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Deliver Us Mars Review: Is It Worth Playing?

Deliver Us Mars
Deliver Us Mars

Deliver Us Mars is a new game released by KeokeN Interactive. These are the same developers who made the game Deliver Us The Moon. They make a very advanced level of sci-fi games. It makes sure that the players have an out-of-the-world experience.

This game makes sure to take you to a world filled with suspense and gives the player a fresh perspective on the games and the genre of games. This game is the successor of Deliver Us The Moon.

Deliver Us Mars

Credits: KeokeN Interactive

To play on PC, you can buy Deliver US Mars from Steam or Epic Games. You can also check out Epic Games, as they do a free giveaway of games every week. To run Deliver Us Mars smoothly on your PC and not face any hiccups, do check out the minimum requirements to run the game.

  • OS: Windows 10 (64-bit operator)/Windows 11(64-bit operator)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4590/AMD FX-8350
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970/ AMD Radeon R9 390
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 14GB available space


This game is a sequel to Deliver Us The Moon. At the end of Deliver Us The Moon, you can see that there was a scientist who was involved in protecting the tech used to save Earth’s beam energy. So, the astronauts escape to some other planet, but in this game, Deliver Us Mars, you can see that they were not off too far.

The story starts off with a group of astronauts who were considered the best who had stolen a spaceship to start their lives on some other planet. They abandoned Earth and also all hopes of survival on Earth. You play as Kathy, a young astronaut, and you are supposed to bring back the spaceship which the other astronauts had stolen.

Now, a little about Kathy. Her father’s name was Issac, and he is the one who is responsible for taking away the chance Earth had at recovery. This led to Kathy living on Earth, which was bound to be extinct in no time, and she also had to grow up without her dad. As we progress through the game, we learn more about their relationship dynamics in more detail.

This complicated kind of relationship with her dad, who is responsible for the Earth’s dying situation, leads to conflict with Kathy’s crew members. Also, the fact that the astronauts who were considered the best by her father were a part of that and were trying to colonize some other planet also did not help the crew members.

As mentioned before, the Earth is dying, and it is soon going to be nothing but just a rock in space, but hope is not lost just yet as Kathy gets a signal pinpointing the location from Mars. Well, by now, Kathy has taken training to become an astronaut and graduated from World Space Agency. So, she becomes ready with her crew to go to Mars and check out what is going on/what has happened there.

Kathy seeing Mars from spaceship.

Kathy sees Mars from the spaceship.

The signal plays a very important role, as you later find out that the spaceships are called the ARKs, and they can help to save the Earth. It can be saved because the ARKs are massive ships that have enough energy to bring back the energy of the planet’s life and atmosphere. 

In the game, we can see that Kathy reaches Mars, and she faces many difficulties and challenges to get the ARKs back safely and securely. As the story proceeds, you understand that the astronauts who acted in a rogue manner were actually called the Outward, and Kathy’s dad Issac was also a part of it. 

As you continue to play the game, you can see what happened to the Outward and if they are still alive or not. The problem is that years after residing on Mars, they fell apart, so they rationed their food. Again, unfortunately, the food they had rationed got over faster than expected. This leads to Kathy’s dad feeling guilty about leaving his daughters back on Earth.

Even though he was feeling guilty about leaving his girls on Earth, he still chose his life’s work over them. But the problem that lies here is that the goal of Outwards has completely changed. It went from saving and protecting the Earth to starting humanity on Mars. In all this, you meet a new character called William. He is the leader of The Outwards. 

William has a fight with Rosa as she wants to go back to Earth and save it, but William is not willing to do so. Instead, he wants to continue humanity on Mars. After attacks go back and forth, William turns out to be victorious. You also find out that he killed Rosa by removing the oxygen tank. You understand the entire story with the help of holograms. 

Hologram with Kathy.

Hologram with Kathy.

You can see that Kathy’s reached the ARK and is ready to take off from Mars and take it back to Earth to help it survive. But this decision led to the entire colony that had settled on Mars dying. You can see that Kathy is leaving Mars and going off with the ARK, and her dad Issac is trying to cover the distance like how Kathy did at the beginning of the game.

In the end, you can see Issac choosing his daughter instead of his life’s work. He was leaving something he had made all by himself. Issac thinks to himself that due to his action, one part of humanity is going to be lost forever.

He also realizes that when he reaches Earth, he will be taken away by high authorities because he abandoned Earth when it needed him the most. The game ends on the note that it is not Kathy’s choice whether the decision her father had made was right or wrong.

Journey back to the Earth would take them 6 months, 13 days, and 4 hours. They tell that the mission was a success in retrieving the ARK, but no one seems to be responding back. Does it mean that the people on Earth have died, and there was no point in getting the ARK? Was it worth letting people from the colony die? Well, the developers leave us on a cliffhanger. 


Different people have different kinds of experiences depending on what they are playing. People playing on PlayStation barely have any complaints, but those who played on PC did not seem to like the mechanics of the game. There are no instructions given on what to do or a tutorial on how to get started. 

Many reports that the climbing in the game was a big deal because the control was not only not proper but was not guided about it. Also, the lack of a map or a mini-map lets you, as a player, explore new areas, but at the same time, you end up kind of straying away from the main objective.

Many reported issues climbing.

Many reported issues climbing.

Although this game had a great number of puzzles but nothing too hard got you scratching your head and wondering what was going on. Deliver Us Mars introduces new game mechanics that keep the game fresh.

Our Verdict

Deliver Us Mars is a great game that has an amazing story. Not many games do take this angle except for a few, like High On Life, but the story of a father and daughter was really touching. But somehow, some parts felt not completed.

For example, the holograms at all points in the game felt incomplete. Many players also have reported a drop in frame rates during cut scenes even when their PC is decently specced up PC. There are only a few negatives and more the positives, such as the game’s story and the visuals are absolutely chef’s kiss.

The developers do an amazing job at tying down the story in the end but also leaving the players with some sort of suspense. I suggest many people should give this game a shot as it does many things right, and experiencing things firsthand would be better.

Our Rating: ⭐ (3.5/5).

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