Rob McElhenney Net Worth: How Rich Is Wrexham FC Owner?

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Rob McElhenney net worth
Rob McElhenney bought Wrexham FC (Credits: Getty Images)

After Wrexham FC’s 3-1 victory and entry into the second league for the first time since 2008, everyone wants to know Rob McElhenney’s Net Worth. They are asking about the rich personality. Wrexham FC is the oldest association football club in Wales, and it wasn’t too strong for a few years. Recently it won, and everyone wanted to know the owners’ approach. Well, the owners, Ryan Reynolds and Rob made a lot of changes, including jerseys.

Rob McElhenney, a very successful, rich, and popular personality, also has a luxury car collection and owns a sophisticated house. His car collection includes cars like Mercedes Benz, Ford Mustang, and even Rolls Royce. Rob’s luxurious house is in Philadelphia, and he owns a few properties in Beverly Hills. Is he so much rich? What is Rob McElhenney’s Net Worth? Read on. 

Who is Rob McElhenney?

Robert McElhenney is 46 years old Television star who was born in Philadelphia in 1977. He entered Hollywood in 1997 when he was asked to play a very small part in The Devil’s Own, though his part was edited away and not included in the movie. It wasn’t the end but rather the beginning! He was included in many films, such as Wonder Boys and Civil Action though his role was small. After this, he signed important roles in the movies, The Tollbooth and Latter Days. Also, he was there in Law & Order: Thrill in a guest role. All these smaller roles were in his initial days in Hollywood. 

Rob McElhenney net worth
Rob McElhenney and His Wife (Credits: Getty Images)

In Rob’s show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; he hired an actress, Kaitlin Olson, who later became his wife. How? Rob was feeling attached to her by season 2. Kaitlin is an American comedian and an actress too. She started her career working with The Sunday Company. Rob described her as the funniest woman in his show. Later in 2008, they got married, and by 2010, they were blessed with two sons. In 2008, they bought a house worth more than $2 million and owned ‘Skinner’s Bar.’ And in 2020, Rob bought Wrexham FC along with his friend, Ryan.

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What is Rob McElhenney’s Net Worth?

Rob McElhenney has a net worth of $55 million. Since he is an American actor, he has been assigned to many movies and other television projects. He is best known for his performance in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX/FXX comedy series) in the role of Mac or Ronald ‘Mac’ McDonald. The show is created by Rob, himself, along with Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day. Rob is still working on this show as a producer and as a writer. Other than that, he performed and worked on n number of shows and movies. 

When Rob was married to Kaitlin, he bought a luxurious house with his wife worth $2.1 million. The newly-wed couple owned a luxurious 4-bedroom gated home in Sherman Oaks, which is in California. In 2009, Rob and Kaitlin bought ‘Skinner’s Bar’ in Philadelphia, which is now known as ‘Mac’s Tavern.’ After ten years, in November 2018, the couple decided to sell it, and it was sold for $2.5 million. 

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More About Wrexham FC Owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds, who is a Hollywood star, and Rob McElhenney, creator of Always Sunny, bought Wrexham FC, the oldest Welsh Football club based in Wrexham. It is the third oldest professional football club in the world and the earliest club in Wales. The owners once said on screen that they might buy the club one day.  

Rob McElhenney net worth
Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney (Credits: Getty Images)

In November 2020, Hollywood personalities won a bid to buy the oldest club and signed it in February. The club appeared for 15 seasons in the National League and has never appeared in League Two since 2008, but after winning by 3-1 scores, on April 23, 2023, it will be back in the league. An FX documentary is available on Disney+ with the title ‘Welcome to Wrexham’. This series, it is better described how the new owners made changes and how the club evolved. 

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