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Lake Baikal Aliens: The Mystery Of The World’s Deepest Lake

Lake Baikal Aliens
Lake Baikal Aliens

The huge Lake Baikal has long been associated with mystery, but in the final years of the Soviet Union and ever since, there have been several reports of UFO and alien occurrences there. These were originally swept under the carpet by USSR officials, but the Russian media later made them public. Numerous of the 1000s of species of vegetation and animals that call Lake Baikal home are pervasive in the area.

On the eastern shores of the lake, at which mean temperature ranges from a winter low of 19°C (2 °F) to a summer high of 14°C (57 °F), Buryat tribal groups also call this region home. They raise animals, pack animals, cattle, sheep, and horses there. Both the vaguely defined area surrounding the lake itself and the area to the east of Lake Baikal is termed Transbaikalia or the Transbaikal. Baikal was designated a World Heritage Area by UNESCO in 1996.

The stories of alien life interaction at Baikal, a lake surrounded by peaks and home to one-fifth of the planet’s freshwater that hasn’t frozen, center on large ‘spaceships’ floating over its gloomy, moody huge areas and supposed aliens that army divers claim to have seen in its deep. There have also been reports of shiny, “cigar-shaped” things floating over Baikal.

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UFO Sighting Cases

2 researchers, V. Alexandrov and G. Seliverstov were operating a submarine at a deep of 1200 meters in the lake in 1977 when Leonid Brezhnev was in charge of the Russian government. To examine the intensity of sunlight penetration into the lake, the scientists turned off their focus. The researchers were  suddenly surrounded on all sides by light from a strange “bright light.”

According to Aleksandrov, it appeared as though 2 strong spotlights were shining down on our machine from upwards and to the side. A moment later, unidentified floodlights failed, leaving us in total darkness.

A rescuer named Vyacheslav Lavretevich remembered an event but omitted the time. We were on a boat on Lake Baikal when a massive glowing disc shot out from beneath us. It rendered us blind and briefly took us to the sky. Despite the fact that a lot of us had seen it, we really did not even have enough time to grab any cameras or record any clips. It was enormous and illuminated the entire yacht. It was a massive disc, probably 500–700 meters in surface area. It blazed from just below the surface for 3 minutes before disappearing suddenly in a split second. The show was enormous and fantastic. Both are stunning and shocking.

On a boat, Oleg Chichulin was also instructing students. Mysterious objects were spotted close to Cape Svyatoi Nos. There was a glowing ball there. This ball then began to disappear, fade, and blush. A red ball then appeared. This red ball floated on the fluid for a while before starting to sink. And eventually, everything was submerged. Then it got dark.

During Hunt For Modern Russian Legend

 7 military divers were said to have discovered aliens in the lake’s waters Baikal in 1982. ‘At a level of 50 meters, they encountered swimmers, about 3 meters tall, dressed in form-fitting silvery suits,’ historian Alexey Tivanenko said. They only had headgear on their faces; they had no scuba gear or other equipment. They were given the go-ahead to capture the Ihtiander (a half-boy, half-shark creature from contemporary Russian folklore), but they were held up on shore with obvious signs of pressure changes right away. 

At a level of detail of 1200 metres in the lake in 1977, 2 researchers by the names of V. Alexandrov and G. Seliverstov noticed strange lights.

At a level of detail of 1200 meters in the lake in 1977, 2 researchers by names V. Alexandrov and G. Seliverstov noticed strange lights.

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The ruptured depressurization gadget was one of two that they had. Only 4 of the 7 people could fit inside, so the other three were left outside. And those 3 individuals who were not placed inside the device perished on the shore. Tivanenko compared the explanations to prehistoric petroglyphs, which some believe to be the work of extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth. He admitted to NTV, “I have 100s of illustrations with all these ‘Sons of the Sky’.” The thing that they are all big, dressed in suits, and wearing helmets on their heads unites them. Additionally, there are currently employed by astronauts.

Click Of The UFO

Gennady Lipinsky, a match warden, also remembered to have seen a UFO. It was flying overhead when I first noticed it. I gazed at it till it vanished over the sky. I refer to it as a ball of fire, but I have no idea what it actually was. Regarding a much more bizarre encounter, which occurred on July 9, 2009, at around 10 p.m., Sergey Konechnykh, the founder of the Federation of Photographers of Buryatia, was mentioned in Ulan-Ude.

We went outside to the veranda to watch the final part of the sunset. These 2 glistening items magically appeared, hovering above the water. Although his images of this event are straightforward, they might raise more questions than they do answers. They depict two lights up in the dark sky that has an orange-red center and a yellow outer ring. He claimed that the enigmatic ships went up and changed bases somewhere else on the surface of Baikal.

Nikita Tomin captured this image of a UFO flying over a lakeside resort in the Irkutsk region, with three green-hued lights.

Nikita Tomin captured this image of a UFO flying over a lakeside resort in the Irkutsk region, with three green-hued lights.

At approximately the same time, Anna Vinogradova remembered seeing something different but no less strange on the water. We had tents set up on the beach when, she recalled, “at night, we saw orange-red flashes as if there were huge fires.” A photograph by Nikita Tomin from Listvyanka in July 2010 shows three green-hued lights on a Flying saucer flying over the lakeside resort in the Irkutsk province.

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