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Are Damien Haas And Saige Ryan Dating? Rumors & Facts Explained

Damien Haas

Both have sparked dating rumors for quite a long time. Before getting into their relationship status, let’s have a look at the prominence of Damien Haas and Saige Ryan. 

Starting from the basics, Damien Haas is a popular actor and writer. People know him majorly for his works like- Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, Clarence, and Halo: The Fall of Reach.

Born on 23 November 1990, Damien is now 32 years old. The actor hails from Fulda, Germany. Well, Damien is very close to his family, especially his parents- Roland and Marilyn, respectively. Some of Damien’s other work credits include- Smosh, The Walking Dead: Survivors, etc. 

On the other hand, Saige Ryan is also another great actress. She is known for I Heart Huckabees, Believers, Forget Me Not, and Maybe Someday. Born on 3 December 1965, Saige is now 27 years old and hails from California. 

Little did you know, Saige also excels in dancing. She always had a passion for the same and started taking dance lessons when she was three years old. 

Coming back to Damien Haas and Saige Ryan Campbell’s relationship, both have caused a lot of drama on the internet. Now, it is to see if they were ever romantically related to each other. If yes, then when? How things have been between the two? If you are looking for whether Damien Haas and Saige Ryan are still together, here is what we know. 

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Are Damien Haas And Saige Ryan Still Dating?

No. We are unsure if Damien Haas and Saige Ryan are together. And, the most surprising part is it’s not even known if Damien and Saige ever shared any romance. 

However, in November 2021, Damien posted pictures of his girlfriend, on his Instagram account. That eventually started speculations among the fans about their romantic relationship. On the other hand, Saige also posted some of their pictures, celebrating Halloween. Despite the rumors making headlines, neither Damien nor Saige confirmed anything. 

Are Damien Haas And Saige Ryan Still Dating?

Damien Haas and Saige Ryan Campbell celebrated Halloween 2021, together

Damien Haas and Saige Ryan are also quite active on Twitch. Yes, they play well and also appear on their respective accounts. 

People took the discussion about whether Damien Haas and Saige Ryan are dating, to Reddit and other social media platforms. Some even started asking others not to speculate further as it’s their relationship and personal lives. 

Well, people also shared their thoughts about how interesting did it look to see Courtney and Damien unfollowing each other. Where? On every social media platform. But, Saige is friendly enough and tries to maintain that, following everyone. 

As mentioned earlier, Damien Haas and Saige Ryan are rumored to be dating but are not confirmed. Well, some fans think that the former is trying to keep things secretive and away from the media’s attention. Moreover, he has let everyone decide if they want to be friends with Saige. 

Some are also reported to be waiting eagerly for Damien Haas and Saige Ryan Campbell to announce the status of their relationship, to the public. 

Well, some are even convinced that Damien and Saige dated earlier, but are still not together. Why? Because they think that Damien and Saige are busy enough and have no time for romantic involvement. 

Little did you know, Saige left Smosh. She announced it on her social media account, on 12 October 2022. She made her move without much fanfare. 

Wishing Damien Haas and Saige Ryan Campbell nothing but all the very best for the upcoming days of their respective lives. Hoping, both achieve more success. 

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