Who Is Mikkey Kiemeney: Footballer Frenkie De Jong’s Girlfriend?

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Who Is Mikkey Kiemeney : Footballer Frenkie De Jong’s Girlfriend?
Barcelona Player Frenkie De Jong

Frenkie De Jong, the super-talented midfielder of Barcelona, is quite famous among his fans for his defensive style of football. This 25-year-old midfielder has been on the list of the most promising young footballers and has been one of the key players for Barcelona ever since he started playing.

Frenkie De Jong is often considered a smart footballer. On the field, he is the one who often controls his team’s gameplay and leads his team to victories, using his amazing leadership and analytical skills. Apart from being a midfielder for Barcelona, Frenkie also plays for Netherlands’ National Football team.

But today, we shall be talking about something else. We all know how talented Frenkie De Jong is; he is a top-ranked midfielder who often makes it to the list of the world’s best footballers. But fans of this talented midfielder might often wonder who he is dating and who his girlfriend is. Is he single, or is he dating someone? Today through this article, we shall break down all the details about Frenkie De Jong’s girlfriend. The girl whom Frenkie considers his future wife.

Who Is Frenkie De Jong’s Girlfriend?

The 25 years old Frenkie De Jong’s girlfriend is Mikky Kiemeney. Yes, the cute Duchess is, Barcelona’s star footballer’s girlfriend. Both of them have been in a relationship since their high school days. It has been a sweet long relationship for both couples till now. Frenkie met Mikky during their high school days, both dated each other for a while before they fell in love with each other and understood that they were made for each other. According to reports, Frenkie De Jong proposed to Mikky while the couple went on a romantic date.

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Who Is Mikkey Kiemeney : Footballer Frenkie De Jong’s Girlfriend?
Frenkie De Jong’s girlfriend

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Who Is Mikkey Kiemeney: Footballer Frenkie De Jong’s Girlfriend

Mikkey Kiemeney is currently the girlfriend of Frenkie De Jong. As we all know, both of them came into a relationship at a very early age and are now looking forward to marrying each other.

Mikkey was born and brought up in the Netherlands. She went to the same high school where footballer Frenkie De Jong went. During her school days, Mikkey’s dream was to become a professional hockey player, but as she grew up, her dreams and ambitions changed. And ultimately, she became an entrepreneur.

Who Is Mikkey Kiemeney : Footballer Frenkie De Jong’s Girlfriend?
Who is Mikkey Kiemeney

She is the founder of the brand “Mikkyki”. Mikkyki is a clothing brand that sells various fashion apparel online. Her company mostly deals with T-Shirts, Pants, Hoodies, various other cloth items, etc…

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Mikkey is also a social media influencer and she currently has about 1 Million + followers on Instagram.

Who Is Frenkie De Jong: The Star Midfielder Of Barcelona

Frenkie started his early career by playing for “Willem 2”. There he played a lot of club matches and played against a lot of youth teams. Frenkie made his Eredivisie (Eredivise is one of the most reputed and important football leagues of the Netherlands) debut in 2015, just 2 days before his 18th birthday.

Later that same year, he started playing for Ajax, who signed him up for a 4 years contract. In 2019, Frenkie was brought by Barcelona, who signed him up for a 5 years contract with a record fee of €75 million. At that time, Frenkie was just 22 years old.  Since his debut, Frenkie has shown his worth to the team through his incredible skills and defensive tactics and has contributed a lot to the team’s victory.

Who Is Mikkey Kiemeney : Footballer Frenkie De Jong’s Girlfriend?
Barcelona’s star midfielder Frenkie De Jong

Apart from playing in major football leagues like La Liga, Frenkie also plays for his national team. He played in the 2020’s UEFA Euro Cup, and he is currently part of the Netherlands’ squad for the “2022 FIFA Worldcup”.

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Those who have been following Frenkie De Jong might have noticed that his jersey no is always 21; the reason behind this is this number has been chosen to tribute his grandfather, Hans De Jong, who also happened to be born on the same date.

Apart from his professional life, fans of Frenkie De Jong must know that he got engaged to his long-time girlfriend Mikky in 2022, and both of them are now looking forward to their marriage, as they want to marry each other and want to live a happy life.

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