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What Did Calvin Ridley Do? The Reason Of His Suspension

Calvin Ridley
Calvin Ridley

As for Calvin Ridley, he is making most of the headlines with his suspension. Well, yes, you have heard that right. He serves as the football wide receiver for Atlanta Falcons in the National Football League or the NFL. He was first drafted back in 2018 in the NFL Draft. He has recently been suspended for a full season this year. It all came crashing down for the player when he discriminated against the policy of gambling that was already set by the team. The suspension came in all of a sudden.

Although, it was well deserved because Calvin really did make a mistake. This shall be the time when the football player takes accountability for his actions and come clean and apologize for his behavior. On the other hand, what is done is done, and there is no way that we are going to see Calvin for a full year playing for Atlanta in any way. This gambling event happened when Calvin took some time off from the team to take care of his mental health. He committed this mistake at that point, and the team got to know him pretty soon.

This news of Calvin Ridley getting suspended has come to light once again amidst other reports of Deshaun Watson. The player is being given a six-game suspension as of now, and this means we will not see him play this season for at least 6 games, maybe more. It was earlier reported that Judge Sue Robinson has passed out her judgment on Calvin Ridley this week, and the quarterback shall now be suspended for at least six games before coming back to the NFL.

What Did Calvin Ridley Do?

A still of Calvin Ridley during his games

At this point in time, there are some important points to be noted about this six-game suspension of Deshaun. The league has had no say in his suspension, and the board can either extend it or let it stay the same. The commissioner of the NFL will have the final say over the issue. He can use his authority and power over the incident. The judge has simply put Watson out for six games. Although, as we said, NFL is yet to reveal its decision on the issue. Now, you might be wondering what is the relation of Watson’s suspension to what Calvin Ridley did. Well, here we shall address that as well.

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What Did Calvin Ridley Do?

Calvin Ridley got into gambling while he was away from the team for a while. Now, this event happened a while ago, and why are people searching about it now? The reason is Calvin’s teammates. They think that their sentence of Calvin should be reduced just like how less of a sentence is provided to Deshaun Watson. This trend comes in when Deshaun got suspended for six NFL Games. Cordarrelle Patterson, a fellow mate of Watson in the Atlanta Falcons, has made a tweet with a picture of him along with Watson on the NFL Field. He captioned the photo asking to free his teammate.

As for Patterson, he was not the only one who was standing up for his friend and fellow player. A variety of other mates are also comparing the suspension of Watson of six games against that of Ridley for a whole year. The difference should be understood by the fans as well. The judgment on Ridley’s case was passed down officially from the board members and chairpersons of the National Football League.

Watson vs. Ridley – What Is the Conflict?

As for Watson, his judgment has been passed out by a third-party arbitrator. Thus, it is important to wait for a while to see how the chair reacts to their crime of Watson and if they extend his sentence or not. If they do not do so, then this is totally an impartial judgment for the Atlanta Falcons with their team member on the grounds for another year and setting foot only in 2023.

Other than that, Deshaun Watson has been a part of greater crimes. As pointed out by Josh Hill on Twitter, Watson was accused of sexual harassment and misconduct in 24 cases. Reports against him are quite many, and he just got suspended for six games. As for Calvin Ridley, he made some bets and gambled a little and got suspended for the entire season by NFL.

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