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Most Mysterious Manga To Read in 2022

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Who doesn’t love mysteries and if it comes with a great storyline then it can be your number one entertainment stuff. In recent years, we have seen lots of new genres emerging from the existing genres and the fusion of two pre-existing genres like Rom-Com. If we dig a little deep, we can see that mystery is nothing but part of the other existing genres, we can get mystery in adventure/action, in rom-com, and even in mere battle sequences.

Therefore the list is gigantic, and that’s why it becomes really difficult to select the right manga with a good mystery. That’s why we have decided to make a list of all the best manga that you can read in 2022. All the mentioned manga are equally good and have a great storyline. So make sure to read this article till the end.

Before starting, we want to confirm that the below list is solely based on the author’s own opinion, and there are chances that many mangas may not match your preferences. We will mark down the mysteries involved in each of the manga so you can figure out the niche of all the chapters even more clearly. However, this is not the ranked list.

10. Hunter x Hunter

This series may start with a childish note, but don’t judge this series in its initial phase. The series is based on the hunters (The licensed professionals who are allowed to find treasures, rare beasts, etc). The major protagonist of the series, Gon Freecs, marks his journey with the aim to find his father Ging Freecs and certainly becomes the Hunter. He finds amazing friends throughout his journey. Once the first arc ends, the game of real mysteries begins as the series gets intense and much darker than expected. This series is a must-read if you are craving something gore and mysterious.

Mystery Involved: This manga has the biggest mystery of how Gon will manage to find his father and even before then how will he face those tough hunters. Kurapika is looking for the phantom troupes, the murderers of the Kurta clan, and Leorio is on his journey to becoming a great doctor.

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter

9. Dragon Ball Series

If you are into crazy battles and insane powerups then you should definitely give this series a try. Being the most popular series in the world, the Dragon Ball series holds a good amount of mysteries regarding the Saiyan race, Gohan’s potential, etc. The reveals may be a little slower, but you won’t get bored even for a second. As the series has so many great characters, you will get entertained throughout the chapters and the best part of this is, that the series is in continuation so there are many mysteries that are waiting for the reveal. So it is a perfect time to catch up with the series.

Mysteries Involved: The birth of the Saiyans and how Saiyan’s power level is beyond measures. The first Super Saiyajin God and the powers of Angels and Zeno Sama. The series has tons of mysteries.

Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball

8. Naruto Shippuden

The story of ninjas can’t be better than this one. Naruto Shippuden is the perfect essence of life and goals with a solid ninja way of our major protagonist Naruto Uzumaki. The story has tons of mysteries, and you will end up getting shocked by their reveals. Not only with the perfect story, but the series showcases some of the best BGM and emotional moments. Overall, Naruto Shippuden is a must-read mysterious manga without a doubt.

Mysteries Involved: Even though all the mysteries have been solved but if you are a new reader, you will definitely want to know about how Kakashi gained Sharingan even without belonging to the Uchiha clan. How Naruto will tame the nine-tale fox and the whereabouts of Sasuke Uchiha.



7. Black Clover

If you are looking for something highly mysterious with insane twists, then Black Clover should be on your list. The series revolves around two major characters, Asta and Yuno. They both dreamed to become the next Wizard King and thus started their journey of becoming wizards. Yuno being the smartest candidate excel in everything whereas Asta being born without magic was the least expected candidate of becoming even a mere wizard. Something happens unordinary, and things get a little dark with an upside-down twist.

Mysteries Involved: The mysteries of this series include the true potential of Asta’s five-leaf Grimoire. In addition to this, the series still need to explain the true motives of the Wizard King Julius and the true potential of all the ruler of the underworld.

Black Clover

Black Clover

6. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan also known as Shingeki no Kyojin is one of the most famous and best anti-hero series. The series is based on the fight of humanity against giant man-eaters but as the chapters pass, the story becomes quite political and eventually turns upside down. The last thing that you can think of starts taking shape and eventually we lost all the characters we used to cherish in the initial chapters. Attack on Titans manga has been finished so you will get the complete storyline by the end of all the chapters.

Mysteries Involved: From chapter 1, you will ask questions like, from where these Titans are coming from? and who created them? Why are they killing the innocents? Later, you will have mixed thoughts for all the titans as well as for humanity. A new antihero will born and his doings will become a matter of discussion.

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

5. Code Geass

Another series with the anti-hero concept that got famous insanely. Code Geass is something you shouldn’t miss as it has all the things that you expect from a perfect manga. From the crazy action to the well-written characters, the series has all. The best character is Lelouch who can sacrifice anything for his people and nation, but this stubbornness of his became quite dangerous for people around him. The series took a sad turn in the end. You have to read all the chapters to understand what I meant here.

Mysteries Involved: Code Geass may be the first manga that showed me the true meaning of antihero. This series includes mysteries like the true potential of certain Geass, the origin of C6, and the motives of Lelouch.

Code Geass

Code Geass

4. One Piece

If you love and are mysterious, then you must read One Piece as the series has tons of mysteries, and even with 1053+ chapters, most of the mysteries are still unsolved. The series has perfect action, adventure, and diversity, so you will experience a whole new storyline with each arc. The best thing about this series is its ability to foreshadow things. You can expect the initial chapters to connect with the latest ones, thanks to the amazing writer, Eiichiro Oda sensei. Will Luffy be able to become Pirate King? Well, this is certainly a mystery itself.

Mysteries involved: One Piece is filled with mysteries from beginning to end. Some of the mysteries like, What is One Piece? Will of D, Imu Sama, The true potential of Five Elders, Void Century, The God Valley Incident, etc. are still unanswered.

one piece 6

One Piece

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3. Another

Humans are social beings, and the most painful thing someone can experience is when people around him/her don’t even value his/her existence. The series, Another is based on a similar concept. The student of a junior high school, Kouichi Sakakibara returns to school after a long sickness. He was infatuated with the girl whom he met in hospital, named Mei Misaki but he noticed that no one really cares about her existence, and a dreadful fear was always present in people’s heads when she was present in the class. Kouichi’s mates even asked him not to involve with her but he doesn’t give a damn and approached her for friendship. What’s the secret of that girl? Why is everyone afraid of her? The manga will take you on a journey of thrill and suspense from the first chapter itself.

Mystery Involved: The truth of Mei Masaka. Her origin? The reality of Kouichi’s fellow classmates.


2. Monster

Monster is another hit series that is based on psychological and mysterious instances. The story is based on a neurosurgeon Dr. Kenzou Tenma who is working in a hospital. Someday, when he was engaged in the surgery of certain someone, he gets a call that changed his life forever. The call says that he must switch patient and performs the surgery on a famous stage performer, and this raised a huge question mark on Tenma’s profession and his will to save lives. He again felt for the same instance in the future when he decided to perform the surgery on a young boy Johan Leibert than the Mayer of the town. This is the birth of the most anticipated character in manga history.

Mystery Involved: The planned executions of Johan and his brainwashing skills are highly anticipating things in the manga. The motives of Johan and his anti-hero role would make you question your thoughts.



1. Bakemonogatari

The concept of vampires is not new indeed, but it is serving a great number of mysteries for quite a long time. It seems that Bakemonogatari reinvented the same concept but in a new style. The story is based on a school girl, Koyomi Araragi, who managed to survive the fierce vampire attack with the help of a certain someone. But this attack made a devastating change in her normal life like Superhuman healing abilities, enhanced vision, etc. She is trying hard to live a normal life, but all of her gained skills are becoming a huge barrier in her day-to-day chores. She even decided to hide all of these from her classmates, but later they all realized that the girl was different. Later, she decided to help people with her skills, and this marked the beginning of another mystical instance.

Mystery Involved: The true depth of Koyomi’s powers and the hierarchy of great vampires and villains. You never know how strong the opponent is and its true intentions from humans. How Koyomi will face all of these villains alone? You have to read the series to figure it out.



Honorable Mention:

These were the best Most Mysterious Manga that you can read in 2022 if you love mysteries. There are many manga that are too good but couldn’t make it on the list. We would love to mention Sabikui Bisco, Kakegurui, Durarara!!, Dororo, Vinland Saga, The Promised Neverland, Hyouka, etc. These mangas are equally great with tons of mysterious events. What is your favorite manga? Do let us know for sure!

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