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How to Watch Dead to Me Episodes Online? Streaming Guide

How to watch Dead to Me online?
Jen and Judy trying to dispose Steve body

The comedy genre is very peaceful after a very stressful day, but what if the comedy turns black? Then it’s a whole different story. People stay confused the whole weather to smile and be stressed about the same. Black comedy is also known as dark humor, and not everyone can handle the humor, which might be too offensive for some people. So, How to Watch Dead to Me Episodes Online.

Making a show on dark humor is a big risk because not everyone watches or enjoys it. So, the audience is limited and very hard to please. The creators have to be creative and bring out new ideas each time. Treading lines between good and bad, right and wrong, and a fine line, for that matter. 

Dead to me, on the other hand, has a very light take on dark humor, almost making it family-friendly. But then again, a very fine line. Created and directed by Liz Feldman, a well-known writer, who has worked on shows like 2 Broke Girls, and the Ellen DeGeneres show and managed to win four Emmy awards. 

She also worked on a tv show called One Big Happy with Ellen DeGeneres. Dead to me was released in 2019, and people are still recovering from it. Was it the plot, the ending, or the cast? Whatever it was, people are still processing the whole two seasons? 

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Was she guilty, or was it the guilt trip?

Jen and Judy met at emotional support, where they became very good friends. They felt like they understood each other well than others did. Jen’s husband Ted was killed in a hit-and-run car accident, and even Judy lost her fiancé Steve very recently. 

Jen has developed this coping mechanism of dealing with her emotions where she tries to find the driver who killed Ted, so she ends up finding that Judy was lying the whole time Steve was alive, and she also finds the car which killed her husband in Judy’s garage. 

How to watch Dead to Me online?

Judy and Jen living together

Meanwhile, Judy is helping Steve to sell his house, and he puts a restraining order on her. He even warns Jen warns that troubles always follow Judy all around. Jen is filled with guilt for killing Ted cold heartly, and Ted manipulates Judy into not saying anything to Jen. Later, Jen finds out that Ted is in a relationship with a girl called Bambi. 

Jen is very upset to know that she was cheated on by her husband while she’s still mourning for him. They both go on a vacation, and Jen and Judy flirt with new men, where they meet Nick, a detective. Jen finds a piece of the car, and Judy gets very scared and tries to hide the car, but it is already gone.

How to watch Dead to Me online?

Judy hits Ted

Judy confesses to Jen that she killed Ted, and Jen gets very angry, she later confronts Steve, and how the events turn out, both Jen and Judy find Steave body floating on the river.  In the second season, both become best friends and try to dispose of Steve’s body. 

The Detectives suspect both of them, so they have to hide the body soon, so they decide to bury it in a forest in the middle of the night.  Jen kisses Steve’s twin brother Ben and confronts him, and Judy develops strong feelings for Michelle and gets to know Michelle’s ex is the detective who is investigating Steve’s murder.

While Judy ends up breaking up with Michelle and Jen and Ben are getting very close. Jen and Judy have this huge argument where she ends up confessing that Jen killed Steve and after they reconcile again, Jen leaves a letter for everyone and leaves.

How to watch Dead to Me online?

Steve floating body

Ben gets a call from the hikers that they have found Steve’s body, and after that, he loses his shit and drives too fast while Judy and Jen get into a car accident, and the next day, they find themselves hurt but alive. 

Dead to Me: Release Date

After the second season ended in such a heart ranching climax, the audience needed the third season to know what was happening in that show.  Dead to me is releasing its third season on 17 November 2022. After two years, we will finally get to know what happened. 

Dead to Me: Streaming Guide

Dead to me is released on its official streaming platform Netflix. Go catch the previous episodes if you haven’t already.

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