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Who Does Damon End Up With In All American: Homecoming?

Who does Damon End Up With In All American Homecoming?
Who does Damon End Up With In All American Homecoming?

Damon Sims is one of the main characters of All American Homecoming. Payton Alex Smith plays him in the CW series. His character development is one of a National ranked high school all-star from Chicago’s south side. But he moved after his team was involved in a scandal and cast a shadow on his conscience. Payton is a team player and likes baseball more than anything. But not all loves are forever because in his story arc, his attention focused on baseball to other things.

On the field, Damon plays catcher, and his decisions made him give up an opportunity at the Major League Baseball draft to enroll at Bringston for their baseball program. However, his skill is way too much, and he’s way better than his teammates. Despite his overachieving, he doesn’t let that get the best of him and he goes and plays along with the team. But setting that aside, who does Damon end up with in All American Homecoming?

Damon And Simone

Since they first connected in “All American: Homecoming,” the third season of All American, Simone Hicks and Damon Sims have had hot chemistry. Not the best of starts for the two of them. Simone appeared to Damon to be yet another fan attempting to capture his image on camera. But she quickly disavowed him of the assumption he had made and quickly gathered him.

Who Does Damon End Up With In All American Homecoming?

Damon and Spencer

Funny enough, Simone won Damon over with her candor. He appreciated that she was direct and said what was on her mind. She also made him laugh, and when he needed someone to talk to, she was open to hearing him out. Their playful relationship in All American: Homecoming, which has more than a hint of something deeper bubbling beneath the surface, was established thanks to that backdoor pilot.

Who Does Damon End Up With In All American Homecoming?

By the end of the episode, Simone’s relationship with Jordan Baker is still very much intact, but she feels a pull toward Damon that she won’t label as anything more than friendship, even though their relationship isn’t exactly platonic. Following Simone being locked out of her dorm room while only wearing a towel, the two are reunited. Naturally, that is the first time she has seen Damon in several months. It’s a lighthearted moment that also references the tension between the two of them and remains throughout the remainder of the episode.

Despite knowing that Jordan is a part of Simone’s life, Damon is still clearly smitten with her. While he acknowledges that she is in a relationship, it is clear that he would be the first man in line if Simone were to ever become single. This wouldn’t be a potential romance to watch out for if the attraction were only between Damon and Simone, but despite her best efforts to keep it under wraps, Simone is also attracted to Damon. He is her confidant, and their relationship—which is largely based on communication and sharing the same worldview—is only getting stronger. Although Jordan and Simone’s relationship is currently going well, it wouldn’t surprise us if there were issues in the future.

Who Does Damon End Up With inAll American Homecoming

Damon is a high school baseball prodigy

A Little More On Damon From All American Homecoming

Damon was given up for adoption after his birth by unidentified alumni of Bringston University. His adoptive mother, Keena Sims, was part of a wealthy family that adopted him. Damon worked hard to get buy-in for the MLB after graduation because he showed baseball talent at a young age. He chose to attend Bringston University instead of signing with a professional team in order to support the faltering baseball program there. A scandal had rocked the program, and Damon’s agreement to enroll in the university program included Marcus Turner as his coach. With this, we conclude our coverage of this topic here at Otakukart. Thanks for reading our piece, and please keep browsing our website for more entertainment-related content. Happy streaming, and see you soon!

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