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I Just Killed My Dad: Release Date For Netflix, Plot & Trailer

I Just Killed My Dad Release date
I Just Killed My Dad

Here is I Just Killed My Dad Release date. The title of the show may look bizarre, but that is just the reason that this is making news. You are sure to create headlines with such a title. This is a documentary that is creating news. Documentaries are very in right now, and people are very interested in watching these true crime shows. The investigative style of these documentaries is sure to delight and shock the viewers on all levels. While the trailer for I just killed my Dad has been released, the series has been receiving great anticipation from the watchers.

I just killed my Dad is a crime documentary series that is based on a man who has serious mental problems. The documentary is a crime genre work that is based on the psyche of a man who has just killed his dad. The potential of the documentary is such that it is expected to dive into the dark side of mental illness. Another very famous documentary that was very famous on Netflix was Girl in the picture. We hope that the documentary will offer yet another spine-chilling tale. Here are all the details about I Just Killed My Dad Release date.

What is the Documentary I just killed my Dad about?

The documentary revolves around a man Anthony Templet, who shot his dad. Anthony’s crime is one in which he doesn’t feel guilty even after committing the murder. The crime toward his parent is justified by the ill nature of his father, who was abusive and dominating. The documentary will delve deep into the psyche of the man who killed his dad, admitted it, and doesn’t feel even a bit of remorse for it.

Even before knowing the I Just Killed My Dad Release date, it is important to know what to expect from this documentary. This series will be triggering for people having a past of domestic abuse or a complex relationship with their parents.

I Just Killed My Dad- Trailer

The first trailer of the series I Just Killed My Dad was recently released. The trailer looks very promising, with Anthony narrating his tale of crime towards his father in his own words. The story we see in the trailer confuses the audience as they don’t understand whether to feel sorry or anger for the criminal.

What we see is a story of a troubled son who was forced to take such a huge step. Burt is the father of the man Anthony who was forced to kill him. I Just Killed My Dad Release date was doing rounds since the trailer of the documentary was out.

What is I Just Killed My Dad Release date?

The documentary will show the psyche of the killer, Anthony after he murdered his father and what all went down at the scene of the crime. The documentary I Just Killed My Dad Release date is 9th August 2022, and it will be available on Netflix.

That was all on I Just Killed My Dad Release date. Stay tuned for more such updates!

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