Hanna Movie Ending Explained: Where is the Sweet Revenge?

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Hanna Movie Ending Explained
Saoirse Ronan as Hanna (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Hanna is a 2011 thriller directed by Joe Wright starring Academy Award-winner Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana and Saoirse Ronan. It is a fast-paced action movie that thrills you while taking you to Finland as some spies try to plot and conspire to kill a young girl and her dad. With amazing cinematography and a soundtrack developed by Big Beat group The Chemical Brothers, the movie is one hell of a flick. With a $30 million budget, the movie made $65 million in the box office and is the kind of film that you either love or hate. 

Today, I’m going to share with you what I think is my interpretation of this movie’s conclusion, as such, I will be giving away spoilers for context. So, if you haven’t seen this flick, I suggest you go and watch it first and then come back to contrast your opinions with mine. 

Hanna Movie Ending Explained
Cate Blanchett as Marissa Wiegler (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Hanna Plot

In a rural area in northern Finland, fifteen-year-old Hanna Heller lives with her father, Erik. He is a former CIA agent from Germany who has been teaching Hanna how to be a proficient assassin since she was two years old. He instructs her in hand-to-hand combat and gives her practice shooting targets. Marissa Wiegler, a senior CIA officer, wants to get rid of Erik because he knows a secret that must remain a secret.

Hanna has been prepared by Erik to murder Marissa. She informs him one night that she is “ready” to face their adversaries. Erik discovers a radio beacon that will notify the CIA of their whereabouts. Despite his warning that a fight with Marissa would be disastrous for both Marissa and Hanna, he leaves her with the last say, and she turns on the beacon. Erik tells her to meet him in Berlin before departing.

Special forces grab Hanna and transport her to a covert CIA facility, where a wary Marissa sends a dummy to question Hanna when she begs for her by name. While speaking to the duplicate, Hanna breaks down in tears and gives her a close embrace, which worries her captors. To calm her down, they deploy guards.

Hanna kills the impostor and a few guards as they enter the jail, escapes, and realizes she is in Morocco. In an effort to go to Berlin, Hanna encounters Sebastian and Rachel as they are traveling in a campervan with their kids, Sophie and Miles, and she stows away in the vehicle on a ship to Spain. Hanna even informs her about the encounter in Berlin, and she and Sophie become friends as a result of the family’s kindness.

While other agents are looking for Erik, Marissa hires Isaacs, a vicious former agent, to capture Hanna. After failing to gain any relevant information from her, she murders Hanna’s maternal grandmother. Isaacs and two skinheads are after them after learning about Hanna’s escape from the Moroccan hotel owner. When Isaacs corners her and the family later on, he strikes, but Hanna manages to flee after a bloody struggle.

When Marissa questions the family, Miles reveals that Hanna is going to Berlin. The family disappears without a trace. Erik thwarts an attempted assassination while in Berlin and attempts but fails to kill Marissa.

When Hanna arrives for the rendezvous in an abandoned amusement park in Berlin, she encounters Knepfler, an oddball magician and Erik’s neighbor. Marissa and Isaacs appear before to Erik’s appearance. While trying to flee, Hanna overhears remarks that seem to imply that Erik is not her biological father.

Then, Hanna visits her grandmother’s vacant apartment where she meets Erik, who acknowledges that he is not her real father but still loves her as his own. He explains that he once enlisted expectant mothers into a CIA operation where the DNA of their offspring was modified to produce super soldiers. Except for Hanna, all of the project’s subjects were removed once it was terminated.

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Hanna Movie Ending Explained
Eric Bana as Erik Heller (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Hanna Ending Explained

The movie Hanna’s conclusion is an intensely moving high point. Erik, who serves as Hanna’s father figure, trains her to be an assassin so that she can kill Marissa Wiegler, a top CIA officer, in the center of the story.

In the closing moments, Hanna faces Marissa, the person she has spent her entire life learning how to kill. This showdown mirrors a hunting scenario at the opening of the movie, signifying Hanna’s complete development into a proficient murderer. Hanna wounds Marissa with an arrow despite Marissa shooting at her, demonstrating her better abilities and the value of her training.

Hanna pursues Marissa after hurting her, inverting the cat-and-mouse game that has previously dominated the movie. Similar to the deer that Hanna hunted at the beginning of the movie, Marissa trips and falls. In these last moments, Hanna uses Marissa’s rifle to shoot and murder her in the same way she did the deer. This completes Hanna’s trip because she has completed the task for which she was prepared.

But the win is not entirely sweet. Hanna has exacted revenge on Erik and completed his objective with Marissa’s passing, but she also lost the only family she has ever known. Hanna is left alone but no longer in danger from Marissa and the CIA at the conclusion. It envisions a future in which Hanna has the freedom to select her own path, even if that path involves loss and bloodshed.

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