Only Murders in the Building Season 3: How it Will Continue?

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Only Murders in the Building Season 3 release date is what fans are looking out for, given the fact that the second season just needs its finale in order next week. It’s been a month since Tuesdays have become a ritual of opening Hulu and watching the drama while pondering upon what will happen next. Also, with our comedic yet investigative trio so close to catching Bunny’s murderer, it is hard to think of what story will the third season follow if it is ever made.

Now, before we go any further, you all should know that there will be spoilers about OMITB season 2 episode 9, thus, I suggest you watch it first. Coming back to the plot, we have just seen Mabel this week breaking down the criminal mastermind to Cinda Canning. At the beginning of this installment, the rival podcast maker was so anticipated framing Mabel for the murder and solving Bunny’s case. Cinda has previously tried to gain fame by solving a fake murder case of Becky Butler.

All along, it was Poppy, and she just faked the whole crime scene. Detective Kreps too, helped her in doing that, and he confirmed to be the glitter guy working two jobs, first in NYPD and the second at Coney Island security. Also, in order to clear their name from Bunny’s murder case, the trio desperately needs to solve the murder. With the ending closer than we expect, there are obvious questions and curiosities about Only Murders in the Building Season 3.

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Release Date
A still from Only Murders in the Building Season 2 of Cinda and Poppy

Well, we cannot rule out its possibility entirely. If the trio solves the murder in the next episode, it is highly likely that it will end on yet another cliffhanger. Although, we do hope that no other members are killed from The Arconia. Now, coming back to a season 3 announcement, fans will be delighted to know that it has been made. Back on the 11th of July, Hulu renewed the show for a third run. Thus, let us discuss its future now.

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 Release Date

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 release date is uncertain right now. With the second season not even ended just yet, we can not expect the platform to drop a new season right after that. Fans had to wait almost a year to get a new season of the drama. If Hulu follows the same pattern of release, then we can expect a fresh batch of episodes no earlier than 2023. Although, season 3 was comparatively a fast release. Hulu dropped it just 8 months after the first season ended. With enormous success for the platform, we are expecting another season to come out as fast as this one.

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Characters Expected To Return

Coming to the characters, we are expecting to see more of Mabel, Charles, and Oliver. Despite their cultural and obvious age differences, it is evident that the three have a great bond and are best friends. Along with them, Detective Williams and Will Putnam have been great supporting characters this season, and we hope they are seen once again. Lucy shall make appearances, too, now that she and Charles have made up and decided on a schedule for her visit. If the show continues its high viewership rate, it is even possible that we will get an Only Murders in the Building Season 4.

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