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How Did Hinata Hyuga Die And Why Did It Matter So Much?

How Did Hinata Hyuga Die And Why Did it Matter so Much?
Hinata Hyuga

The anime and manga Naruto introduces Hinata Hyuga as a kunoichi and former heiress of the Hyuga clan from Konohagakure, a fictional village. Several of Hinata’s appearances in Naruto feature films have been recorded, including The Last: Naruto the Movie (2014), which revolves around her relationship with Naruto. Aside from video games, original video animation, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (2016), she also appears in various other franchise-related media, including video games and manga. In this sequel, she is now Hinata Uzumaki, mother of Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari Uzumaki. In this article, we know how did Hinata Hyuga die and why did it matter so much?

There is no doubt that Hinata Hyuga is a significant character in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden because she stands by Naruto from day one. She shows unconditional love and loyalty against all odds and is not the one entertaining us with flashy fight scenes or some super-human combat instincts. On the contrary, we all adore her because she is so genuine and caring about our hero.

About Hinata Hyuga

In Konohagakure, Hinata Hyuga was once the heiress to the Hyūga clan but lost the position when she was deemed unfit to lead. She persevered, and observing Naruto Uzumaki, in particular, influenced her. A few years after she married Naruto, Hinata joined the Uzumaki clan after joining Team 8. Through Team 8, she sought the strength to change herself, even if only slowly. She was nearly kidnapped when she was a child by the then-Head Ninja of Kumogakure, who was visiting Konoha in the guise of signing a peace treaty between the two settlements. Hiashi killed him and saved Hinata, launching the events of the “Hyūga Affair”.

In the snowy days of her admission to Konoha Academy, Hinata was bullied because of her unusual eyes. Despite not knowing her, Naruto Uzumaki rushed to her defense, but he was outnumbered and knocked unconscious. The bullies also damaged his red scarf. His scarf was returned to Hinata when he regained consciousness, but he let her keep it instead. At that moment, Hinata began to watch Naruto, and by doing so, she realized the way Naruto struggled to meet the low expectations others had for him and his desire to gain attention. Hinata was inspired by Naruto and adopted his refusal to never give up as a means of winning the approval of her father. However, Hinata only emulated Naruto until she became the Hokage herself.

How Did Hinata Hyuga Die And Why Did it Matter so Much?

Hinata Hyuga

Despite her tendency to be somewhat shy, Hinata is strong and capable enough to handle many powerful shinobi. She often speaks less, and you will only hear her speak at crucial moments. Hinata is always willing to stand up for the right cause, and if that cause includes Naruto in any way, Hinata will do whatever it takes to achieve it. Hinata demonstrated her determination and warrior personality when she jumped straight into the Pain arc without giving a second thought to herself. As we saw in the Pain invasion arc, Hinata was willing to sacrifice her life for Naruto. It makes me happy to know that Naruto Uzumaki, who was once alienated by the whole village, now has a wife and kids that he loves and cares for very well. Hinata is an incredibly caring woman and an excellent mother. She handles her children and household chores very well.

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Did Hinata Hyuga Die In Boruto?

There is speculation that In Boruto, Hinata died protecting her husband and son during Konoha’s destruction. Both Naruto and Hinata disappeared during Boruto’s defense. She has a special bond with Boruto and always strives to do everything for him.

Does Hinata Hyuga Die In Naruto Shippuden?

The anime Naruto Shippuden includes an episode in which Hinata is stabbed by Pain but does not die. Although she was severely injured, she was healed and resurrected. In that episode, Hinata confesses to Naruto that she will die for him. At the same time, Sakura cures Hinata after Naruto defeats Pain and takes Hinata back.

How Did Hinata Hyuga Die And Why Did it Matter so Much?

Hinata Hyuga

How Did Hinata Die and Why Did it Matter so Much?

In Naruto, Hinata suffered a serious injury when she was stabbed by Pain while trying to save Naruto. Her injury was so serious that it was evident she was on the verge of death. But Sakura’s medical intervention and Pain’s revival jutsu saved her. In the Boruto series, Hinata “supposedly” died when Konoha was destroyed. In these scenarios, Naruto and Boruto are first in line, protecting the dwellers of Konoha against evil. As usual, Hinata jumps into the battle just as she did in the pain arc.

How Did Hinata Hyuga Die And Why Did it Matter so Much?

Naruto and Hinata Hyuga

As Hinata does her best to ensure the safety of Boruto and his family, she will end up suffering massive injuries, if not dying. To save Boruto, Naruto and Hinata will interfere and get injured themselves. As far as the last official scene in Boruto is concerned, Naruto and Hinata vanished after the destruction while Boruto was alive, suffering from a cut on the right eye.

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