Miss Shikimori Isn’t Just A Cutie Chapter 158 Release Date: The Pretty Heroin’s Problematic Love Interest

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Shikimori's Not Just A Cuite (4)

Izumi mentions that Shikimori is usually very cute but that there are moments when she isn’t, which makes her pout before she rescues him from being hit by a speeding car. Shikimori stopped Izumi from being struck on the head by an object at school. When she goes to the bathroom, Izumi’s friends make fun of how unremarkable he is. However, when Shikimori comes back, and she sends them a frightening gaze to stay away from them. They discuss what happened as the wind blows, but afterward, Shikimori rescues Izumi from a collapsing sign.

Izumi wants to make a good impression on Shikimori when they go to the movies, but since it’s a scary movie, he needs her comfort. When Izumi tells Shikimori how awesome she looks while shooting hoops, Shikimori is motivated to work hard in her sport.

Izumi recalls how she found his high school admissions test ticket on the day they first met. On a Xmas date, Izumi offers but misses to bring his gloves. Together, they travel to the annual shrine visit. A ski trip is taken. Shikimori stumbles during their class’ bean tossing competition, and Izumi ends up with his chin resting on her head.

Shikimori’s glasses are interfering with Izumi’s ability to concentrate on his academic work. Shikimori modifies her appearance when Izumi declares that he admires a fashion icon on a banner. Izumi is cared for by Shikimori while he sleeps at the nurse’s station. During the floral gazing event, Izumi makes an effort to capture Shikimori in a stylish photo. Izumi discovers she can’t cook after trying Shikimori’s lunchbox. For Izumi’s birthday, Izumi’s folks invite Shikimori home.

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Miss Shikimori Isn’t Just A Cutie – Chapter 157 Recap 

Shikimori gets together with his parents while Izumi snoozes. Shikimori, Izumi, and their pals all go bowling. Izumi encourages Shikimori during sports day, which helps her achieve well. Izumi seems more vulnerable to mishaps and alone. They take the same art class.

Izumi attempts to shield Shikimori from being hit by a car while scooping up a stray cat. They clean up at Izumi’s house, but when Shikimori goes in for a kiss, Izumi’s parents return. Shikimori spends the night with her buddies.

Izumi and Shikimori go to a planetarium with beds for seats. The group debates whether to spend summer vacation at the river or even the beach. Shikimori and her pals go swimsuit shopping after observing Izumi ogling a poster of a bikini model.

Shikimori gives Izumi a late-night call. Izumi makes the group of friends on the summer excursion jealous of his culinary skills. Izumi tries to save a young child who is all by herself in the river, but Shikimori must save both of them once his foot begins to cramp.

Shikimori's Not Just A Cuite (4)
The pretty girl and her clumsy boyfriend

The group travels home by train. Izumi, not Shikimori, receives the adorable dessert set from the server at the cafe. Shikimori wins over a game booth manager at the neighborhood summer event. Izumi helps his father bring both of them down the stairs after carrying Shikimori up the steps to watch the fireworks from a hidden location.

Shikimori’s German shepherd introduces Izumi to him. Shikimori goes with Izumi on his errand to acquire refreshments for the class. A pet cafe is held in their class. Izumi meets up with Kamiya, a classmate, for library duty, but Kamiya starts grilling him about just how he ended up dating Shikimori.

Izumi and a very shy Shikimori were partnered up for the school’s pairs event the previous year. Shikimori prompts Izumi to ask the panel to take their photograph together after he loses his corresponding paper, and they are still unable to recover it. After their argument is accepted, Izumi tells Shikimori about his feelings, and the two eventually start dating.

Miss Shikimori Isn’t Just A Cutie Chapter 158 Release Date

Miss Shikimori Isn’t Just A Cutie Chapter 158 Release Date is on November 6th, 2022, and the episode is titled The Pretty Heroin’s Problematic Love Interest. Go grab your devices and read them as soon as possible after the official release.

Miss Shikimori Isn’t Just A Cutie – Where to Read?

One can find all chapters of Miss Shikimori Isn’t Just A Cutie on Viz. It is the official publishing site for this manga, along with many other notable titles in the manga industry.

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