Fort Solis Ending Explained: What Package Did Wyatt Sent To Earth?

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Fort Solis Ending Explained
Wyatt's Package (Credits: Fallen Leaf Studios)

At the end of the Fort Solis game, Helen, like Wyatt, also sent a package home. Did she send a sample of compound 26 to Earth, too? And what if her family opens it? I mean, I personally like this level of ambiguity. Is there a creature there on Solis? Has it been born of some experiment by Terra mining industries?

I’m not someone who hates walking simulators. I don’t need guns and action to have a good time. Sometimes, if the game has a great atmosphere, great design, and a great story, then I’m sold.

The tension and the mystery at the beginning of Fort Solis were incredible, and the story was great. But as with a lot of games, the intricate parts of the story, sometimes crucial parts, are easily missable if you’re not looking in the right place. I enjoyed this game, probably because I’ve always been intrigued by space and other planets.

Here is Fort Solis Ending Explained:

Fort Solis Plot

It’s the 11th of October in the year 2080 on Mars. Two engineers, Jack Leary and Jessica Appleton, working for Terra Mining Industries, are working on repairing some machinery after bad weather conditions damaged it. They went back and forth about zombie films, the unpredictable weather patterns, and their current work cycle, of which Jack was about to go on vacation the following day.

Jack then receives an alert on his multi-tool. It’s a notification for urgent response. Someone over at an old nearby base called Fort Solis has initiated a manual alert. Jack states that he’ll contact Fort Solis and see if it’s just a false alarm. He does attempt to contact them, but there’s no response, so he jumps in an LTV and drives over to Fort Solis to see what’s up.

Jack arrives at Solis with no sign of security anywhere, and he finds the main door of the Ridge access to the base locked due to an internal lockdown. He begins a perilous climb to the top of the Ridge.

The Red Storm is picking up, but at the top, Jack makes it to the base’s main atrium. Inside, it’s quiet, and there’s no one there. After getting a grilling from Jessica for removing his helmet, Jack investigates the atrium further.

He heads into the crew quarters but again finds absolutely no one there at all. He thinks he can see someone inside the crew canteen, but he can’t access it, and there’s no trace of anyone in the actual living quarters area either.

Jack Explore the Fort Solis

Jack enters the quarters of an employee named Helen. She is the sight’s Senior Botanist, and he discovers a video log saying that someone called Taylor is becoming increasingly hostile to the work they are doing there, despite the people that their work could potentially save.

She talks of something called compound 26 and shipping that compound to other sites. Jack also finds a plant on the desk labeled sample C26. Stepping into another employee’s private quarters, an employee called Claire Smith, the HR manager, Jack obtains a level one clearance card, which he uploads to his multitool.

Stepping into a bathroom, Jack finds a towel covered in blood. Surprisingly unperturbed by this, Jack leaves the crew quarters and heads towards the medical Bay to find the chief medical officer, Wyatt Taylor, to see if he knows what’s going on.

Things take a sinister turn when Jack discovers a large pool of blood in the Medical Bay. Further investigation leads Jack to a supply room. Inside, he finds an SIA suit belonging to Officer Taylor, which is covered in blood.

There’s still no sign of Taylor anywhere, but Jack manages to gain access to the surgery and makes yet another disturbing discovery. A deceased security officer by the name of Oscar Richardson. Richardson appears to have been stabbed. 

Fort Solis Explained
Jack exploring Fort Solis (Credits: Fallen Leaf Studios)

Jack finds a video log from him, and it confirms why the place is so empty, as a lot of the crew members have already left and departed for a place called Center Point, which is the main terror site. Some good comes out of the situation as Jack obtains a higher clearance level two key card. Jack tells Jessica to update Central, and he agrees that he should just leave.

Fort Solis Ending Explained

By the end of Fort Solis, Wyatt not only starts to become more and more persistent but also more and more aggressive, more towards Helen and her work than anyone else. He believed that compound 26, along with her entire project, was incredibly dangerous, and Oscar was asked by Helen to keep an eye on Wyatt.

An e-mail to Adam from Oscar Richardson, however, states that Adam had removed Waytt’s complaint about the health of people working in the greenhouse, and Richardson demanded to know why.

This smacks of a corporate cover-up. Nick Tout was also getting fed up with things getting out of hand, and he requested a transfer to another site after the storm season had passed. Everything is getting out of hand on Solis.

The truth is that Helen, or rather her work, was being protected by Jack Stevenson, the head of research and development for Terra. Her work was considered of utmost importance, and we’re about to understand the scope of just how important her work was considered to be by Terra.

After Helen achieved success with compound 26, she informed Jack Stevenson of the success, and he informed her to move to phase two and that he’d dispatch a team to collect a sample the following day.

Wyatt Goes On A Killing Spree

After a complaint was put in by Helen to Central, Wyatt was suspended. Oscar Richardson was ordered by the Terra security division to remove him from the site and to take him to his transport. But Wyatt didn’t take his suspension well. He thought he was just trying to save lives and protect people, but he was being punished for it. Wyatt sent a package to Earth to his wife and told her not to open it.

Fort Solis Ending
Wyatt on a Killing Spree (Credits: Fallen Leaf Studios)

Wyatt then convinced himself that the only way to contain things was to kill the five remaining crew members currently there at Solis.

He then resorted to extreme measures to ensure that compound 26 does not make its way into the wrong hands, into the hands of Terra’s Research and development team, because God knows what they would do with i. Even Helen considered that what she was doing might in some way be wrong.

So Wyatt killed Oscar Richardson first after he followed Wyatt into the surgery in the medical Bay as Oscar was to escort Wyatt off sight. Wyatt then stabbed and killed Richardson.

The fight must have taken place as Wyatt, judging from the bandages in the store room, must have gone injured as he looked to have treated himself. He then changed his suit, which is the one that Jack found in the supply room in the Medical Bay.

Wyatt then took out Asim and Adam Hoskins. He attacked Helen Dunn part in the greenhouse, stabbing her, leading to her stumbling into the atrium and dying as she entered the airlock. Wyatt then appeared to make a video log after all this had happened.

Wyatt then went after Nick Tout, killed him, and then put his body in the storage container outside. Then he takes his suit and his helmet, which explains why he was wearing it when Jessica encountered him in Fort Solis. It could have been Nick who sounded the alarm.

Sign Of Life

So one thing that happened in Fort Solis was that the hangar door got damaged. Workers started to speculate as to what could have damaged it. The most obvious and widely accepted version of events is that it was the storm that damaged it.

Nick Tout even found a rock which he gave to his pal Dawson, which bored deep scratch marks on it. Not only that, but the scratch marks are consistent. An e-mail from Nick to Asim mentioned power issues and I5 support. His team is getting sick due to a time delay, but what’s interesting in this e-mail is that Nick says that he can’t have people looking into his team. What was he hiding?

Fort Solis Ending Explained
Jessica and Jack (Credits: Fallen Leaf Studios)

Terra is definitely up to something suspicious, even more so when you see an e-mail from another researcher named Torsten Schmidt. His thoughts Echo Wyatts, that compound 26 is dangerous. And that they don’t fully understand what it is they have made. He calls it lightning in a bottle that Jack Stevenson and his team cannot get their hands on. And as we heard, Helen also has her doubts.

What on Earth did they discover? Also, Jessica mentions that, to her knowledge, the Frontier project was shut down years ago. However, it’s definitely been active up until this point.

Helen, like Wyatt, also sent a package home. Did she send a sample of compound 26 to Earth, too? And what if her family opens it? I mean, I personally like this level of ambiguity. Is there a creature there on Solis? Has it been born of some experiment by Terra mining industries? Who knows.

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