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Will There Be Wulin Heroes Episode 23?

Wulin Heroes Episode 23
Wulin Heroes

Fans of the show are excited to watch the new episode as soon as it comes out. We will recap the last episode before moving on to Wulin Heroes episode 23’s release date if there is one. We saw that three years prior, there were flurries in the sky over the mass grave as Bai Yue carefully entered the pit while carrying an umbrella. His hands buried Ye Xi after he raised the bamboo mat and wrapped it around her face with something like a white handkerchief.

In the underground room, Bai Yue questioned Ye Xi about why the latter trusted Tang Huan. Ye Xi claimed she didn’t believe in Tang Huan and was not scared of death or concerned about anything; she only wanted a companion. Bai Yue moved the board on the tabletop over just as he was about to finish speaking.

As Bai Yue has lived alone ever since she was a youngster and has done many things alone, Uncle Hui informed Ye Xi that what Bai Yue had seen and heard might not be the whole story. Uncle Hui urged Ye Xi to slowly infer why Bai Yue traveled to Tangmen on purpose after noticing that she still believed Bai Yue despised her.

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A Brief Recap

Ye Xi quickly gave him the mortar and pestle he employed daily in the early hours as quickly as Bai Yue left the room. As long as Xi remained in the Fenghua Basin for a year, Bai Yue promised to heal Tang Huan, so he took the items.

Wulin Heroes Episode 23 & 24

A still from the show.

Bai Yue added that Ye Xi had no option but to accede to the doctor’s request because the doctor was curious and wanted to figure out what was happening with Ye Xi. Bai Yue personally cooked the medication in the pharmacy.

Outside the door, Ye Xi was bugging the pharmacy. He got the script out in private and read it after determining that Bai Yue didn’t give a damn about him. After pouring the medication into the pot, Bai Yue took a sip and immediately felt uneasy. Ye Xi was standing outside the door now, suffering from a severe headache.

As Ye Xi saw that Bai Yue was about to spit out a quantity of blood, he rushed into the room to comfort him and explain that he was suffering from a headache. Uncle Hui quickly grabbed the medication for Bai Yue after observing this. After taking the medication, Ye Xi fell unconscious, and Bai Yue immediately requested Uncle Hui’s assistance in getting her back to the room.

Ye Xi awoke in Bai Yue’s bedroom, and Uncle Hui gave Bai Yue a medicine dish so she could take the medication. Ye Xi learned from Uncle Hui that for Bai Yue to create the Jhuihun to cleanse Tang, he had to take the medication himself. Uncle Hui really cannot help but inquire after observing Ye Xi’s eagerness if it is more crucial to save Bai Yue or Tang Huan.

For a while, Ye Xi was at a loss for words. Ye Xi informed Bai Yue in the drugstore that she had given him a special porridge bowl and urged him to consume more tonic. Bai Yue abruptly exited the room while clutching his hurt chest. After taking the prescription, Tang Huan awoke in the chamber and asked Ye Xi whether he’d seen the real Gu Zhu.

Ye Xi said that Gu Zhu was Bai Yue, a well-known genius physician worldwide. After giving it some thought, Tang Huan requested that Ye Xizai thoroughly explain how to access Fenghua Canyon and the requirements for the valley’s owner. As a result, Ye Xi was forced to inform Tang Huan of the demands made by Bai Yue.

Wulin Heroes Episode 23 & 24

A still from the show.

Tang Huan requested that Ye Xi first come to the Tang Cult to marry him before traveling to Fenghua Valley. After much hesitation, Ye Xi quickly left, declining to discuss anything with him once he recovered. Ye Xi informed Bai Yue that she had nothing to talk to him about as she approached his room late at night with a bowl of cereal.

Tang Huan intended to announce to the world that he wanted to get married to him, and Ye Xi informed Bai Yue that he was trying to preserve Tang Huan and go to Shu. When the door opened, Bai Yue questioned Ye Xi as to why he couldn’t execute their agreement first and suggested that he first determine Tang Huan’s sincerity.

Will There Be Wulin Heroes Episode 23?

Unfortunately, the show ended with episode 22.

Wulin Heroes: Renewed Or Cancelled

Wulin Heroes has yet to be confirmed for another season, but we will provide an update regarding season 2 if there is any, and we will be the first to reveal the update.

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