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It Was Always You Brand New Movie on Hallmark Channel

Do you love to watch films that have two different love stories; some do love to watch films like this while some don’t. But, certainly, that doesn’t mean that these films are boring because Hallmark Channel is coming up with its new original movie named ‘It Was Always You’ starring Erin Krakow and Giles Panton in the lead role of the film. Erin Krakow had been an old player of the Hallmark network, having done dozens of films before on the same network since 2018, with the most famous one amongst his all works being When Calls the Heart, which was an episodic series on the network.

Even Tyler Hynes, who is starring in the lead role of It Was Always You, also isn’t new to the network. It’s just that the two actors will be working together in the same film under the same name of the network that is Hallmark. An important point to be noted is that this film isn’t going for a theatrical release but will only be releasing on the Hallmark platform only, so you need to have a subscription to this channel in order to watch this film. Hallmark Channel had been releasing various videos regarding this film in order to create a buzz before its release.

Hallmark Channel’s New Original Movie-It Was Always You

Hallmark Channel’s New Original Movie-It Was Always You

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Cast & Plot Details

The cast of It Was Always You film is-

  • Tyler Hynes
  • Erin Krakow
  • Giles Panton
  • Elysia Rotaru
  • Paula Shaw
  • Frances Flanagan
  • Nelson Wong
  • Kalyn Miles
  • Caitlin Stryker
  • Morganna Wyllie
  • Ana Carvalho
  • Anthony Timpano
  • David Allan Pearson
  • Ben Rosenbaum
  • Rowen Kahn, and
  • Craig Haas
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Have you ever managed someone’s wedding, all the things right from bride’s and groom’s need to guests coming and their dispersal you undergo thousand of things and just imagine your position in the place of either the one who is marrying and you have the responsibility of arranging everything? The story of the upcoming film It Was Always You is also set on something similar plot. The main lead of the film is arranging everything for his marriage but has doubt in his mind that everything which is happening is it correct, is he happy or is the other person happy. It certainly is a matter of question whenever you are into such a thing, and the film also shows how things mess up when his fiance’s brother doesn’t help with the arrangements, and all the things need to be done by himself. The film doesn’t focus on that much just because it is indeed a simple film that has a simple plot and a simple story and so as to why everyone won’t enjoy it watching, and you definitely know the reason for it. The trailer and other videos of the film have been put out by the channel, and you can check and have an insight about the same if you want.

It Was Always You Release Date

‘It Was Always You’ will be released on 27th February 2021 at 9 pm on Hallmark Channel. The film will not be going for a release in theatres, but for the ones who are willing to watch this movie, then you must have a subscription to Hallmark Channel because the film is going online only through this platform. But what if you miss the primer? Then don’t worry because Hallmark has made the arrangement in order to have that viewing experience of ‘It Was Always You’ even after it, that is the film all set to go again on February 28, 2021, at 7 pm that is just the next day of its premiere on the initial day. Something different is always needed, and why not cherish it by watching this sweet film.

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