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Cells at Work Code Black Episode 2 Release Date, Preview and Where to Watch?

Cells at Work Code Black
Cells at Work Code Black

The virus that has infiltrated the building has managed to take down all the soldiers protecting the body. AA-2153 has also been defeated, and White cell U-1196 appears. She started to fight with the monster virus that is destroying the soldiers. The room is full of cells that have been brutally killed. White said is using her demon slayer sword to kill all the monsters that are inside the building.

While taking them down one by one, AA-2153 is protecting the oxygen, and she tells him to deliver it quickly. They manage to slay all the monsters and bacteria inside. A few days later, the cells have been gathered by the high authorities. Telling them that they have graduated from Erythroblast status and onwards they will be working with Red Blood Cells. AA-2153 was busy taking note of something, and the meeting continues.

Cells at Work Code Black Episode 2 Release Date and Recap

Cells at Work Code Black Episode 2 will be released on Friday, 17 January 2021, at 12:00 AM JST. You can get more updates about this anime on the official website at You can also enjoy watching this anime on AnimeLab and Funimation. Take a look at the updates below.

Previously on Cells at Work Code Black Episode 1

The leader of Red Blood Cells shows them the human bodies they will be working on starting today. He gave them their tasks and showed them how they are going to operate. He also told them that White Blood Cells would help them eliminate the foreign substance that enters the body. Killer T Cells eliminate cells infected by viruses, and the Microphanges will be cleaning up the body. The Platelets will work as engineers to repair damaged blood vessels.

Cells At Work!

AA-2153 is excited to know about his colleagues that he is going to work with them. The leader said Chief Stomach Cell would speak to them. He showed them a video call from a big screen, and the Chief started to talk with everyone. Leaders asking him what he is doing, and he reveals that he is working with the digestive system. He then asks him to share some words with newly Red Blood Cells that have joined them.


Chief said that when they come to make deliveries at the stomach, they must tell him their names. He also said he is glad to work with familiar faces, and he can’t wait to meet them. The leader said they might be working in different systems, but they are all friend s working in the same body. By interacting, they can improve the work environment. Brain Cell said that now they can separate into groups and start their on-the-job training.

The Red Blood Cells groped and started doing their training. AC-1677 thinks that the job will be easy for them, and AA-2153 keeps on noting everything down. AC tells AA that he must not get overworked over anything since their only job is to deliver oxygen. They met with the guys who will be helping them with training. While they wanted to ask some questions, the purple-haired guy tells them to grab oxygen and follow him.

He started to train them hard, telling them to carry two boxes per person. Since they are new to the job, they were struggling to balance the boxes. AC asks what they will do with heavy boxes, and that guy replies that they are transporting oxygen now. AA is surprised that they are working instead of training. The pink-haired guy said that they don’t have time to train them.

They will have e to learn on the job, and the body is short on workforce and time. When they question him, he reveals that if they are Red Blood Cell, they must deliver the oxygen until they get tired and collapse. They started working had running at full speed, doing all the world they have been told to. AA and AC started complaining about the hard labor since they didn’t sing for that. The purple-haired guy tells them to stop being idiots and do their job.

Delivering O2:

AA is sent to deliver O2 to the stomach, and he met with Platelet, who told him to get out of the way they are in a hurry. He finds his way to the stomach and met with Chief. Chief grabs AA by his collar, telling him that he is too slow. He asks him how long it takes to deliver one canister of oxygen, and AA apologizes, saying he has just started today. Chief replies that it doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or a veteran once you’re in the field.

AA introduces himself to Chief. Chief yells at him that there is no time for that, and AA said that Chief said they must tell him their names in the video call. Chief replies that the video is from a long time ago, and it is a lot of difference since they don’t have to waste time. They have to do everything fast to save the bodies, and things don’t look like before.

Chief wanted to explain the past incident that is making them work fast. He then said it is better than AA knows that he will deliver it faster next time when they ask for oxygen. Later the Red Blood Cells battle with the intruders on the first day of the work and defeated them.

Cells at Work Code Black Episode 2 Preview

The upcoming Episode updates will always be available; keep in touch with all of the above details that how we conclude this week’s post.

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