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How To Fight Chapter 156: The Rise Of A Chubby Ponytail Punk

How To Fight Chapter 156
How To Fight Chapter 156

Last Updated on November 9, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

How To Fight Chapter 156 begins after Hobin and Gung pass the Police Prank Call test and enter the elite class. Hobin acting as Hangang Yo impressed the director, who realized that Hangang Yo was smarter than he thought. The director made a good selection test that only two students passed. Hangang Yo and Gung were the only students who passed the test and enrolled in Class A. 

Hangang and Gung enter the elite class and find a group of scary punks looking at them. Gung comments that those punks are giving them a warm welcome. He asks Hangang what they can do, and Hangang replies that they must greet those punks. The punk with long brown hair apologizes to the ponytail-chubby guy for hitting him earlier and decides to get to know each other. 

The ponytail punk shakes his hand with the long brown-haired guy and comments that they will first settle their score. He smashes the long brown-haired guy with a fist on his face. The long brown-haired punk is interested in settling the score to see who will be the last one standing. He comets that they both have the same ideas.

Thus begins long brown hair punk vs. chubby ponytail punk. The long brown hair punk was surprised to see the chubby ponytail guy on his feet after such beating and mages to bend his arm. He realizes that the chubby ponytail punk has heavy punches, and he will need the battle quickly if he uses an armbar.



The chubby ponytail punk realizes that his opponent has used a wristlock, and he must do something or use a backflip to free himself before he gets defeated. Hangang Yo and the other members of the elite class enjoy watching and realize that they can stop the two punks before they settle their scores. 

Previously On How To Fight Chapter 155

The long brown-haired punk comment that he will dislocate the chubby ponytail punk’s arm, and they will see who is on the top. The chubby ponytail guy slaps the long brown-haired punk with a ponytail and grabs his neck, asking if he thinks he thought to dislocate his arm.

The long brown-haired punk realizes he won’t survive the neck choke since a giant’s hand covers his entire neck. He realizes he can’t do anything since the chubby ponytail punk is holding him by his neck mid-air. But unless he kicks the golden balls of chubby ponytail punk, he can drop him down. Hangang Yo notices that the chubby ponytail punk uses his strength to escape the wristlock.

The chubby ponytail punk sends his opponent flying and comments that the long brown-haired punk is not better than a newborn in his country. Hangang Yo realizes that the country that the chubby ponytail punk comes from is where the guys who practice sumo wrestling are raised, and he is not “just a fat punk” but chubby ponytail punk with overwhelming strength.

The long brown-haired punk realizes he has learned a lesson for underestimating the chubby ponytail punk. The chubby ponytail punk realizes that his opponent is from Hong Kong since most daring punks come from there, and they always act cocky since they know how to intimidate people.

But the long brown-haired punk lands on the ground, revealing that he is Pyeong-Oh from Hong Kong. The chubby ponytail guy reveals that he is Babgai. Pyeong and Babgai realize that the real fight is yet to begin. Gung puts his own pockets and realizes that the elite class members are something.

Hangang Yo

Hangang Yo

Pyeong is a tough dude since he is not even hurt and considers what Babgai did to him as a warm-up. The elite class member reveals that Babgai is the strongest among them. The duel between two punks ends, and another one is about to begin since this is the classwork of the elite class members. 

How To Fight Chapter 156 Release Date 

How To Fight Chapter 156 will be released on 15 November 2022. Gung wonders what the guys near him are looking at. Hangang Yo fights with a tattoo guy and realizes that is how the elite guy writes their classwork by fighting each other. Check out the How To Fight Chapter 156 latest updates. 

Read How To Fight Chapter 156 Online – Raw Details

You can read How To Fight Chapter 156 online on the official websites. Hangang Yo punished the tattooed guy who took out his knife. But the director stops the fight and says the boys can reach their goals and become future gangsters. Let’s meet after How To Fight Chapter 156 is released. 

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