Keke Palmer Net Worth

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A name that runs on top of all the industries is Keke Palmer. The woman is an actress, singer, songwriter, dancer, and fashion designer. How can someone excel in so many talents? The popularity of Keke increased after she started appearing in the movie soundtracks such as Night at the Museum, Akeelah and the Bee, and Jump In. Her acting roles in films and television are well-known. She is the singer of three mixtapes. Palmer’s trademark has always been comedy-drama productions.

Moreover, Palmer is the winner of six NAACP Image Awards. The actress is also a known name on Nickelodeon. Currently, the actress is in the limelight as she spoke about colorism in Hollywood. Well, after hearing so many praises and talents of hers. The one thing that pops in mind is her net worth. Well, you are on the right page, scroll down the page to get information about Keke Palmer and know Keke Palmer Net Worth and Earnings.

Early Life

Keke’s full name is Lauren Keyana Palmer. Most of Palmer’s childhood is spent in a Catholic Household, under the supervision of her parents, who were company workers and teachers, respectively. The first time Palmer ever held the microphone was in church, she gained her confidence after performing at a Chicago tourist destination. At the age of nine, Palmer auditioned for The Lion King.

Keke Palmer Net Worth

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Keke Palmer Career

Palmer’s acting debut was in Barbershop 2: Back in Business, where she played Queen Latifah’s niece. After that, the actress appeared on the CBS show Cold Case. This is what brought her into the limelight. Soon after, she released her song “All My Girlz”. In the following year, she appeared on Knights of the South Bronx. She was seen on Second Time Around and ER.  In 2004, Keke Palmer made her acting debut in the American comedy-drama film Barbershop 2: Back in Business. She played Queen Latifah’s niece in the movie, and it was her first job as an actor. After making her first movie, the actress moved to Los Angeles that same year to be in an episode of the CBS show Cold Case. Her great work in the movie brought her a lot of attention.

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The next year, Palmer decided to become a singer, and she was given a chance to sign a contract with the well-known label Atlantic Records. Under the record deal, she put out a song called “All My Girlz,” which was her first single. That same year, she had a small role in a TV movie called Knights of the South Bronx. She was also on the TV shows Second Time Around and ER. She then joined the cast of a pilot for a Disney Channel show called Keke and Jamal. However, the pilot was never picked up, and the show never aired.

Personal Life Of Keke Palmer

The personal life of Keke is mostly public. In 2019, she began dating Styn, a Dutch musician. The artist to known to be a supporter of mental health. At times, she has been seen sharing her incidents of anxiety and depression publically. She is also known to work with the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of the American charity Cool to Be Smart program. Moreover, Girl scouts and Urban Farming have always been supported by Keke. The artist has also contributed to the YMCA and Saving Our Daughters’ anti-bullying campaign.

Keke Palmer Net Worth

Keke Palmer Net Worth

The estimated Keke Palmer Net Worth and Earnings are $7.5 Million. As per previous data, the star is reported to make around $1 million a year. Keke Palmer is known to have a penthouse in Brooklyn, which costs around $ 2.35 Million, and a property in Los Angeles, which is worth $1.4 Million. Adding to her list of assets, she owns a Mercedes Benz Matte white E550. Moreover, she has an amazing car collection. Some of the best cars that she owns are Range Rover which costs around $135,670, Audi A7, which is worth $88,900, and a shiny BMW 3-Series Convertible. 

Awards and Nominations

Palmer has received a number of awards in her career so far. In 2006, Palmer received  Chicago Film Critics Association Awards for the Most Promising Performer. Also, in the same year, she won the Black Movie Awards for Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role. In the following year, she received a Young Artist Award and an NAACP Image Award. The list of her recognition isn’t ending here. She won the Black reel Award for being the Best Actress in 2007.

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Again, in 2009, this actress won two NAACP Awards for her marvelous work in True Jackson, VP. True Jackson, VP also made her win BET Awards in 2010.  Furthermore, in the next year, she again received two NAACP Awards, it seems like NAACPs were made for PAlmer. With the BET Awards in 2014, Spirit of the League Awards Gala in 2015, and Primetime Emmy Award in 2021, she proved her talent in the entertainment sector.

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