Is Jessie Decker Pregnant? The Pop Singer is Expecting Again

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Jessie Decker pregnant
Is Jessie Decker pregnant? (Credits: EOnline)

Is Jessie Decker pregnant? Popular American pop singer Jessie James Decker has been part of the entertainment and music industry for a while now. The songstress released her debut album titled Jessie James back in 2009. She later starred in a reality television show titled Eric & Jessie: Game On, alongside her husband, Eric Decker.

Eric Decker went on to release her second full-length album, which was also the first for Epic Records, Southern Girl City Lights, in 2017. Jessie Decker is also a successful entrepreneur, as she has launched a clothing line called Kittenish online. The television star has recently made a huge announcement while taking fans by surprise. What are we talking about? Let us find out whether Jessie Decker is pregnant or not. 

Is Jessie Decker Pregnant? 

Jessie Decker is pregnant with baby number 4! The popular star has been opening up about motherhood and also how excited she is about the addition of another little bundle of joy! Decker also took this opportunity to talk about how she is a bit concerned about having breast implants while pregnant.

Jessie Decker pregnant
Is Jessie Decker pregnant? (Credits: People)

The songstress further assured her Instagram followers that even earlier, she had just nursed just fine in the past, but admitted that she would not have gone so big if she knew she and Eric Decker would be having baby number four. Jessie also admitted that her pregnancy was a shocking surprise!

The Boys in the Summer hitmaker even talked about how she broke the news to the soon-to-be father-of-four and even revealed that although Eric didn’t believe her at first and even thought that his wife must be playing a joke on him.

Jessie made the big revelation last week as she took to social media and posted an adorable video where she is seemingly walking out onto a balcony, while carrying a mug, and is looking out at the view. Fans soon noticed her adorable baby bump with the iconic Mariah Carey song, Always Be My Baby, being played. Fans soon responded to the video, and one even commented that it was the best soft launch of all time.

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Jessie Decker Opens Up About Baby Number 4!

Jessie James Decker recently opened up about her pregnancy and even admitted that her fourth pregnancy has been a surprise and was not a planned one! The pop star even revealed how she has been telling Eric that it was probably time to get a vasectomy because she felt like they were done.

Jessie further revealed that she just feels like God always has other plans. While calling, it was extremely shocking and surprising, but also pointed out that they were happy and excited.

Jessie also stated that being able to have another little baby has been the most incredible blessing and that they are all just over the moon. The songstress stated that she kept asking her husband to go make that appointment, but Eric seemingly refused as he felt like his manhood was being taken away from him. 

Jessie Decker pregnant
Jessie Decker With Eric Decker (Credits: US Weekly)

Who Is Jessie Decker’s Husband?

Jessie James Decker’s husband is Eric Decker. The songstress has earlier gushed about her strong marital relationship with her beau, saying, that she is grateful to have her husband and his love and support as he also does the things that she needs to make her feel good. Jessie also revealed how he does things in a way because he was an athlete at one point.

The songstress also revealed how her husband was supportive when she was on Dancing With The Stars while saying how Eric has literally been her rock through this entire process and how the former athlete even stopped by during her dance rehearsals. The two have been married for a long time and have welcomed three children together. The fourth baby is on its way! 

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