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Dragon Ball Super

Why Does Broly Hates Goku? The Real Reason

Goku and Broly
Goku and Broly

Goku and Broly are seen as destined rivals. Goku, the statue of hard work, and Broly on the complete opposite, a gifted child. Every one of us can agree on this that if Boly has given the time and effort as much as Goku, then he will surpass him easily. But that’s not what the topic is, is it? We are here to discuss why Broly hates Goku even before their first encounter. In a little flashback, Goku and Broly were both in the same development chamber as princess Vegeta when they were infants, and both of them were emitting more energy than him. Goku and Broly are both survivors of the Sayian race and one of the mightiest fighters of Universe 7. It can be said that powerful personalities tend to repel each other, but that’s not the case here.

We are going to discuss two reasons that are considered to be the most accurate. Even though they both played equal parts to build a grudge in Broly against Goku, it’s still not clear which one is dominant. As we saw in the recently released movie and manga, Broly once had a vision. A vision of the future of his death. He saw Goku and himself fighting to his death. It is said that the vision of his own death, when was a child, shook him from his core, and his body automatically made a defense mechanism against its cause or Goku. It is considered to be the prominent one as Broly was triggered with his fist glare at Goku, but there are some questions to it too.


Infant Broly

Like how does he remember a dream that he saw decades ago as an infant? On its counter, we can say that those who are in the right mind can’t forget their death, or strong emotions tend to stick longer. But again, who does Broly know what he saw was a vision from the future and not a bad dream? The explanation given for this is that how does he know it is not a dream, always too careful for his own good?

So many questions and, at the same time, so many answers to all of them. Due to these obligations, the answer loses credibility. But there is one more reason given for the hatred between Goku and Broly, which is: Frieza, on the quest to conquer Universe 7, found Broly and his father on an empty planet. To defeat his most fearsome enemy Goku he directed Broly’s rage toward Goku. Frieza told Broly that Goku destroyed their planet, and he was the reason Broly had to live on a fearsome planet for decades. This is considered the second reason why Goku and Broly fight for so long, but it doesn’t explain the previous dream version and his need in the story.

But in the end, neither the prophecy of Broly’s vision comes true nor Frizeas evil deeds succeed. Broly survived his encounter with Goku and escaped in a pod. It seems that it also settles between him and Goku for now.



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Who is Broly?

Broly is a legendary Saiyan who was prognosticated to be born long ago. He was born with a power level of over 10,000. Even prince Vegeta feared him. He is also one of the few survivors of Frieza’s attack. He and his father were banished to a primitive planet where they struggled every day to survive. He fought many monsters with his bare hands and became stronger.

He was reduced and manipulated by Frieza to fight for him against Goku. Broly and Goku’s brawl resulted in planetary destruction, and in the end, Goku defeated him. Broly’s lack of experience and guidance, he survived and now seems to be in treaty with Goku. There is so much more to see from this character in the Dragon Ball Franchise.

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