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Are Max Christie and Doug Christie From the NBA Related? Answered

Are Max Christie and Doug Christie related?
Doug and Max

Max Christie, a standout for the State Spartans, has been drawing a lot of attention lately for his outstanding performance and capacity to lift Michigan State. The teen player has, at times in the year, led the Michigan State Spartans. Naturally, all of these speculations about Christie’s identity and potential family connections tag along with the attention he has been receiving.

Many people were quick to search for connections with that other extraordinary basketball players, given his status as a standout player at his age, like the former NBA player Doug Christie. So what do you think? Is Max Christie related to Doug Christie?

People have been intrigued as to whether Doug Christie and Max Christie are related by blood because of their similar surnames. Many people already believe Max to be Doug’s son or nephew. But first, let’s wait a little while and learn a little bit more about our stars here.

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Max Christie nba

Max Christie; credits: The State News

Cormac Max Christie (Jr), as we all know, is a teen rookie American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA. He will turn 20 this February. He played collegiate for the Michigan State Spartans in the Big Ten Conference. Ranked as one of the top shooting guards in the entire class of 2021, he also has a five-star recruit in general.

On the other hand, Douglas Dale Christie is a former American professional basketball player who now serves as the assistant coach with the Sacramento Kings of the NBA. With the massive height he has, the 52-year-old played the shooting guard position for the Kings. He also used to be an analyst for the team on California NBC Sports.

Doug Christie nba

Doug; credits:

Are the Michigan State Spartans star and the former NBA player Doug Christie related?

Okay, to give a clear-cut answer, no.

Max and Doug are not related.

Doug Christie is in no way related to Max Christie; instead, Max Christie Sr. and Katrina Christie are his parents. However, some LA Lakers supporters believed that his father was the Sacramento Kings star.

We can find thousands of people living on this planet who have similar surnames, and even the same first name, to some extent. But that doesn’t mean you need to be related to them, right? Similarly, Christie and Doug have similar surnames, and that doesn’t necessarily imply they need to be related.

Furthermore, let’s look at a few more differences.

Max Christie is the son of Cormac Christie Sr. and Katrina Christie, who both played for Wisconsin-Superior, according to his Michigan State bio. Max even has a younger sibling, Cameron.

Though it’s been more than 15 years since the former NBA journeyman Doug Christie left the NBA, however, he is still connected to the NBA. He presently serves as one of the Sacramento Kings’ assistant coaches.

 Not Max Christie, but Doug has his very own son, who goes by the same name as his.

Named after his father, Douglas Christie Jr., first caught the public’s eye at the age of barely five. His appearance on the wildly popular Basketball Wives LA reality series on VH1, where we saw Doug Sr.’s wife, Jackie Christie, as a significant part of the show., The junior Christie definitely got a lot of people into his hoop due to the show, who adored him as fan.

are doug christie and max christie related?

Doug with his family.

Douglas Christie Jr. committed to playing two NCAA basketball seasons at Folsom Lake College in 2019. He was included on the Falcons’ 2019–20 official roster.

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So you can’t be the only person with your last name or your title, as you may say. The same surname as your family is shared by thousands of other families. Therefore, there is a good chance that you will run into one of them. Right? But is a blood relationship with that individual always required? Okay, no. Not quite.

Likewise, Doug and Christie are not connected by blood. However, the only thing they have in common is that they both have their careers dedicated to the NBA. There is already widespread belief that they are father and son. But that is untrue.

However, it’s amusing to watch how these absurd matchups mystify people. It doesn’t necessarily mean that two people are connected just because they share a cast or a profession. How do you feel about this? Were you previously certain that both are related?

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