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Drag Race Philippines: Untucked Season 1 Episode 7: Release Date & Preview

“Drag Race Philippines: Untucked” is aftershow for the series “Drag Race Philippines” that covers unfiltered scenes that take place behind the stage and among the queens. It runs for a half-hour after its parent series and allegedly has more tea than you’ll find in the actual show. 

Drag Race Philippines is a spin-off of the show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” that took the world by storm. And it’s the only international spin-off of the show to have its own “Untucked”, a companion series which the parent series won an Emmy’s for.

Due to the great success of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”, some of its contestants with their varied ethnicities are now hosting several spin-offs of their respective nations. Jiggly “Caliente” is one such alumnus who is now a judge on Drag Race Philippines along with KaladKaren (impersonator and television personality) and host Paulo Ballesteros/Mamwa Pao (actor, model, and impersonator).

Drag Race Philippines: Untucked Season 1 covers tears and laughs shared among the twelve fierce drag queens who are competing to win the title of the first Drag Superstar of the Philippines.

Drag Race Philippines Season1: Contestants

Up to six episodes of Drag Race Philippines: Untucked Season 1 have been released, and with each episode, a contestant was eliminated and sent home except the last one. Thus, so far, five have been eliminated, and now seven drag queens remain.

Drag Race Philippines Season 1 Episode 6: Recap 

In episode 6 of Drag Race Philippines, the queens played a game of Snatch(main challenge) with Jon Santos and Jojie Dingcong starring as the celebrity contestants. Each of the queens was to impersonate a character as they played the Snatch game. The seven of them impersonated some well-known personalities of the Philippines, such as Elizabeth Indino Ramsey, Dr. Vicki Belo, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, and many others.

Xilhouette, Marina Summers, and Eva Le Queen were the most entertaining and out-performed the rest by a great margin. With Marina’s “I’m the baddest b*tch”, Xilhouette’s “Mimiyuuh” and Eva’s tampalpuke are the most iconic moments in the show.

Drag Race Philippines Season 1 Episode 6: Snatch Game

As evident as a result could be with their performances in the main challenge, in the runway round, however, Eva Le Queen seemed to be the only one to have aced her look. The runway’s theme was “Two-in-One Ru-velation”, where the contestants were to transform mid-runway and reveal their looks.

Viñas Deluxe seemed to have the worst performance as her first look was killer, but the revelation ruined it and the outfit transformed into a cheap gown. Host Paolo Ballesteros expressed his disappointment regarding the runway show as it was arguably the most boring runway show ever. He calls it underwhelming, and it lacked the element of surprise, which also caused him to ask the contestants if they even knew what Ru-velation meant.

Eva Le Queen’s look for Ru-velation

Xilhouette, Marina Summers, and Eva Le Queen’s performances were received well, and they were given positive critiques, while Viñas Deluxe, Brigiding, and Minty Fresh received negative critiques. Xilhouette ended up being the winner of the challenge winning A ₱80,000 cash tip, and as for the bottom two, with Viñas Deluxe being safe, Brigiding and Minty Fresh face each other in a lip sync battle.

The two drag queens lip sync to “Amakabogera” by Maymay Entrata. Brigiding loses to Minty Fresh in the battle, with Minty pulling a death drop despite no prior experience of doing it. However, host Paolo Ballesteros saves Brigiding, the battle ends in a draw, and thus no one is eliminated in this episode.

Brigiding vs Minty Fresh (Lip-sync Battle)

Drag Race Philippines: Untucked Season 1 Episode 6: Spoilers

In Drag Race Philippines: Untucked Season 1 Episode 6, Precious Paula Nicole is the only one who appears for a while as she is the only safe queen this week who would neither be at the bottom nor top. As the other queens return, Viñas Deluxe worries about facing Brigiding, her divine sister, in a possible lip sync battle.

But as we know, Viñas Deluxe emerges unscathed, and Brigiding and Minty fresh engage in a lip sync battle. Brigiding expresses her disappointment in herself as lip-syncing was something she was always confident in. Minty fresh, regarding the draw in the battle, says they’ll face off again. In the last segment, a message from home awaits Xilhouette. In the message, her partner for two years wishes her the best, and Xilhouette gets emotional and remembers her grandmother, who’s been suffering from dementia.

Xilhouette gets emotional(Drag Race Philippines: Untucked Season 1 Episode 6)

Drag Race Philippines: Untucked Season 1 Episode 7: Release Date 

With all the drama that ensued in the previous Untucked, it’s hard to wait for Drag Race Philippines: Untucked Season 1 Episode 7. Drag Race Philippines: Untucked Season 1 Episode 7 is all set to release on Friday, September 23rd, 2022, after Drag Race Philippines Season 1 Episode 7

Drag Race Philippines Season 1 Episode 7

In the next episode, we’ll get to see Viñas Deluxe doing a Paolo Ballesteros look. She calls it a parody within a parody which is her impersonating Paolo impersonating Heart Evangelista. Rajo Laurel calls the look trash and says he’s seen better looks from the contestant.

Though to make sure if this contestant is Viñas, you’ll have to catch the next episode on Friday, September 23rd. All things aside, fans are fawning over at the mere glimpse of Paolo Ballesteros’s look next episode as it is to die for!

Paolo Ballesteros’ Look for Episode 7

Drag Race Philippines: Untucked Season 1 Episode 7: How and Where to Watch?

Watch Drag Race Philippines: Untucked Season 1 Episode 7 and other episodes on Discovery+, Wow Presents Plus, HBO Go in the Philippines, and Crave in Canada. 

You can also catch a sneak peek of the Drag Race Philippines: Untucked Season 1 below to get an idea of the series if you haven’t already watched it.

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