become toughened by the dangerous existence in Fief Heltant. He also has a bold sense of humor. His quick wit and deft tongue offer various solutions, and his narration regularly swings between serious philosophical themes and lighthearted humor.

Hutch has been placed under Karl’s guidance despite not having received formal education and is one of the story’s most accomplished orators. Along the way, he sings a number of ballads and sagas because he loves to sing so much.

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Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja – Luminous

Dragon Raja Character List (main)

  • lu Mingfei

The protagonist of the story of the majority of game adaptations is Mingfei Lu, also known as Ricardo M. Lu and Luminous in Dragon Raja’s mobile game. Mingfei enrolled in Cassell College after being persuaded to do so by Chen Motong (Nono) and Professor Guderian, where he graduated with the institution’s top grade point average.

Mingfei’s ranking results were challenged by many of his fellow peers and lecturers because he was unable to employ Yanling skills, therefore he had to rely on his wits, the help of others, and occasionally just pure luck to live. Following his victory in the Lionheart Society’s “Day of Liberty” contest, it led to him being bullied by other pupils.

Dragon Raja episode 15

Lu Mingfei

  • Chen Motong

The main character of Dragon Raja is Chen Motong, also known by his nickname “NoNo,” an A-Rank student, a delegate of the student association, the fiancee of Caesar Gattuso, and the romantic interest of Lu Mingfei. The “little witch” and “the red-haired Miko” were some of her nicknames. She is well-intentioned and guards her pals despite her snobbish demeanor and disregard for boundaries.

She also frequently exhorts others to take strong and decisive action. Nono was socially detached for the majority of her life as a consequence of losing her mom at an early age. Despite the fact that she was unable to exploit Yanling, Cassell College gave her an A grade for her exceptional proficiency in the draconic dialect and in profiling.

Dragon Raja Episode 15 Release Date: Until the next Autumn

Originally broadcast on August 19, 2022, Dragon Raja is amongst the most well-known Chinese animation television show. This television show gained immense popularity, and a new season has added only a few episodes after its premiere. Yes! A few episodes of Dragon Raja Season 1 have already been broadcast since the season’s official premiere.

The viewers of this show are so impressed by it that they can’t wait to see what happens in the upcoming episode, which is Dragon Raja Season 1 Episode 15. When will the 15th episode, which is the upcoming one, air? On November 18, 2022, is when Dragon Raja Season 1 Episode 15 is anticipated to air.

Dragon Raja Streaming Details 

The most recent episodes of Dragon Raja will air first on Chinese regional television networks. Ultimately, viewers will be able to watch the most latest episodes instantly.

The Tencent Video Client service is free. However, access to new episodes of Dragon Raja necessitates a minimum subscription price. The Tencent Video Client service isn’t offered everywhere, though.

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