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10 Facts About Breaking Bad That Are Worth Reading

10 Facts About Breaking Bad That Are Worth Reading

Breaking bad is an American crime drama series. It aired from January 20, 2008, till September 29, 2013. The show has 5 seasons in total and 62 episodes in those 5 seasons. Walter White is a high school chemistry teacher who is not paid enough. He has been diagnosed with lung cancer of stage three. He partners with Jesse Pinkman, his former student. They turn to crime and start producing crystal meth to ensure a stable financial condition for their family before dying.  The title means “to turn to a life of crime”. They face the dangers of the underworld.

The first season of the show received a lot of love and positive reviews. The fourth and fifth seasons were highly grossing. Some people consider it as one of the best tv shows to ever air. It’s been 13 years since the show premiered and even after such a long time, the show is still in demand and loved equally. The chemicals involved make the show seem extremely cool. Even after 13 years, there are many hidden facts and secrets that many people are unaware of. A few of these facts are listed here for you to have a look at:

1. The Show wasn’t approved Initially

The show was not approved by HBO and TNT and was later accepted by AMC, the channel popular for The walking dead. The creator of the show feels that when he pitched the show to HBO, it was the worst pitch ever.

2. The number of episodes have a significance

The show breaking bad has 5 seasons for which there are 62 episodes in total. While people may think 62 is a random number, it isn’t. The number 62 denotes the element Samarium on the periodic table. This element is used to treat cancer patients. Even the ones with lung cancer.

3. Blue Meth shown in the show is actually Rock Candy

The blue meth made by Walter was actually rock candy. When the characters were smoking it, crystallized sugar was used. They did not inhale it because it is extremely dangerous.

4. Walter White and Heisenberg are real

A chemistry teacher named William Duncan from Texas sold home-cooked meth on the school premises and was arrested for the same. Irina Kristy was a 74 years old maths teacher who cooked meth in her home in Boston and was caught. A teacher from Boston named Stephen Doran had stage 3 cancer and was arrested for dealing meth.

A man named Walter White was on the most wanted list for his meth business in 2008.

The name Heisenberg is a reference to Werner Heisenberg who developed the theory of quantum mechanics and won the Nobel prize for the same.

5. Walt’s Lotto code has a meaning.

Walt hid a few coordinates on a lotto ticket. They didn’t lead to cash or any prize for that matter. They were also fatal for Hank. They actually pointed to Q studios where the shooting of breaking bad took place. The studio is in Albuquerque.

6. Bryan Cranston was once a murder suspect.

In Marc Maron’s WTF podcast in 2011, Bryan Cranston revealed that he worked in a restaurant in Florida. The chef there hated him and his brother and screamed at them.

The chef was then found murdered and even though everyone talked about killing him, the brothers had recently resigned and left Florida. They were therefore suspected of the murder for a while.

7. Walt robbing the train was unnecessary.

Methylamine can be easily made in the kitchen sink and is not hard to make. The train robbery was the reason Drew Sharp was killed and it wasn’t even necessary. But without the train robbery, an interesting event would’ve been reduced.

8. Bryan Cranston’s father wrote scripts specifically for him.

Bryan Cranston’s father Joe was a one-time actor, director, and screenwriter. He wrote several scripts for Bryan Cranton to star in.

9. Kevin Cordasco is the biggest breaking bad fan.

Kevin Cordasco was a 16-year-old kid with a terminal form of cancer. They loved the show a lot. His parents contacted Vince Gilligan.

The cast and Gilligan visited him at his home. They offered to tell him the way the show ends however he refused and wanted to know with the rest of the world. He died soon after this incident. Season fifth’s ninth episode is dedicated to Kevin Cordasco.

10. The death toll through 5 seasons is massive

Many people were killed throughout the five seasons. The death toll is 270 people in 62 episodes which is massive. Jessie was also planned to be killed after season one.

Even though it’s been 13 years since the show came out, there are still many facts that never fail to amaze us. Stay connected with us to know many more facts like these.

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