How To Watch Call The Midwife Season 12 Episodes? Streaming Guide

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Call The Midwife Season 12 trailer
How To Watch Call The Midwife Season 12 Episodes?

How To Watch Call The Midwife S12 Episodes is one question the fans want to answer. Soon after the trailer dropped for the show’s return or season 12, fans of the said family medical drama wanted to learn the upcoming season’s streaming details and what it will be about. We will unveil the answer to -How To Watch Call The Midwife Season 12 Episodes. 

But before we skip to the details, a summary of the show’s plot is a must. The show’s director and writer, Heidi Thomas, stated, “The stories we share are like children – they never stop arriving, we cherish them all, and we pledge to do our very best by every single one.”

There may be numerous prospects for love for Trixie and Mathews now that her return is established. Is it feasible that Lucille & Cyril can finally be parents in the future, given their previous season, especially baby sorrow?

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What Happened In S11 Of Call, The Midwife?

When the program started, we noticed Poplar’s streets looked like a battleground. Smoke lingered in the sky, and railway wreckage was everywhere as sufferers were either carried to Nonnatus Manor for medical treatment or hobbled there on a crutch.

Call The Midwife Season 12 trailer

Fred tried to keep people from hurting more than they had to, leading the authorities and the wounded to the right places. SisteJulienne, Dr. Patrick Turner, with Nurse Nancy were all on the train when Sister Nancy abruptly fell close to Fred, dressed in blood, and stated she couldn’t say what they had been doing or whether they were still alive.

Nurse Shelagh tried to call Nonnatus Home to ask if the nuns and midwives had heard about Pat, Sister Julienne, and even Nurse Nancy, but no one answered the phone, as if they were aware of a problem. She became more concerned when she saw a news report about the disaster on the news, but Tim countered that it might have been a different railway than the one their dad and others were traveling on.

The scene shifts to the train, where Sister Julienne is discovered asleep and slouched atop a table, not far away from Dr. Turner, who’d been dozing off on the floor of his railcar. Her left shoe and glasses were gone when Sister Julienne opened her eyes.

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Call The Midwife Season 12 trailer
Recap of the final episode of Call The Midwife S11.

She woke Dr. Turner, who had already sustained head trauma, and told them they had to leave. Nevertheless, Sister Julienne informed him that the door was now shut. Later, an elderly tea servant named Mrs. Carnie got up and started screaming.

When Sister Julienne looked closely at Mrs. Carnie, she noticed that she was bleeding from where the water temperature had burnt her arm. After an examination, Dr. Turner discovered that the blood was coming from Mrs. Carnie’s femoral vein, located at the top of her thigh.

Even though it was now late, Sister Julienne took off her robe and gave it to Dr. Turner to use as a pressure cushion. As Mrs. Carnie grieved and died recently, Sister Julienne held her hands. Sister Julienne was asked to give her the nickname Dorothy by Mrs. Carnie.

Authorities asked Fred for a blanket to cover the body of the late train operator Lionel outside the car. Unfortunately, his wife Edina was giving birth to their son Benedict and wasn’t aware that he had died in the crash.

Call The Midwife Season 12 trailer
Recap of the final episode of Call The Midwife S11.

Sister Hilda receives the heartbreaking news about Lionel from Miss Higgins, and she vows to keep her singledom a secret from Edina once more until Benedict is delivered. Cyril later stated that the train Dr. Turner and his colleagues were riding was the one that caused an accident when Sister Shelagh struck him in Nonnatus Hall.

Nurse Shelagh came to Nonnatus Hall to seek more information and pray. She told Cyril that she didn’t know where and how to direct her prayers because she was so distraught. Because Nurse Shelagh understood more about my spouse’s fate or had learned what to pray for, Cyril comforted her and persuaded her to assist the injured as the much diversion.

In the meantime, Tim began shouting for his dad and climbed the stairs to the railway lines. Tim told the cops to come on his train after seeing Sister Julienne hear him and scream for help. Dr. Turner chastised the medical student for wearing a physician’s coat when he arrived because Tim had not been a licensed doctor.

Call The Midwife Season 12 trailer

Tim behaved like a doctor. He gave Sister Julienne aspirin for his father, who appeared to be having a heart attack. To rule out a fracture, he suggested having an X-ray after identifying a headache. Dr. Turner informed Tim in the clinic that his prediction was correct.

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Tim apologized for the cruel things he’d said during their disagreement at his dad’s symposium, to which Dr. Turner responded ironically that his disability had let him overlook it. Sister Julienne miraculously escaped a heart attack despite going through a more challenging period.

She had broken four ribs, and the trauma had caused her tension, similar to the signs of a heart attack. Sister Phyllis returned the order to Nonnatus Clinic after departing early for her vacation. When Sister Julienne got taken out of the hospital, Sister Phyllis brought her back.

Call The Midwife Season 12 trailer

Mrs. Carnie could comprehend the awful loss of her kid after Sister Frances had spoken to Mrs. Carnie’s child and persuaded her to accept that the daughter is buried alongside her mother. More endearingly, Carole was taken under the wing of Carnie’s daughter Pauline and urged to spend contact with her large and welcoming household.

Edina Corbett’s tale also had a fairly happy ending once she realized that Lionel wasn’t a negligent operator. He had experienced a seizure brought on by a brain tumor, which rendered him unconscious. Ultimately, we can infer that unanticipated medical issues caused Lionel Corbett’s lack of awareness.

The entire time, his spouse, who was carrying their baby and getting ready to give birth, eagerly awaited his arrival. Lionel, sadly, was one of the initially verified dead, and it was later found that he had an unidentified brain tumor.

Call The Midwife Season 12 trailer
The whole cast of the new season.

She had sustained severe burns. She also suffered from more serious wounds, but she died suddenly while receiving care from Sister Julienne and Dr. Turner. The pair slept when the crash occurred, but Sister Julienne appeared to have broken a few ribs.

Meanwhile, Dr. Turner had hit his head and suffered severe trauma. Since Nonnatus House functioned as a first aid station for other tourists, Sister Julienne and Dr. Turner were left by themselves.

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What Will Call The Midwife S12 Be About?

After the train catastrophe in season 11, Poplar’s life generally returns in season 12. The Nonnatus House midwives will greet Rhoda Mullucks, who is heavily pregnant, at the fertility clinic. Her last child was born in season 5 with birth anomalies due to Dr. Patrick Turner’s medication prescription, so she is understandably concerned.

The first low-cost carrier delivery will be included in the upcoming season, according to a previous statement by Thomas. She added, “We’re exploring some fascinating tales about how society was shifting at the time. Certainly, some of the adjustments will be for the better.

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The inflammatory anti-immigration remark Enoch Powell uttered, which led to his expulsion from the Shadow Cabinet, will significantly impact the new season.

Who Will Appear In Season 12 Of Call, The Midwife?

Following her relatively close encounter in the finale episode of the previous year, Jenny Agutter will reprise her role as Sister Julienne. She will also be collaborating with Sisters Hilda, played by Fenella Woolgar; Monica Joanna, played by Judy Parfit; Nancy Corrigan, played by Megan Cusack; Phylis Crane, played by Linda Bassett; Frances, played by Ella Bruccoleri; & Miss Higgins, played by Georgie Glen.

Call The Midwife Season 12 trailer
The stars of s12 of Call The Midwife.

There are plans for Nurse Lucile Robinson, portrayed by Leon Elliott, or Cyril Robin, her on-screen husband, portrayed by Zephrin Taite, to return. Alongside Olly Rix’s portrayal of Matthew Aylward.

Regulars Fred Buckle, performed by Cliff Parisi, Violet Buckle, portrayed by Annabelle Apsion, & Reggie Jackson, performed by Daniel Laurie, all are predicted to return. Aylward started dating Trixie even during the season prior.

What Time Will the New Episodes Of Call The Midwife S12 Come Out?

The premiere of Call, The Midwife S12 Episodes, is scheduled to come out every Sunday. The first episode will air on January 1, 2023, which is a Sunday. At 8 o’clock in the UK, BBC One will broadcast Call The Midwife S12 Episodes.

If you’re planning to watch Call The Midwife Season 12 Episodes outside of the UK, you can do so by using the streaming services given below at approximately 1.30 am IST (Monday), 7 am AEDT (Monday), 2 pm CST, 5 am KST (Monday), and 10 pm SAST.

How To Watch Call The Midwife S12 Episodes?

For international fans, Call The Midwife S12 Episodes will be available for streaming on various platforms at the time we indicated above. Viewers are to match the dates and times we listed above with the ones we specified in the above section so that they don’t miss out on the episodes of Call The Midwife S1 when they come out in their respective locales and regions.

Fans abroad can use many streaming options. These choices include PBS, Netflix, Hoopla, and Pluto TV. Although PBS may cost a viewer $3 for the monthly pack, Hoopla could cost a viewer $18 for the basic package. Enjoy your stream!

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