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How to Watch Manifest Season 4 Online?

Manifest Season 4

Well, with the new season upon ranks, fans are curious about where to watch Manifest Season 4. The new installment has been confirmed, and thus, it is making us even more curious about its release. As updated by the authorities, this will be the last installment of the show. It will wrap up with 20 episodes, yes, you heard that right, 20 episodes.

Well, you can never go wrong and guess that these episodes will be divided into two parts, with each released at different times. Our best guess is that we will get 10 episodes in both installments each. A preview for the next season has also come forward, and we shall get to discussing it in a bit. Now, after three seasons, Manifest was canceled by NBC. Thus, it took so much time in its renewal as Netflix finally picked up the show for the final run.

Coming back to the preview, we see Michaela putting on her NYPD hat and searching the docks. These are located just outside of New York City. She spots a ship with cherry blossoms on it. Later, she navigates around the various containers and comes across a similar one that has cherry blossoms printed on it.

Upon opening the door to it, we see a man who is tied, among other stuff. His arm has something written on it with scratches on his skin. This is where the clip ends. Well, we can possibly guess that Michaela was at the location while following her callings. Given the fact that she just has a limited time left on Earth before her 5 years exhaust, she has to do everything that her callings want. Along with that, Michaela will have to make sure all the other flight members are doing the same, or all of them will ultimately die.

How to Watch Manifest Season 4 Online?

A still from Manifest Season 3

Manifest Season 4 Release Date

Manifest Season 4 release date is not confirmed, but there are speculations about the same. Given the fact that filming has already wrapped up, we can expect the series to drop out anytime now. Although, there are analysts who expect the show to release sometime during November of 2022. Even the director has talked about Manifest Season 4 Part 1 release date to be in November 2022. It will all come down to the speed of the post-production process and how fast it takes place. If it is early, a new season may release in September this year. Although if late, we can assume it to be somewhere in December or January 2023.

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Where to Watch Manifest Season 4


It is obvious that Manifest Season 4 will release on Netflix after it was picked up by the platform for the same. The streaming service will cost about 8.99 dollars a month with its basic plan. Netflix has stopped giving out the free trial, and thus, there is no way you can watch Manifest season 4 for free. Other than that, if you wish to stream the content on multiple devices at once and in higher picture quality, I advise you to buy either the standard or the premium plan offered by the platform. It is staking at 15.99 dollars and 19.99 dollars, respectively.

You all might be wondering why Netflix has taken the responsibility to renew the show. Well, upon its release on Netflix back in 2021, there was a newfound trend where the show stayed at the top charts for almost three months. This was enough reason for the platform to renew the drama. Well, the cast members had already exhausted their contracts, and thus, it might have been difficult to get them on board on such short notice. Although, Netflix has already made that possible, and we will be back with a new season in a bit.Β 


It was evident that Melissa Roxburgh is back, as we have already seen her in the preview. There is an addition of the cast members as well. Josh Dallas and J.R. Ramirez will both return to the screen. Parveen Kaur will reprise the role of Saanvi. Daryl Edwards will enact the character of Robert Vance, the director at NSA. It is not sure if Cal will be back again on the series or not. Jack Messina has not been confirmed, and we are curious to see how the show will build around him in his absence.

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