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Andor Episode 4 Easter Eggs: Mandalorian, Death Star, And Clone Wars References

Andor Episode 4 Easter Eggs
Andor Episode 4 Easter Eggs

This will be my Star Wars Andor Episode 4 Easter Eggs article. We’ll explain all the Easter eggs and references since there were many. They even had a super deep cut for Knights of the Old Republic during the episode that a lot of the fans probably picked up on, but I’ll also talk about that.

We’ve got a bunch of Easter Egg and References from both the Star Wars movie and TV shows. Since this series takes place 5 years before The Rogue One movie, there we a lot of references particularly. We see Mandalorian and Boba Fett’s suits, then we see the Death Star. We see Luthen give a Kyber Crystal to Andir and we also get a reference to Clone Wars. Let’s just get into the Easter Eggs in Andor Episode 4.

Here are all the Andor Episode 4 Easter Eggs:


Starting with the episode title was called “Aldani” which is a reference to the planet where the Empire has been keeping the quarterly payments for the entire sector. This is a giant pile of money that they plan on robbing during the series. But this episode was mostly them planning the actual Heist and setting up what’s going to be happening in next week’s episode, where they actually probably do pull off the heist.

Andor Easter Eggs

Aldani – Planning for the heist

Gotta pay for that Rebellion somehow, that was also a big plot with Mon Mothma, whom they reintroduced during this episode. She’s a big part of the series, she’s one of the founding members of the Rebellion. So this episode is meant to explain how she sort of fits into the creation of the Rebellion, like what she actually did to help do that. And just like they plan on robbing this Imperial Garrison to get all this money to pay for the Rebellion or help pay for the Rebellion. One of her major roles is to use her position to divert a bunch of funds that they can use for whatever it is that they need for their missions as they try to create the Rebellion.

Imperial Security Bureau And Moff Gideon

Episode 4 also kind of served as a sort of like reintroduction to what’s happening with the actual Empire. We didn’t really see the Empire during the first couple of episodes, even though they’re ever present in the Galaxy. Like you feel their influence, they reference them many times in the first couple of episodes. But this is the episode where we go back to Coruscant, we see the headquarters of the Imperial Security Bureau, which is sort of like the information gathering arm of the Empire.

Andor Easter Eggs

Moff Gideon

Really cool connection to the events of the Mandalorian series too, even though the Mandalorian happens way later in the timeline. Moff Gideon actually came from the Imperial Security Bureau, so he’d actually be working with them like he’d be walking around with a white uniform during 

this period in the timeline. His territory was around the Mandalore Planet, so that’s why he was at Mandalore during the Great Purge. It sounds like he didn’t become a moth till like much later in the timeline during the events of the original trilogy. I don’t know if we’re gonna get any Giancarlo Esposito Cameo scenes during this, but it would be cool to see a younger version of Moff Gideon walking around.

Luthen’s Story And Clone Wars

The actual opening scene starts with Andor and Luthen jumping to hyperspace in his ship after they escape at the end of episode three, it starts right after the end of episode three. This episode serves to sort of give you more of his backstory and explain what’s going on in his daily life as he tries to go about both forming the Rebellion and operating on Coruscant.

He’s a very wealthy member operating within the Empire, but that’s kind of like a character that he plays. The real version of Luthen is the version that we saw during episode 3. That’s why it seemed like he was putting on a costume and trying to get back into character when he went back to Coruscant. Like he was putting on a character, so to speak, that was the mask that he wore to disguise what he was really doing.

Andor Easter Eggs

Luthen’s Second Life

His particular ship is a Fondor Haulcraft. Fondor was a system inside the Techno Union during the Clone Wars. There are a lot of Clone Wars references during the episode like most of the places the people that they reference are from the Clone Wars. But there are also some references to stuff that happened during Star Wars Rebels as well.

That’s another series that details the resistance becoming the Rebellion because they were called the resistance before they actually became the Rebellion, that didn’t happen until a little bit later in the timeline. So like right now, during the events of these episodes, they’re still called the Resistance.

I believe the med knock that he gives him is like a brand new thing to Star Wars, but I love the idea that they have medical booze for healing yourself when you don’t have an actual full back to the tank.

Battle of Minbin

When Andor mentions the Battle of Minbin that he fought in for the Empire when he was 16 years old, that was after the Clone Wars like this wasn’t the Clone Wars. This was happening during the events of Star Wars Solo. You actually see Han Solo’s backstory, he fought in that same battle.

Battle of Minbin

Battle of Minbin

And we find out that both of them actually deserted the Empire during the battle. Andor apparently came there as a cook and he deserted. That’s how he survived like that’s the big story in this episode. But also, Han Solo rescued Chewbacca during that battle, and they both deserted.

Actual Heist And The Money

They said at the heist that they’re going to pull off early in the series here, it sounds like it’s going to happen in episode 5. But the idea is they’re gonna steal the payroll for the entire sector worth of Imperial officers, which is just like a giant amount of money. Obviously, the Rebellion costs a ton of money, like you have to get all those ships and all those weapons from somewhere. A lot of it they wound up still stealing, a lot of people gave them ships, a lot of them they stole from the Empire, and a lot of them they actually did have to pay for.

One of the reasons why the new Republic, later on, allows the Hutts to continue operating, doing all their black market trade, is because the Hutts were kind of neutral and they also sold weapons to the Rebels in addition to the Empire.

So technically the Rebels kind of owed them a solid, so they’re like “okay fine you’re kind of shady, but we’ll let you continue doing what you’re doing because without you we wouldn’t have been able to pull off the Rebellion”. But that’s part of Mon Mothma’s role too, like high level she can get them tons of money that they use to pay for all this stuff.

Kyber Crystal

Further conversation with Luthen reveals him handing over a kyber crystal to Andor as a down payment for the job. Now if you’re a big Star Trek fan, you know kyber crystals are what power lightsabers. A Jedi’s apprenticeship saw them searching for one themselves, commonly on planets like IIum or Jedha, bonding with the force user to give the crystal and lightsaber its signature color.

Andor Easter Eggs

Kyber Crystal

Now with the kyber having a sky blue color, and Luthen firmly saying he wants it back when all of this is done makes me believe he could be an ex-Jedi. Wouldn’t that be a twist of fate, hey it could happen. We’ve seen crazier things in Star Wars.

Death Star

Obviously, kyber crystals are using the creation of Jedi’s lightsabers. When it is a blue one, it’s a blue lightsaber. The Empire also used a massive number of Kyber crystals in the creation of their super laser for the Death Star. They also reference the Death Star during this episode too but in like a roundabout way, it’s kind of a secret within the Empire itself.

The whole idea is that even within the Imperial power structure, they come departmentalized a lot of information. But like this is another callback to the events of 

Andor Episode 4 Easter Eggs

Death Star

Rogue one, because this is meant to be a rogue one prequel and we see them creating the Death Star within the Imperial Security Bureau. They reference a bunch of resources being diverted to Scarif, that’s the location where Krennic was supervising the creation of the Death Star. Krennic was also part of the Imperial Security Bureau, that’s why he wore a white uniform.

Knights of the Old Republic 

The other big reference to the Kyber crystal that they make is to the Knights of the Old Republic video games. So the whole idea is that within the Knights of the Old Republic games the Rakatan empire was sort of like this ancient empire that existed more than 25000 years ago, that use these special Infinity gates to control the entire galaxy almost the entire universe.

During their heyday, the ancient Jedi Empire at that time tried to fight them off along with the Rebels. So the crystal is meant to be a reference to the Rebellion against that Empire, in a reference to the current Rebellion that’s forming against this current Empire.

Andor Episode 4 Easter Eggs

Knights of the Old Republic

They also explain how Luthen came into possession of the crystal. So his day job within in the Empire is like a merchant selling historical items, he owns his gallery and that’s how he knows all this ancient history.

Major Partagaz

Everyone probably recognized Anton Lesser, who’s playing Major Partagaz, he’s leading the council here. He played Maester Qyburn from Game of Thrones. He’s been on a bunch of other stuff too but most people remember him from Game of Thrones. This scene with him was just meant to show you what their inner workings were like within the Imperial Security Bureau.

They’re kind of like the FBI within the Empire, like this Domestic Security Force controlling the entire galaxy, just monitoring everything. They’re mostly viewed as an information-gathering arm.  

Andor Easter Eggs

Major Partagaz

There’s another huge Mandalorian Easter egg too, Major mentions Arvala six. Arvala 7 is the planet that Mando found Grogu on during the Mandalorian season one. So the idea is that Grogu was hiding underneath the Empire’s nose this whole time and they never realized it.

The way they portray Major’s character he’s like a more competent version of Krennic, more aware of what’s going on he’s a little bit more like Tarkin in that fact. When he talks about the nature of their work, talking about how they’re like Health Care Providers trying to cure disease from within and outside of the Empire. That’s a reference to like all these high-ranking people like Mon Mothma, the other people that are on Aldani because you have a lot of officers within the Empire working to actively destroy it.

Luthen’s Shop

Just a handful of items around Luthen shop is the Beskar Mandalorian armor that we’ve seen ole’ Mando wear, a small dagger that looks similar to the Mortis Dagger from the clone wars, and a Gungan shield from the battle of Naboo in the back. I bet you’re thinking, “Meese did not see that one” Sooo uhh you’re welcome. But also, these stone glyphs look similar to the meditation circles from Jedi: Fallen Order.

Andor Episode 4 Easter Eggs

Luthen’s Shop

But going one further, these two with the fist and open hand look like they are straight out of Fallen Order’s upgrade skill tree, a circle with a symbol in the middle. Now neither of these symbols are actual upgrades in the game, but they are leaning heavily into the Jedi temple lore and symbols from the game.

Val Sartha And Saw Gerrera

They introduced the Val Sartha character, played by Faye Marseille. She is the other Game of Thrones actor in the episode, there might be some other background actors too, but she’s the other big one. She played the Wave. Within the context of this series, she’s basically like a bigger team leader for the Resistance.

Their group mentions Saw Gerrera, who we actually saw in the trailer, so we’ll see him in later episodes. He was another figure that the Rebels were kind of wary of because he was so stabby. But that helped the rebels, so they kind of owed him a debt. He was sort of like the Rebel’s version of The Punisher. Like within the Marvel Universe, The Punisher is kind of like an anti-hero character because he’s so stabby. I Saw Gerrera does the same thing for the Rebels during the events of the series.

Mon Mothman’s Pary Guests

We go back to Mon Mothman’s home on Coruscant, it sounds like her husband isn’t in on all the Rebellion plant, like he doesn’t know what she’s actually doing. Because he talks about this big party that she’s throwing, with a bunch of high-ranking members inside the Imperial Senate and the emperor’s Inner Circle.

Most of the characters that she mentions on the guest list are prequels characters that we saw, like Sly Moore. The Vizier that she mentions is the Grand Vizier Mas Amedda. They’re all super high-ranking members of The Emperor’s Inner Circle, basically like the worst group of people that you could possibly imagine that she has to have dinner with.

Andor Episode 4 Easter Eggs

Mon Mothman’s Pary Guests

That’s probably what all this footage in the trailer is from, from the party that she throws where they come. She also kind of explains her relationship with them within the Empire. They all kind of hate her because she actually tries to use her power for good. This is one of the reasons why the Emperor before the events of A New Hope dissolves the Senate completely, like “okay let’s just get rid of that problem, we don’t want people helping everyone else”. When she references Ghorman, she’s talking about the atrocities that the Empire committed on the planet, it was featured during Star Wars Rebels.

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