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How to Watch Unprisoned Episodes Online? Streaming Guide

Unprisoned Credits: Hulu

With the series already released for the fans, everyone is now curious about how to watch Unprisoned episodes online. Thus, we decided to create a perfect guide to help you through it all.

The series throws light on a soft, family comedy-drama series where we witness the lives of a daughter and father who have both gone through some pretty rocky roads and now have to focus on moving forward. In the lead, we witness a single mother who is living with her teenage son. She is working professionally as a relationship therapist.

Their lives will forever be altered when her father, or her son’s grandfather, comes to live with them after being released from prison. They have a lot of unresolved trauma to look after, and this is causing a lot of havoc in their relationship.

Obviously, both of them love each other, but this is more than that. And the fact that the duo will have to co-exist together under the same roof might be a problem somehow, but it would be interesting to see how their relationship is going to evolve through the episodes.

As for the cast of this brand-new series, we witness Kerry Washington in the lead, reprising the role of Paige Alexander. Marque Richardson enacts the character of Mal. Faly Rakotohavana does the part of Finn. Jordyn McIntosh reprises the role of Little Paige.

Delroy Lindo enacts the character of Edwin Alexander. Brenda Strong does the part of Nadine Gregory. Jee Young Han reprises the role of Esti Nelson. Edwin Lee Gibson enacts the character of Fox. Tim Daly does the part of Bill.

How to Watch Unprisoned Episodes Online? Streaming Guide

A still from Unprisoned on Hulu

Unprisoned Episode Schedule

  • Unprisoned Episode 1 Release Date – The 10th of March 2023 – Repetition Compulsion
  • Unprisoned Episode 2 Release Date – The 10th of March 2023 – How to Be A Main Bitch
  • Unprisoned Episode 3 Release Date – The 10th of March 2023 – Are You My Mother Wound
  • Unprisoned Episode 4 Release Date – The 10th of March 2023 – In Dad, We Distrust
  • Unprisoned Episode 5 Release Date – The 10th of March 2023 – F**k Normal
  • Unprisoned Episode 6 Release Date – The 10th of March 2023 – Nigrescence
  • Unprisoned Episode 7 Release Date – The 10th of March 2023 – Unavailable Available
  • Unprisoned Episode 8 Release Date – The 10th of March 2023 – It’s About Who You Want to Be

How to Watch Unprisoned Episodes Online? Streaming Guide

Watching Unprisoned online is an easy task through Hulu. Fans will just need to have an official subscription to the same, and they are set to watch the same. There are two tiers that are offered in order to watch the series. The first one is at 6.99 dollars a month which comes along with ads. The higher version with no ads is available for the fans at just 12.99 dollars a month.

As for the fans who are living in India, Hulu is not available, and neither does it work upon applying VPN. Thus, Unprisoned can be watched from Disney Plus Hotstar. All the episodes are available on the platform right now and can be streamed easily after taking a valid subscription to the same.

Unprisoned Story and Spoilers

At the start of Unprisoned episode 1, we see that Paige and Finn are living a normal life in their small apartment and doing okay. Paige career is going great as well, and she is hoping to buy a new house for her family. However, this is when the news breaks out that his father, who has been in prison for the last 17 years, is now released and is coming to live with her.

He has never even met Finn since the time he was born, and it is truly a great opportunity for the two of them to bond with each other. Although, this will be difficult now that he and Paige have their own issues to look after first, and moreover, the financial responsibilities on her will now be loading up.

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