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What We Do in The Shadows Season 5 Renewal: What’s Next For the Series?

After a successful season 4, fans are looking forward to watching What We Do in the Shadows Season 5. Thus, here we have wrapped up some of the latest updates regarding the same. Throughout the series, the creators have tried to serve horror and comedy as a whole. With the ending of season 4, we can safely assume that there is enough content for the writers to dwell upon in a new season.

In the last episode of season 4 titled Sunrise, Sunset, we saw that Baby Colin is no baby anymore. After hitting puberty earlier on the trip, he has now quickly become an adult as well. The downside of this is the fact that his brain has not matured yet. Thus, we saw him doing some stupid tasks at hand. This has created a huge problem for Laszlo and Guillermo as they have no idea how they can help him.

In order to give him some insight into his origin, Laszlo assumes that he must be an energy vampire as well and thus, explains him to it. The nightclub is still in chaos as Nadja and the Guide is trying to run it profitably. Now that Colin is an adult, he can no longer be an entertainment to the people who visited the club. Nadja gets too frustrated regarding the matter and tries to burn the place down.

What We Do in The Shadows Season 5 Renewal and Release Date

A still from What We Do in The Shadows Season 4


Although, there are blood sprinklers at the place which restricted her from doing so and only her office got burned. Along with that, the cash she was hiding inside there got burnt as well. Later in the episode, we found out that the club is running or has no insurance which is a very serious issue. As Colin is breaking down the walls in his room, he finds a secret space inside. This place has all the belongings of the previous Colin and his diaries as well. After reading all of the material, Colin had now regained his full memory and he can be in the charge of the vampire’s accounts as well.

Although, he has forgotten about his past as a Baby which makes Laszlo sad. The ending was what got to us. We love how Guillermo lights up the mood of any episode. Although, he was having an existential crisis last episode. With Marwa in England as Freddie, he truly has no one. He talks to Nandor and the two realize that his life is not changing now. This, he takes the suitcase full of money that he embezzled from the nightclub and runs away. He gives this cash to Derek and asks him to turn him into a vampire. Well, this was all for the recap bits, and let us now understand the future we have in store for the show.

What We Do in the Shadows Season 5 Renewal

What We Do in the Shadows Season 5 is officially renewed. While talking about the ending of the last episode, Simms said that Guillermo making such a sudden and rash decision will affect everyone. This will shape the story of future episodes. In the fifth season, according to the executive producer, we are going to see more of Guillermo and his family. They might visit him once again after he has transformed into a vampire himself. Well, we have seen the consequences of wrong dishes as it was clear in the case of Nandor. But with Guillermo’s action shaping up, it will also be another round of humor and entertainment.

What We Do in the Shadows Season 5 Release Date

What We Do in the Shadows Season 5 release date is not confirmed yet. Thus, let us understand the release pattern of the series. Previously, all the seasons aired in the summer itself. Thus, we can hope to see the new episodes released at that time as well. What We Do in the Shadows Season 5 release date might be somewhere in the summer of 2023. Given the fact that the production process has already begun on the show, it will not be long before we catch the series on our television screens yet again.

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