What Happened To Lindsay Lohan With Netflix? Pepsi Marks Her Comeback

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Falling For Christmas
Lindsay Lohan Make a comeback with Multi movie deal with Netflix

Christmas is almost here, and everyone is talking about Santa. But this time, People will also be talking about Lindsay Lohan. Why do you ask? Well, Lindsay is also coming to your screens this Christmas.

Once famous for being the lead in the famous teen comedy “Mean Girls.” she later found herself in and out of trouble, which Started off with a run of flop movies. Unfortunately, leading to substance dependence and legal troubles. 

The once-promising young star did return to Hollywood. But could not land any major movies/roles. Did a few small roles and even voiced and narrated in a few projects. Even though she has been out of the acting scene for a long time, she still hasn’t lost her touch.

When she was asked about her acting, she said it was a part of her. Giving a metaphor “Just like riding a bicycle.” Making her official comeback, Lindsay will be seen in the latest Netflix Christmas-themed movie “Falling for Christmas.”

Falling For Christmas
Lindsay Lohan & Chord Overstreet In Falling For Christmas (Credits: Netflix)

Not just that She is also partnering with Pepsi in their latest marketing campaign, “Pilk and Cookies.” Lohan even recreated and sang the Jingle Bell Rock in her upcoming Christmas movie on Netflix. The song first came out back in 2004 with the release of Mean Girls.

Where Were Lindsay Lohan After Mean Girls?

Lindsay first marked her impression in the 2000s. Mainly for the role of Cady Heron in Mean Girls, which was adapted from the book Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman. Soon becoming a classic with a large fanbase. Afterward, it was just down the hill for her.

A couple of flop movies, getting into legal troubles, and, to top it off, drug addiction. In the midst of all this, she tried to come back to the world, be it by owning clothing or a jewelry line. Opening a nightclub or resort in Greece. Even been in and out of prison a couple of times. 

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A couple of years back, in an interview with David Spade, when asked where she is now. She reveals that she lives in Dubai now, and That too for the last 6 years. Further adds that she hasn’t been to the US that much. Just went to new york a couple of times. The reason was that there wasn’t anything back in LA for which she would have stayed.

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Lindsay Making a Comeback:

After 10 long years, Lindsay Lohan finally made her comeback to Hollywood. Signing a deal with Netflix to star in multiple films, starting with Falling For Christmas. Lohan plays the part of an heiress who, while skiing, gets into an accident. It’s Christmas, and she is suffering from amnesia while she lives in a lodge with the owner and his daughter under their care.

After this, Fans will be seeing her in a rom-com, fantasy movie Irish Wish. Coming to the Netflix in 2023. She marked her appearance to the global fan, even Tudum. Here she shares her view on her latest Christmas-themed movie. Describing it as a loving holiday when the family comes around. 

Partnership With Pepsi:

That’s not all for Lindsay Lohan this year. She will also be seen in the latest campaign of Pepsi, “Pilk and Cookies,” also known as “Dirty Soda.” Pepsi here saw an opportunity through the ticktock videos of people mixing milk and Pepsi. Fans can even participate using hashtags to win cash prizes this holiday season. 

Lindsay Lohan Pepsi
Lindsay Lohan In the latest Pepsi Commercial (Credits Lindsay Lohan Instagram)

And what better actor to partner up with than Lindsay,  Who will be starring in a Christmas-themed “Falling for Christmas” on Netflix? Lindsay is very excited about this, saying she always loves to welcome new traditions. She even tried the drink firsthand.

Even though she was a bit hesitant at first when she first heard of the name and combination of milk and Pepsi, after a sip, it felt really amazing, and she couldn’t wait for everyone to have a sip of this delicious drink. 

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