Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 289: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

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Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 289
Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 288 (Crredits: Akita Shoten)

Are you guys excited about the release of Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 289? We are here for you!! After the last chapter, fans of the series are excited to know what is going to happen next in the story, after the new adventure of Iruma Kun. 

If you are a die-hard fan of the series and are following the life of Iruma and his friends, and now wondering when the next installment will be out to read for you, you are in the right place to get your answers, today will let you know, when Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 289 is scheduled to be released, it’s spoilers, what you can expect from it, and where can you read the same online, but first, let us have a look at what happened previously in Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.

The chapter opens up with Iruma, who after having a feast thanks the god, and says to Opera San that the dinner was delicious, as always, but Opera, on the other hand, says that there will not be any dessert in today’s menu. While hesitating, Iruma says that it is okay, because he wanted to say something to him, and asks him to sit in front of him. 

He then reveals that he wanted to attend the upcoming Deviculum, the ball to announce the new 13 Crowns, he also adds that he heard it will be an event that shapes the netherworld, and since has decided to stay here, in the netherworld, he wanted to witness all of its most important moments, with his own two eyes. This way the invitation Opera brings himself with him gives to Iruma, however, he also objects and says that he should not participate in this Decvculum. 

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 288

When Iruma asks the reason behind his disagreement, Opera reveals that it is dangerous to participate in such type of competition, he says that he was informed of the recent heartbreaker incident, and how he was targeted by some unknown person, at the same time the Deviculum is a ball for all the high ranking and powerful demons, and this year’s events is particularly special, and this is why for him, the human, to attend it, is straight up too risky.

Opera adds that if he was to find himself in danger again, there is no guarantee that anyone would be there to save him, this was because he would not be able to accompany him to this Deviculum, and by the orders of the principal, he has to supervise Babyls in his absence. This is not it, Opera also suggests that he cannot rely on Balam Kun either.

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 289
Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Cover (Crredits: Akita Shoten)

He says that this time, he will have another role to play, so he won’t be able to attend the Deviculum, and then reveals that Bachiko San is a guest of honor at the part and is unlikely to stay by his side, in other words, there is no one who will be able to protect him at all times. After explaining to him all this dangerous stuff and why he should not go to the event, he requests him to give up Deviculum.

On the other hand, Iruma tries to convenience him and says that he told him that he could place his trust in him, and he said that he had believed him, and also that he would help him in any way. Still, Opera is stuck to his thoughts and says that agreeing to everything is not a duty of a Security Devil, and he cannot give him permission unless his safety is assured. 

Later that night, Iruma thinks that he didn’t expect Opera San to object, although also believes that it makes sense, after thinking about it deeper, he believes that Opera San is always so kind, they hang out with him and teach him so much in life, they always genuinely care about him, without any type of second thought. 

He believes that he should probably do what Opera San says and should drop the plan to go to the  Deviculum, but at the same time, gets a flashback of Opera San saying that the demon they serve will respond to their sacrifices, and do even more in return, not unless his safety is ensured. And then he puts out his phone and calls for Opera’s help, with an idea in his mind.

Later we see that Iruma introduces Opera to a new guy, while revealing that he has asked for outside help, and now he wants his advice on how to persuade him to let him attend the Deviculum, and he has asked the demon he considers the best helper. 

Later, the helper which he brought with him introduced himself that his name is Asmodeus Alice, and he will put his heart and soul into protecting Iruma Sama. On the other hand, Opera after his introduction says that the guy he brought with him is indeed talented, but as a guardian, he is too young and inexperienced. 

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 289
Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Cover (Crredits: Akita Shoten)

Later in the chapter, we see Asmodeus, who gets really excited after receiving Iruma’s message, and his request for his advice on a certain matter, and want to call him. After talking to Iruama for a while and understanding his request completely, Asmodeus asks for David and orders him that apply Code 01, call a family meeting, and he wanted to talk to his mother.

At the meeting with his mother, we see not only Asmodeus but Amaryllis also get excited after knowing that Iruma has asked for their help in order to guard him. Asmodeus says that in order to attend the upcoming Deviculum, he will need a strong bodyguard, and he also believes that bringing one of the 13 Crowns is not a trivial matter, however, he can not see a way to make this work on his own, but he thought he would definitely be able to help, that is why he wants them to come up with a solution together. 

Asmodeus believes that Iruma is relying on him, he wants to fulfill his expectations, and he will become the Demon King one day, and he is sure that helping him out now will also benefit the Asmodeus Clan, and this is why he requests his mother to lend him her strength. 

On the other hand, his mother says that it is been so long since she has heard her son ask her for something so earnestly, and this is why she decides to grant his wish and will land him her strength, but in exchange, he must have to do one thing for her, and this was that Alice will wear clothes his mother pick out and escort her the ball, holding her hand, and everything that she will say. 

When she starts making the arrangements after his request, he says that the 13 Crowns will be guests of honor, and sure she won’t have the time to always remain by Iruma Sama’a side, but according to her, it is still fine, because most of the high ranking demons already know each other, and socializing is not her agenda. 

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 289
Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Cover (Crredits: Akita Shoten)

She also thinks that it would be better to make Iruma Kun her guard instead, and have him stay on her side, with this, she will have two handsome boys with her, if he is still worried, she says that she won’t blame him and she will return Iruma Kun to him. He can cross the line and get home himself, it is just a step ahead. 

Only those can favor approach her, she is not a kind woman, you can touch as you please, she is none other than the Thirteen Crown’s head of lust.

After all this drama and emotions, Opera finally accepts to let Iruma goes to the Deviculum. He also requests her to take care of him during the event. 

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 289 Spoilers

As of now, there are not any spoilers leaked for the upcoming Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 289, although it seems like the next chapter of the manga will solely depend on the upcoming Deviculum, which Iruma will attend. 

As described by Opera San, this event is not gonna be peaceful, so we should be all ready for some amazing action scenes in the next chapter. 

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 289 Release Date

The next Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 289 is scheduled to be released on February 26, 2023

  • EST (Eastern Standard Time): 08:37 pm EST on February 26, 2023
  • PST (Pacific Standard Time): 05:37 pm PST on February 26, 2023
  • CST (Central Standard Time): 07:37 pm CST on February 26, 2023
  • JST (Japan Standard Time): 10:37 am JST on February 27, 2023
  • GMT (Greenwich Mean Time): 01:37 am GMT on February 27, 2023
  • IST (India Standard Time): 07:07 am IST on February 27, 2023
  • PKT (Pakistan Standard Time): 08:37 am PKT on February 27, 2023
  • CET (Central European Time): 02:37 am CET on February 27, 2023
  • ACDT (Australian Central Daylight Time): 12:07 pm ACDT on February 27, 2023

Where To Read Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Chapter 289

You can officially read the upcoming manga directly on the Akita Shoten website in raw format, at the dates and times we have mentioned in the above section. In order to read the manga with official English translation, you can purchase it from Amazon. 

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