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Who Is Anne Edmonds’ Partner? The Edge Of The Bush Star’s Love Interest

Anne Edmonds' Partner
Anne Edmonds

Here, we shall discuss who Anne Edmonds’ Partner is. What do we know about her romantic interest? Starting from the basics, Anne Elizabeth Gabrielle Edmonds has gained massive prominence from The Edge of the Bush, a comedy series on the ABC network. Besides this, she also excels in writing songs and indeed has a versatile voice. The most famous one is Flying Home which she included in the above-mentioned series. In case you haven’t listened to it, the song is exclusively available on iTunes. Not to forget to mention Anne Edmonds making guest appearances in various television shows such as All-Star Family Feud, Have You Been Paying Attention?, Celebrity Name Game, etc.

Knowing her popularity in the television industry, fans are lately curious to learn what’s going on in Anne Edmonds’ personal life. Well, the star is sharing a romance with the love of her life. It’s been several years of their togetherness, leading a happening life with their child. Let’s dive into this article to learn who Anne Edmonds’ Partner is.

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Anne Edmonds’ Partner: Who Is He?

Talking about her love interest, Anne Edmonds’ Partner is Llyod Langford. If you know Anne, you must know Llyod. They are complementary to each other, and this has happened more because of their same comedy profession. Lloyd has written additional material for various shows such as The King is Dead, Live at the Apollo, etc. Also, he previously served as the regular panelist of Ask Rhod Gilbert. One of his famous works is his writings for the BBC Radio Wales sketch program, Here Be Dragons.

Anne Edmonds' Partner

Anne Edmonds and Llyod Langford

Coming back to their relationship, Anne Edmonds and Llyod Langford have been dating each other since 2018. To date, they haven’t made the news of them tying the knot public. So, it is unsure if the couple is already hitched or even engaged to each other. Last year, on 29 October, Anne welcomed a child, more precisely, a cute little daughter. The new parents named her Gwen Rosina. She was very happy at that time, and it was a big moment for both of them. She shared every detail of the Royal Women’s Hospital And thanked the nursing staff for taking great care. The post of her baby’s birth announcement received several congratulatory messages, and everyone showered them with love.

Anne Edmonds’ Partner, Llyod Langford, appears to be very much caring, both as a love interest and father, of course. Relationships become successful when equal efforts are made from both ends. In their relationship, both appear to be taking care of each other, especially during the difficult days of their lives. The comedian has shared that Melbourne’s lockdown period had helped them to understand each other more as a couple. Even though they work in the same industry, they got to spend most of the time together during the pandemic, and that brought them close, like any other couple.

It’s good to see that Anne Edmonds and Llyod Langford are happy with each other. At present, they are primarily focusing on the well-being of their baby Gwen. Best Wishes to Anne Edmonds for the upcoming days of her life! Sending loads of love to the baby!

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