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The Promise Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

The Promise: Nan and Phu
A Still from The Promise (Credits: YouTube)

With the release of the first two episodes of the Thai BL, The Promise, on March 1, 2023, the release date of its third episode has also been declared. The Promise directed by the popular BL director, Kongkiat Khomsiri, is a Thai BL, which revolves around two very close childhood friends, Phupa (Phu) and Nanfah (Nan), who grew up together in the same neighborhood.

However, after graduation, Phu disappears without informing Nan for years. With time, Nan starts his new life without Phu, although he keeps missing him and mailing him, although he does not get any response. It will be interesting to see what happens when Phu returns and how the story of the two childhood best friends unfolds. Before the release of the third episode, we will provide you with the recap of the previous episode, episode 2, along with the release date and streaming guide for the series.

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The Promise Episode 2 Recap

The Promise episode 2 opens with a flashback, where Phu is seen writing a note for Nan at their dorm that he is leaving for Melbourne to meet his mother, and takes a photo of Nan and him along with him while leaving. Back to the present, Nan meets Phu in the building corridor, where Phu has rented the flat opposite Nan’s. Nan gets surprised by Phu after years and hugs him. As Nan is about to ask Phu about his whereabouts, he gets a call from his boss, Man, where he gets to know that he has to reach the office as soon as possible.

The Promise: Nan and his colleague

A Still from The Promise Episode 2

Nan, not taking any more chances, leaves his cat, Oliang, with Phu and asks him to take care of it as the cat will be his guarantee that Phu does not disappear again. He kisses Phu on his cheeks and promises to return soon.

In the evening, Nan returns from work and knocks on Phu’s door but does not get any response. He decides to take a chair and sit in front of his door not to miss him whenever he arrives. Nan sits there for a long time when he hears Oliang meowing.

Nan feels bad for Oliang, so he tries to guess the password to Phu’s door lock. After a few tries, he gets reminded of their college days, when Phu decided to keep Nan’s birthday as the door lock password of their dorm room. Nan tries the password, and the door unlocks.

Nan enters Phu’s apartment along with his foldable chair. He caresses Oliang and looks around the apartment. Nan figures that Phu has not changed after seeing all the different types of coffee beans in his apartment. He also finds out that Phupa has his own brand of coffee beans. While looking around further, he finds a box, within which he finds the photo which Phu took with him while leaving for Melbourne.

The Promise: Nan and Phu

A Still from The Promise Episode 2

While seeing the photo, Nan gets reminded of a college function where Nan and Phu had played a game where they had to balance a ping pong ball on their heads together. While playing the game, they lost the balance of the ball, and at that moment, the photo is clicked.

Back to the present, Phu suddenly enters the apartment, which startles Nan. He attempts to hide, but Phu notices Nan’s foldable chair and understands that he is there. Phu pretends to be oblivious to the fact. However, Nan tries his best to hide behind the sofa.

After a while, Phu discovers Nan has fallen asleep behind the sofa. He makes Nan’s favorite food – Crab Fried Rice. Later, Phu wakes Nan up, which startles him. After sitting up straight, Nan explains that he had to enter the apartment because of Oliang and the fact that Phu has kept the same password. Phu hesitantly makes an excuse that he could not bother less to think about a new password.

The Promise: Nan and Party

A Still from The Promise Episode 2

Later, Phu and Nan sit down to eat the food that Phu made. Nan asks Phu why he disappeared without informing him and the fact that he could not find him even after visiting Melbourne. Phu lies that he went to stay with his mother. Nan catches his lie as he blinks rapidly whenever he lies. As Nan insists on tellings him the truth, he gets a call from Party.

Nan goes out of the apartment to find Party waiting in front of Nan’s door. When asked about whether he changed his apartment, Nan says that it is his friend’s apartment. In the meantime, Phu comes to the door. Nan introduces them to each other. Then, Party offers Nan to have dinner together as he has brought his favorite crab fried rice. Phu asks Nan to leave with Party.

The next morning, Phu finds a note near his door, where Nan requests him to take care of Oliang while he is at the office. However, Phu enters Nan’s apartment to find it in a huge mess. Phu further cleans the whole apartment. While cleaning, he leaves some notes advising Nan to take care of his health, avoid sleeping pills, and change his eating habits.

At the office, Nan gets to know that the model in their advertisement has gone abroad. Therefore, they do not have an actor, and their client is arriving the next day. Man asks Nan and his team to find a replacement within 24 hours.

The Promise: Phu and Nan

A Still from The Promise Episode 2

When Nan returns home to a clean apartment, he realizes that Phu has cleaned up everything. As he sits to work, the power goes off, which frustrates Phu as he has a deadline to meet. At that moment, Phu comes there, and Nan asks him to help him. Next, Phu takes Nan to the bar, where Phu has started to work as a singer. At the bar, Nan gets to know from Jo that Phu has returned to Bangkok to open his own coffee shop.

After Phu finishes singing, he sees Nan struggling with his work. Phu gives some useful suggestions to Nan about his project by chance, which impresses Nan. Later Nan asks Phu the reason behind his choice to open the coffee shop across from their university, to which Phu explains that everything about that place is suitable for a coffee shop.

The Promise: Nan and Phu

A Still from The Promise Episode 2

In the interim, we see Nan taking Phu to the terrace of their building, which is beautifully decorated. Both of them sit together, drink, and smoke up. Then, Nan gets high, whereas Phu is sober. Nan asks Phu to have a drink, but he refuses, as he cannot hold his liquor. Then, Nan asks Phu the reason behind his disappearance, to which Phu says that he will tell him when he is ready. Then, Nan goes off to sleep.

The episode ends with Phu lying down beside Nan and thinking about the day they graduated and got drunk. Both were happy and unintentionally under the influence of the alcohol, Nan and Phu kissed.

The Promise Episode 3 Release Date

The Promise episode 3 will be released on March 8, 2023, at 8:00 pm (IST). The international audience can watch the episode at the following time:

  • Thailand Standard Time: 9:30 pm, Monday, March 8, 2023.
  • Korean Standard Time: 11:30 pm, Monday, March 8, 2023.
  • Philippines Standard Time: 10:30 pm, Monday, March 8, 2023.
  • British Standard Time: 3:30 pm, Monday, March 8, 2023.
  • Australian Standard Time: 1:30 am, Tuesday, March 9, 2023.

The Promise Episode 3 Streaming Guide

The third episode of The Promise will be premiered on the streaming platform, WeTV and on the official YouTube channel, DEVONTE296 OFFICIAL. The episode will be released after a week on YouTube.

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