Step By Step Episode 7: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

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step by step
Step By Step (Credits: TrueID)

By following one another, Thai Bls is coming up with a variety of tales and poignant conversations and raising their own bar to realize the thought that love is love and not gender-specific. A handful of options are now available for the audience to choose from and watch Bl. Step By Step, a new television series, marks its debut on the One31 Network in April. 

The series is an ongoing rom-com office drama. The first episode was released on the 18th of April, and the latest was released on the 23rd of May, 2023. It airs every Tuesday with a runtime of 45 minutes. It is also available for streaming on WeTv and GagaOOlala with English subtitles.  

After the last episode was telecasted, the new episode was on hold due to regional occasions. But now the wait is over, and it will be dropping on the 6th of June, 2023. Fans are curious as to what new things will happen in the lives of their favorite Jeng and Pat.

This series is perfect for you; if you are into more office drama and romance. In addition, if you are meandering around in search of information about the next episode that is killing you, stop because this article will help you with the details of Episode 7, its release date, the preview of Episode 6, and the streaming guide of Step By Step.

The Plot of Step By Step

Step By Step is a series based on an adaptation of Khoi Khoi Rak, the novel series written in the summer of December. It is a series of 12 episodes. The series is about a manager and his employee, Jeng, and Pat, respectively. Jeng is an intense digital marketing manager and also the son of the company’s owner. His subordinates are not a fan of him or his behavior.

step by step
Step By Step (Credits: GagaOOlala)

On the other hand, Pat is a student who returned from LA in search of a job that can use his abilities to their fullest potential at work. Pat gets accepted as a vibrant new team member in the company. But for that, he needs to handle the workload and daily assignments given by his superiors and seniors.

Jeng encounters Pat in the company and becomes affectionate towards him. However, he must play his part and has a responsibility to uphold as a boss who is severe and demanding of Pat. When Pat files his letter of resignation because he feels overburdened by the work, things spiral out of control. If things do not go in their favor, it will be fascinating to watch how their narrative develops and how it gets ending. 

Let’s Catch Up With Step By Step Episode 6 

Episode 6 opened with Pat worried sick about the task he was given. He laid back in bed when he got a text from Kong, his friend he knew from America. The next day, Pat and his colleagues had a meeting with Jeng. Afterward, they were given the option to eat shrimp nuggets, which Pat didn’t like because they had celery in them. Jeng noticed it as he made the nuggets.

Kong had invited Pat to dinner, but due to a situation, Kong was unable to go. So, he later had dinner with Jeng. Pat and Put crossed paths on the day of the shoot, but something between them upset Pat. He had dinner with Kong, but he had the impression that Kong was trying to recruit him to his MLM company. To get back to his house quickly, he enlisted the aid of Put, who was on a call with him.

step by step ep 6
Still from episode 6 of Step By Step (Credits: GagaOOlala)

Pat explained to Jeng that he was experiencing back problems and that he required a new chair. Jeng consequently asked him; if he might accompany him because he also needed new furniture for his restaurant. On their day off, Pat and Jeng went shopping and cooked food together after dropping Pat at his place.

Pat and Put had dinner together and attempted to work out their differences. Even though Kong followed Pat into the restaurant, he explained everything and let Kong know how frightened he had been by Kong and the way he had persuaded him to join him in his MLM business.

After realizing his chance, Put asked Pat to start with him and give him another shot, which brought the episode to an end. 

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Step By Step Episode 7 Release Date

Step By Step will be dropping episode 7 on the 6th of June, 2023. On the online service WeTv, streaming is accessible to fans worldwide. The episode will air on One31 in Thailand with a runtime of 45 minutes. According to Thailand Standard Time, the 7th episode will release at 11:00 P.M. But the time alters for fans from different regions as following dates and hours: 

  • India: At 9:30 P.M, Indian Standard Time, on the same day
  • Japan: At 1:00 A.M, Japan Standard Time, on the next day
  • South Korea: At 1:00 A.M, Korean Standard Time, on the next day
  • USA: At midnight, Eastern Standard Time, on the same day
  • Europe: At 6:00 P.M, Greenwich Standard Time, on the same day 
  • Canada: At midnight, Eastern Standard Time, on the same day 
  • Australia: At 2:00 A.M, Australian Standard Time, on the next day
  • Britain: At 5:00 P.M, British Standard Time, on the same day
  • Indonesia: At 11:00 P.M, Indonesian Standard Time, on the same day
  • Philippines: At noon, Philippine Standard Time, on the next day
  • Malaysia: At noon, Malaysia Standard Time, on the next day 
  • Germany: At 6:00 P.M, Germany Standard Time, on the same day

How To Watch Step By Step Episode 7 

The 7th episode of Step By Step will be released on two platforms. For local fans, the time of releasing the episode is 11:00 P.M on Network One31. And for the fans across the globe waiting for the episode to get aired will be available on WeTv.

Step By Step episode 7 is also accessible on GagaOOlala with English subtitles. Fans can access the site on a subscription that costs $5.99 per month. And the uncut version of the episodes is open on YouTube, WeTv, and GagaOOlala. 

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