One Piece 979

One Piece Manga Chapter 978 released in the Weekly Shonen ump on April 26, 2020, revealed the “Flying Six” along with the forefront of the battle against Kaido. Also known as Tobi Roppo, “Flying Six” is one of the strongest groups of the Beast Pirates. Flying Six has gathered at the party that is underway at Kaido’s Mansion.

Kaido has summoned them to introduce them to Big Mom and her children that are at this festival. Many of the strong members of the Beast pirates are also gathered. We received more details about The Flying Six in this week’s One Piece Chapter 979.

Also, Straw Hats, who have gathered on the Sunny head to ruin this festival with the Minks and Samurai, who want to take the Head of Kaido. They want to liberate the Wano Country from its oppressors. While the Beast Pirates have gathered all their mighty crew member. Big Mom is also present who wants to take revenge from the straw hats.

The Beast Pirates, who are the main villains of Wano Country Arc is the crew of the Yonko, Kiado. They are ranked in this way:

  • Governor-General: Kaido
  • All-Stars: King, Queen, and Jack
  • Tobi Roppo: X Drake, Page One, Sasaki, Ulti, Black Maria, and Who’s Who
  • Headliners
  • Gifters, and so on.

Tobi Roppo OR Flying Six – One Piece Chapter 979

These are elite fighters chosen from the Headliners that are massively strong. The top fighters of Beast Fighter usually have eaten some kind of Ancient Zoan Devil Fruit. These six are also speculated to possess such animal type transformations. They are assigned assassinations and attacks on specific personalities that pose a danger to the Beast Pirates. Here is the brief description of Flying Six,

Who’s Who: Making his first appearance, this swordsman looks the strongest among the Flying Six. He wears a mask over his face that has two longhorns. He has a katana resting along his side. He shows no regard for Queen but is annoyed when Ulti speaks badly about Kaido.

X Drake: He is a former marine that is undercover as a pirate in the Beast Pirates. He has eaten the Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Allosaurus, which he uses to transform into a dinosaur. This gives him immense strength of the beast and strong biting force with the jaws.

Page One: Page one is a young man who made his first appearance as a rugged dinosaur that was sent to assassinate someone by Queen. He has purple hair that rests on his forehead while he covers his face when he is not transformed.

Black Maria: She has a huge body as compared to other Flying Six members. She could be a giant. She is dressed like a geisha with a smoke pipe in her hand. She has horns on her cap as well as some sharp blades in her hair.

Sasaki: He has a long face with huge jaws and has a huge figure. He wears a military cap with horns and maintains a beastly appearance. As he is a top headliner, he should have massive strength and a transformation into something powerful.

Ulti: She is the sister of Page One that made her first appearance. She has the confidence to Kiado Dumb in front of other Flying Six, who disapprove of her behavior. Ulti is very sensitive to his brother, treating him like a kid. So, she might be the elder of the two.

All the flying six get their names from card games like the other headliners. They are going to be another hurdle for the straw hats. Kaido may already know about the invasion, so he summoned the Flying Six to lure all the enemies to his castle and crush them. That will become clear in the next chapters.

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