Miller Lite Controversy: All About The Beer Ad

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Miller Lite Controversy
Miller Lite Controversy (Credit: YouTube)

Let’s know about Miller Lite Controversy. At the start of March, Miller Lite revealed a commercial for Women’s history month, and we saw that that blazer was tracing women and their contribution to beer brewing. After that, she criticized the beer companies, and the sexiest advertisement was later criticized because it showed women in bikinis. Miller Lite was also present in the advertisement.

Miller Lite’s Bad shit to Good shit campaign, in which the corporation commits to collecting out-of-date ads and posters it considers sexist and composting them into fertilizer so that more beer can be brewed, was introduced in a funny commercial by Glazer. Now, let’s know about all the details regarding this controversy in the below topic, and you will get to know all about the news.

Miller Lite Controversy

The controversy has been over for two months now, and we have seen Molson Coors, who is also the maker of Miller Lite, defending this advertisement which has Ileana Glazers, a featuring actress who is made to criticize the beer advertisement’s sexiest history in which the women’s was shown in bikini, and it also came into highlight because of some commentators and social media users that made the commercial trending and which led to the fire.

Miller Lite Controversy (Credit-YouTube)
Miller Lite Controversy (Credit-YouTube)

Many social media users on Twitter and Instagram slammed the company for declaring the match poke and hurting their sentiments and also made a petition to boycott their product, and comments flooded their official post. Due to this controversy, their partnership with the transgender tik tok star Dylan Mulvaney was also unraveled, and they also faced backlash from the people outrage was directed towards both of them, and the Bear brand had a dip in their sales.

The commercial was uploaded on the Miller Lite YouTube channel and had 2.6 million views but is also overloaded with some comments about the fans not liking them but they are now unlisted, which means that they cannot be searched now the website was not taken down, and if you click on the official website it direct to the home page.

Miller Lite was also seen in a controversial advertisement in 2003, which was the cat fight advertisement in which it shows two women fighting and going about the taste of the beer whether it was good or not, and they tore each other clothes, but later it showed that it was a fantasy of two men over drinking that be sitting in the bar.

Nadine Sarwat, who is a Bernstein analyst, gave an interview on Wednesday note and said that now the time is not right to say whether this controversy will have a bug light sized impact because it is too early, but according to him, Miller will be seen in the hot seat for a few days because of this controversy.

Miller Lite Beer (Credit: Miller Lite)
Miller Lite Beer (Credit: YouTube)

Molson Coors gave an interview to Forbes and wrote that his advertisement showed two different things warm poop, the first one, and the second one was that women should not wrestle in the mud if they want to sell beer. And according to him, neither of them is like anything to be a controversy, and he says that the bear drinkers will appreciate their humor.

Joe Rogan, who is also a controversial podcast host and comedian as well also criticized Miller’s commercial in his episode. He says that the identity politics of man and woman. He says that it doesn’t matter whether the drinkers are women or men, and showing women in bikinis is the same as showing men without a shirt. He concluded his statement by saying that humans made the beer and that some humans like to look good in bikinis.

The uproar that gripped Bud Light after it sent Dylan Mulvaney, a TikTok celebrity with 10.8 million followers who is known for recording her gender transition, a customized beer can in April has been frequently compared to Miller Lite’s advertisement. Due to the targeting of Mulvaney by far-right commentators like Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro because of her identity, several incensed patrons announced a boycott of the well-liked beer. 

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