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Where Is One Zoo Three Filmed? The Beautiful Animal Centric Show

one zoo three on bbc
One Zoo Three on BBC

Where are you at all the animal lovers and children’s series fans? One Zoo Three is a TV show which revolves around the hilarious life events of three brothers, Aaron, Tyler, and Cam. This trio of brothers has spent their entire childhood with exotic animals, and they have a special connection with all these animals. The show’s viewers are curious to know more about where One Zoo Three was filmed. Let us dive right into it.

One Zoo Three features all the daily activities of Aaron, Tyler, and Cam, from waking up to cleaning toilets, how a zoo works, and how the animals are kept. Everything is shown in the TV show One Zoo Three. Without wasting another minute, let us hop into the answer of where is One Zoo Three filmed and more details about this TV show with furry faces.

Where Is One Zoo Three Filmed?

As the name of the TV show suggests, One Zoo Three is filmed in an animal habitat. This TV show’s shooting is done at the wildlife park in Broxbourne. This wildlife park is Paradise Wildlife Park, which is home to many rare and exotic species of animals. Keep scrolling to know more about where is One Zoo Three filmed.

where is one zoo three filmed

Where Is One Zoo Three Filmed: Cam, one of the brothers in the TV show One Zoo Three on BBC

Paradise Wildlife Park

Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne is the perfect location for filming One Zoo Three. As the name suggests, this park is a paradise for animal lovers. The variety of animals, as well as birds found here, gives complete knowledge to the viewers regarding the animal kingdom. In this wildlife park, the animals are properly taken care of, and the brothers of the TV show One Zoo Three gel up with these furry babies very well.

The filming of the TV show is only done at Paradise Wildlife Park and no other wildlife park. All the recording work is carried on by keeping in mind the hosts’ and animals’ safety. This wildlife park has a wide range of ponds, lakes, stables, and dinosaur statues to keep the animals in a comfortable environment. Paradise Wildlife Park is a fun place to spend an evening.

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where is one zoo three filmed

Where Is One Zoo Three Filmed: Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne

All About the TV show One Zoo Three

In the TV show ‘One Zoo Three,’ the brother trio showcases all their love for the furry animals. There are more than 800 animals in the wildlife park. The brothers have daily fun living with the animals. Cam, Tyler, and Aaron are cheerful throughout the TV show and entertain the audience with their funny behavior. The work of the zoo is perfectly shown in One Zoo Three. One of the brothers, Tyler Whitnall, is the director of Paradise Wildlife Park. Tyler feels privileged to be grown up at the wildlife park where they spent their entire childhood with the furry animals.

where is one zoo three filmed

Aaron from One Zoo Three

One Zoo Three is a light-hearted show which aware the audience about the animals and their conservation. This show throws light on all the aspects of zoo life. All the visitors of the Paradise Wildlife Paradise are very supportive. They also contribute to the charity of the wildlife park. Also, the park hosts several events for visitors. All the collected funds are used for the maintenance of the wildlife park and are also sent to the parks associated with the Paradise Wildlife Park. The modifications in the zoo industry have led to the welfare of animals all over the world.

The TV show One Zoo Three shows that zoos are very important for protecting the animals and humans from witnessing the habitat of the animals. If you are an animal lover, then One Zoo Three will be your perfect watch. Do not miss binge-watching the show on CBBC.

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