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Blue Lock Chapter 209 Full Summary & Raw Scans: Ubers Vs Bastards!

Blue Lock Chapter 209 Full Summary And Raw Scans and Spoilers

While we were expecting only the spoilers for Blue Lock Chapter 209 to be dropped today, it seems like the fans are blessed with the full summary as well as raw scans for the said chapter. It has fans highly excited for the next chapter due to the amazing content it brings forth. Blue Lock has been one of the best sports genre manga and anime series.

The fact that there is also amazing anime currently airing, the fans of the series are blessed to have them both at the same time. The Neo Egoist league match is about to start and the fans are really excited to see what will occur in the match as the starting eleven for the Bastards has been announced.

It is amazing to finally see Raichi getting the attention he deserved even though it was as a Defense player. His abilities to defend the ball and to keep the game towards his team will be something that Isagi and Kaiser will be looking forward and with the inner drama of the characters themselves will be an amazing fleet to watch. 

I have never been excited to look forward to the new chapter of a sports genre manga, and yes, I have read Haikyu. This is unlike what I have seen and felt before for a manga so look out for more articles regarding this amazing series. But for now, let’s see the full summary for the Blue Lock Chapter 209. With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates on the Blue Lock manga series.

Blue Lock Chapter 209 Expectations

Blue Lock Chapter 209 Full Summary And Raw Scans

Blue Lock Chapter 209 titled “Bastards Vs Ubers” begins with the coach deciding the starting eleven of the Bastards team that is going to go up against the Ubers. Everyone is excited to see who is going to end up on the team however, the major of them want Isagi as a start. 

On the day of the match, Noel Noa starts announcing the final starting eleven for the team and starts with Gagamaru as a Goal Keeper, followed by Menshan and Birken at CB. For the fullback, Noel Noa stars with Kurona Ranze and Yukimiya Kenyu at RFB and LFB respectively.

Moving forward, Noel Noa selects Raichi as a Defend Mid Fielder saying that he might be the key player for the upcoming match. It surely excites the latter and Noa even explains the reasons he is kept as a DMF and the key to winning a match. Moving on with CMF and LMF for the starting eleven, we will see Ness and Grim respectively.

And as the Right Mid Fielder, we will have Isagi. Last but not least, for the two forwards we will have Kunigami and Kaiser. Noal warns the Bastards that Ubers’ master is a strategist and they can expect any measures to counterattack their attacks.

Ubers Vs Bastards

Master Noel then continues by saying that the key players for the match are going to be Kaiser and Isagi and thus whoever comes at the top of the opponent’s gameplan will prevail as a King of the field. Raichi notes that he is put specifically in the game so that the Kaiser and Isagi could use their talent for full and while he looks pissed, he is happy to do so.

The key to winning this match is to get over the defense of the Ubers as they are a defense-focused team and thus, Noel calls out Kaiser saying that he will not tolerate his fixation on Isagi. As the match starts, Isagi goes on the field saying that he will need to score and not assists in this match.

The start-up for the Ubers is exciting as it could be and we see some notable players such as Barou, Niko, Aryu, Sendou, and many more. Barou walks up to Isagi and heads bump him. The former notes that he has been waiting for this moment and cannot wait to devour Isagi as an opponent.

The match between Ubers and Bastards will begin in Blue Lock Chapter 210 which is titled “Age-eater”. Whereas, the official release date for Blue Lock Chapter 209 is 8th March 2023 at midnight Japanese standard Timing.

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