Black Clover Chapter 352 Full Summary: Asta And The Land of The Sun Takes Down The Five-Headed Dragon!

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Black Clover Chapter 352 Full Summary And Spoilers

Black Clover Chapter 352 has its full contents and the chapter solely focuses on finishing the five-head dragon. It was a chapter that narrated the bond of the Ryuzen seven and why  Ryu is called the Shogun of the Land of the Rising Sun. With almost every page being double spread that focused only on the combination attack and slaying the five-headed dragon, it was an awesome way to put close this arc.

Asta has gained new powers and new companions, and now with the end of this arc, there is nothing left but to move on to the next phase of the final saga of the Black Clover manga series. The judgment day is in three days and the final phase will probably start in the next chapter of the series. This will put Black Clover in the same excitement as the new chapters of My Hero Academia which seems to be in the last phase of the series as well.

Whether we are not sure, we will most like to see this Black Clover and My Hero Academia come to an end in 2 years at best. If the narration paced up then we might see their end by the end of this year as well. It would to see them go from the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine but hey, everything must come to an end.

Well, if you aren’t aware of what went down in the latest chapter of Black Clover to want to recap after reading the spoilers, then let us begin with recapping the amazing double spread of Black Clover Chapter 352. With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates on the Black Clover manga and its new chapter updates.

Black Clover Chapter 352 Full Summary And Raw Scans

Black Clover Chapter 352 titled “Well Done” begins with the five-head dragon still in the land of the rising sun, where Ryu is telling Asta to prepare for the next. Ryu specifically remarks that he should be prepared to deal the final blow to the five-headed dragon as he and the Ryuzen Seven will prepare the stage for him.

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Black Clover Chapter 352 Spoilers

As Ryu begins to remove his eye patch, his inner monologue remarks that no matter what attacks the five-headed dragon takes, it always regenerates. Thus, to kill this dragon once and for all they will need to cut off all five heads of the dragon with Asta’s anti-magic.

And to prepare for that, Ryu will guide every one of the Ryuzen seven to set the stage for Asta where he strikes all of the five-head at once. Ryu is doing this thanks to his Tengetsu power which sees everything happening now and will lead to the future which favors them the most. 

Ryu Sets The Stage For The End Of The Five-head Dragon

Ryu first orders Fuji to use his power of music. Fuji’s hard worker song gives everyone energy and lifts their spirits. Ryu guides Morifuyu to go around the city center and guides Jozo to get out of his main sight and get around the main road. As one of the heads approaches Yosuga, Ryu asks guides him to deflect it toward the northeast.

Ryu’s guide for Daizemon is to have him push the rightmost head up and Komari runs up one of the dragon’s heads up and shifts it backward. Morifuys is asked to keep on the Dragon’s head in her position and Jozo to repel the head above upwards. However, Jozo’s condition is much worse than it looks and the final head that needs to be in position continues to march toward Jozo seeming to eat him.

But at the end, Ichika arrives at the last second saying that she won’t this be the end of her comrade, and using her Zetten she deflects the last head upwards and asks Asta to finish the job. In the last double spread, Asta uses a Zetten to slay all five heads of the dragon at the same time. Ryu notes by saying “Well Done” to everyone. 

Black Clover Chapter 353 will be back next week without any break so we can look forward to the story taking a new perspective. Meanwhile, you can read Black Clover Chapter 352 on Viz Media and Manga Plus when it is released on 26th February 2023.

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